List of Free code Node.JS Game


  • 55true
    a website game origin from bbs[Node.js].
  • Asteroids.js
    A one day experiment to bringing the Asteroids game to the browser, using a mobile device as controller, Node.js, Rapha?l, and
  • Bomberman
    Bomberman in browser based game full Javascript (Quintus.js + Node.js).
  • BugHunter
    A multiplayer "answer first game " or a competition responder system, based on NodeJS and OzJS.
  • Catch Game
    A simple game based on node.js.
  • colorgame
    Simple multiplayer game to learn & test Node.js/Socket.IO.
  • duelo
    An incomplete node.js game.
  • impactConnect
    nodeJS plugin for impactjs game engine.
  • node gameroom
    My basic starter kit for creating realtime web based games with nodejs.
  • node mingy
    Cheap parsing for your node.js CLI tool and adventure game needs.
  • node pokemon
    MMO Pokemon Card Game on top of NodeJS.
  • node thequest
    little realtime mass multiplayer online game in nodejs.
  • node xbox controller
    Interface for Xbox 360 game controller into Node.js.
  • Node.js and Express based Multiplayer Bingo Game
    Bingo game developing in Node.js using and Express.
  • nurd
    Online multiplayer game using Node.js.
  • obvyazka
    Realtime networking on NodeJS for multiplayer games and other apps using differrent TCP sockets and HTTP fallback.
  • Pictionary
    Enjoyable Pictionary game working with Node.js and
  • pong
    simple ping pong game #node.js.
  • pong box 2d
    Pong game engine for Node.js and Browsers.
  • Pong.js
    A pong game in Javascript, Online multiplayer (node.js), yay !.
  • Q Chess
    chess game (using qooxdoo & node.js).
  • quirky
    Clone of the Qwirkle board game built with node.js and jQuery.
  • Resistance Online
    Node.js webapp to play "The Resistance", an intrique style party game.
  • setgame
    Multiplayer realtime set card game in nodeJS.
  • tictacnode
    A multiplayer tic tac toe game written in node.js.
  • topgun
    Multiplayer & real time air combat game build with NodeJS, Express & NowJS.
  • tron
    Multiplayer Tron game running on NodeJS and using web sockets via Socket.IO.
  • youknow
    A realtime, multiplayer card game for node.js that supports multiple frontends.
  • zztmmo
    a zzt based massive multiplayer online game built in node.js and jQuery.

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