List of Free code Node.JS MVC


  • blogjs
    File based, human editable and git managed blog engine based on javascript MVC and nodejs.
  • blueprint
    Blueprint for a Startup. Middleware, & MVC routing over Node.js & Mongoose.
  • China MVC
    A simple MVC framework for Node.JS.
  • derby
    MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.
  • donode
    MVC Framework to NodeJS.
  • dustspress
    All the wiring you need to build a Node.js based Express app following the MVC design pattern using Dust.js (LinkedIn fork) templating.
  • express mvc
    Experimental MVC demo using express with node.js.
  • graojs
    Gr?oJS MVC NodeJS Framework.
  • grasshopper
    Grasshopper is a feature rich and flexible MVC framework for web applications and services built on node.js.
  • Gusto
    Tasty MVC for Node.js, with a sprinkling of LiveScript.
  • hive
    Concise Cloud MVC Framework for node.js.
  • locomotive
    Powerful MVC web framework for Node.js.
  • midgard.js
    Pipelined MVC framework for Node.js.
  • mobius js
    MVC Web Framework for JavaScript using Node.js and Express.
  • Monorail.js
    Ultra lightweight MVC framework for Node.js.
  • MVC 4Node.js
    MVC Framework for Node.js.
  • n2 Mvc
    a simple mvc web framework by node.js.
  • node ci
    A NodeJS MVC Framework (Like CodeIgniter).
  • node crux
    A node.js MVC framework with extras (like migration support).
  • node merlin
    Object oriented MVC framework for node.js with rich scaffolding and default behaviors.
  • node skeleton
    auto loading promise based mvc node.js app skeleton.
  • nodeigniter
    nodeigniter an mvc framework for node.js inspired by codeigniter. it allows custom routing, chaining and partial view rendering, buit in with helpers and libraries , added some boilerplate for developers.
  • nodejs express mongoose boilerplate plain
    Plain boilerplate of nodejs/express/mongoose. Implemented MVC / based on the example by madhums.
  • nodejs webframework
    MVC framework for building web applications in node.js.
  • roosevelt
    MVC web framework based on Node.js, Express, and Teddy.
  • sails
    Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js.
  • swag mvc
    connecting your models and routes in node.js.

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