List of Free code Node.JS Framework


  • amino
    Clustering framework for Node.js.
  • bogart
    Fast, Sinatra Inspired JavaScript Framework running on JSGI with Node.JS!.
  • bomberjs
    The early stages of a node.js web framework.
  • BoxMonitor
    A realtime Linux system monitoring, using node.js with the Sails framework and d3.js for charting results.
  • chai
    BDD / TDD assertion framework for node.js and the browser that can be paired with any testing framework.
  • cucumis
    BDD Cucumber Style Asynchronous Testing Framework for node.js.
  • duino
    Arduino framework for node.js.
  • express
    Sinatra inspired web development framework for node.js insanely fast, flexible, and simple.
  • express train
    express train, nodejs framework.
    Realtime Micro Framework for Nodejs.
  • expressling
    Open source node.js + express application framework.
  • flatiron
    framework components for node.js and the browser.
  • geddy
    Web framework for Node.js.
  • hexo
    A fast, simple & powerful blog framework , powered by Node.js.
  • ignite
    Async state machine framework for node.js.
  • jasmine node
    Integration of Jasmine Spec framework with Node.js.
  • javascript ecdc
    JavaScript Elastic Cloud for Distributed Computing framework for creating browser based distributed computing applications based on Node.js.
  • Jody
    A BDD Framework for Node.js, with support for http testing.
  • joint
    A hand rolled real time Node.js framework for connecting single page apps.
  • josi
    josi "not so sketchy" a web framework for node.js.
  • jsdm
    Domain development , DDD CRS framework for node.js and browser's component / component framework.
  • McFeed
    A private social network for close friends and family. Built using node.js and the Geddy framework.
  • meryl
    Minimalist web framework for nodejs.
  • minitest.js
    Simple test framework for asynchronous testing in Node.js.
  • mocha
    mocha simple, flexible, fun javascript test framework for node.js & the browser. (BDD, TDD, QUnit styles via interfaces).
  • neutrino
    Framework for distributed web services on node.js.
  • NGN
    A distributed programming framework for Node.js.
  • NinjaSpider
    simple ultra fast Node.js framework with easy Ajax and automatic minification.
  • node qunit
    Port of QUnit unit testing framework to nodejs.
  • node resthooksdemo
    A simple node.js RESTHooks demo built upon the Sails Web Framework.
  • node rocket
    The rapid development framework for node.js web apps.
  • nodyn
    A node.js compatible framework , running on the JVM. Powered by Vert.x and the DynJS Javascript runtime.
  • picard
    A Micro framework for node.js.
  • platoon
    a javascript testing framework whose goals are to work gracefully with callbacks, both in node.js and the browser.
  • Pronto.js
    Node.js framework for simple command processing.
  • proof
    A test non framework for Node.js.
  • PseudoClass
    An OOP framework for Node.js and the browser.
  • should.js
    BDD style assertions for node.js test framework agnostic.
  • sitemap.js
    Sitemap generating framework for node.js.
  • SpaceMagic
    A real time web framework for node.js.
  • Tree
    Javascript unit testing framework for the browser (and for Node.js in the near future).
  • uberclass
    A JavaScript class framework for NodeJS based on JavaScriptMVC $.Class and John Resig's Simple JavaScript inheritance.
  • vroom
    Vroom is a simple resource oriented web framework built on top of Node.js.
  • waterline
    An adapter based ORM for use with Node.js and the Sails.js Framework.
  • whiskey
    Whiskey is a powerful test runner for Node.js applications and a process orchestration framework which makes running integration tests with a lot of service / process dependencies easier.
  • wilson
    a node.js framework that glues together routes, views, orms, and things. designed to help tim allen navigate his day.
  • wilson example
    an example project using the wilson node.js framework.

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