List of Free code jQuery


  • App Folders
    Use jQuery to create iOS like App Folders on any website. They can contain any content and be styled in any way.
  • blackbooksafe
    A contact list sample application that uses the JQuery framework and the AS3CoreLib library.
  • cheerio
    Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.
  • chosenbox
    A ZK component like JQuery Chosen.
  • Content Swipe
    Javascript and jQuery based component for making swipable containers.
  • d2 item quiz
    Dota 2 Item Quiz No Jquery Challenge.
  • datav charts
    the charts and diagram based on raphaeljs and jquery.
  • deferred
    jQuery deferred meetup presentation materials and examples.
  • dolla
    A light weight jQuery clone just cuz.
  • ecope
    easy components for jQuery.
  • embedly jquery
    JQuery Library for Embedly.
  • ember testing example
    an example project showing how to write unit and integration tests with ember testing / qunit / jquery mockjax.
  • firequery
    Firebug extension for jQuery development.
  • flot
    Attractive JavaScript charts for jQuery.
  • freshereditor
    fresherEditor is a jQuery rich text editor built using contentEditable attribute.
  • funcunit
    A functional test suite based on jQuery.
  • gears with rails
    A Rails sample application that demonstates all the basics of running an application online and offline. Uses Google Gears, jQuery, and JStORM.
  • graphview
    A js / jquery thing that searches elasticsearch indices and allows list and visual representations of them. Uses d3 for vis. Can do links between objects on the fly.
  • grunt init jquery sample
    This is sample output generated by the grunt init "jquery" template.
  • grunt jquery example
    This is example output generated by the "grunt init:jquery" task.
  • GruntStart
    A Grunt enabled head start with H5BP + jQuery + Modernizr + Respond + box sizing:border box;.
  • ICanHaz.js
    A clean solution for templating with Mustache.js and jQuery or Zepto.
  • jasmine jquery
    jQuery matchers and fixture loader for Jasmine framework.
  • jcarousel
    Riding carousels with jQuery.
  • JGadgets
    A JQuery extendible portal framework that hosts collection of customizable gadgets.
  • jPivot
    pivot table for jquery.
  • jqfundamentals
    Code repository for jQuery Fundamentals training.
  • jqia chapter8
    Rails backend for the Chapter 8 examples in jQuery in Action by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz. ( URL is for the book's home page.).
  • jquery .backgroundSize.js
    DEPRECATED, please use its successor: background size polyfill.
  • jquery .dfp.js
    A jQuery implementation for Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).
  • jquery .finger
    jQuery touch & gestures, fingers in the nose.
  • jquery .lint old
    jQuery Lint is a simple script you can download and use with jQuery. It works over the top of jQuery and diligently reports errors and any incorrect usage of jQuery.
  • jquery .parts
    Independent blocks of functionality extracted from jQuery core for use externally. Consider experimental.
  • jquery .smallipop
    Tooltip popup for jQuery.
  • jquery aciFragment
    Store/read URL fragment variables.
  • jquery bbq
    jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library.
  • jQuery Bling
    Sample code used in a live coding presentation at Front End Design Conference.
  • jquery bosh
    Implementation of a BOSH client using jQuery.
  • jQuery Chrono
    Syntactic sugar for JavaScript's setTimeout() and setInterval().
  • jquery cluetip
    Displays a highly customizable tooltip when the user hovers (default) or clicks (optional) the matched elements.
  • jQuery Colorbox iFrame resize
    Code to resize colorbox iframe from within the frame content.
  • jquery datatables rails
    jquery datatables gem for rails.
  • jquery datetimepicker
    datetime picker for jQuery.
  • jquery dotimeout
    jQuery doTimeout: Like setTimeout, but better!.
  • jQuery EasyTabs
    Easy and flexible jQuery tabbed functionality without all the styling.
  • jquery file upload middleware
    jQuery File Upload Express.js middleware.
  • jquery history
    Super seeded by jQuery History allows you to easily track changes of the pages state by tracking URL Hashes. Supports changes triggered by bookmarks and back & forward buttons, as well as cross browser support.
  • jquery inlog
    See what your jQuery code does inside like a boss.
  • jquery longurl
    jQuery long Url : Uniform Resource Elongator.
  • jQuery Menu
    Dropdown, iPod Drilldown, and Flyout styles with ARIA Support and ThemeRoller Ready.
  • jquery modal
    The simplest possible modal for jQuery.
  • jQuery Parallax
    Used to recreate the Nike Better World parallax effect.
  • jquery postmessage
    jQuery postMessage: Cross domain scripting goodness.
  • jquery sew
    jQuery inline selector (ala Intellisense).
  • jquery shopping cart
    A JQuery Powered Drag n Drop Shopping Cart Example.
  • jquery shout
    component based event bus for jquery.
  • jquery simple context menu
    A really simple, good looking jQuery context menu.
  • jQuery sizing
    Collection of function that performs specific sizing such as making the same size or resizing according to a certain ratio.
  • JQuery Snowfall
    Makes it snow on any web page or specific element.
  • jquery spike
    Playing about with JQuery drag &drop for Callflow Designer.
  • jquery spine shopping cart
    A JQuery/Spine.js Powered Drag n Drop Shopping Cart Example.
  • jquery spinner
    A Number Spinner based on jQuery , Support Keyboard operations and continuous changing.
  • jquery stuff
    A collection of small jQuery trinkets.
  • jquery switch
    A slide/toggle switch for jQuery.
  • jquery syntaxhighlighter
    jQuery Extension for Google's Prettify Syntax Highlighter.
  • jquery textfill
    Resizing text to fit into container.
  • jquery throttle debounce
    jQuery throttle / debounce: Sometimes, less is more!.
  • jQuery Timelinr
    Dando vida al tiempo / Giving life to time.
  • jquery timer
    Basically setTimeout with more options.
  • jquery tiny pubsub
    A really, really, REALLY tiny pub/sub implementation for jQuery.
  • jquery ujs
    Ruby on Rails unobtrusive scripting adapter for jQuery.
  • jquery viewstack
    A minimalistic implementation of viewstack in javascript. Viewstack converts a collection of containers such that only one container is visible at a time.
  • jquery.etc
    A collection of a bunch of random javascript.
  • jquery.external
    External URLs in jQuery.
  • jquery.i18n
    jQuery based internationalization library.
  • jquery.ime
    jQuery based input methods library.
  • jquery.mb.containerPlus
    A full fetured container (window) on jquery framework.
  • jquery.mb.extruder
    A sliding panel on jQuery framework.
    A tree menu on jQuery framework.
  • jquery.mb.momentumSlide
    A jQuery component to swipe between pages.
  • jquery.mb.tooltip
    a better tooltip on jQuery framework.
  • jquery.mb.YTPlayer
    use a custom yutube player for a video as background on jQuery framework.
  • jQuery.qrcode
    generate QR codes dynamically.
  • jquery.realtime
    A way to easily add realtime data to your web page. Write less, do realtime.
  • jquery.smartpopover
    Auto layouting balloon popover always inside window for jQuery.
  • jQuery.twinkle
    get the visitor's attention.
  • JQueryLens
    A JQuery based Lens component.
  • jqvmap
    jQuery Vector Map Library.
    Demo page for jquery.jribbble.
  • js beginning tree
    This project is a JavaScript Tree Component. It used jQuery.
  • js jquery sharelink
    Function to attach links for social bookmark ( network ) services to anchor elements.
  • jsdatatrack
    Exploring a data model for jQuery.
  • kettu
    Rewrite of the Transmission Web Client with jQuery, Sammy and Mustache.
  • Knockout.js External Template Engine
    Custom Template Engine and Template Source for Knockout.js that loads external templates. Supports native and jQuery templates.
  • kwicks
    Kwicks sexy sliding panels for jQuery.
  • large jquery apps
    Demo for jQuery code org talk.
  • learn. jquery .com
    learn. web site.
  • monkeyfist
    a jQuery micro framework.
  • Mystik Map Editor
    jQuery 2D Tile Map Editor for Mystik RPG.
  • navgoco
    Multi level slide navigation with session storage and accordion effect for JQuery.
  • Nested Drag and Drop with Ancestry
    An example of using the Ancestry gem and jQuery / nestedSortable to create a nested drag and drop menu for a Rails 3 project.
  • pjscrape
    A web scraping framework written in Javascript, using PhantomJS and jQuery.
  • profxmpp
    Source code for example applications of "Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery".
  • PullToRefresh
    a JavaScript implementation of PullToRefresh without jQuery or other Frameworks under MIT License.
  • Q.js
    Q.js has a lot of helpful Javascript functions, and works well with other libraries such as jQuery.
  • Rails Carrierwave jQuery File Upload
    Rails 3.2.3 + Carrierwave + jQuery File Upload.
  • rails3 fullcalendar
    an example application showing integration with JQuery's fullcalendar and Rails3.
  • ramaze jquery components
    Add some components (controllers + templates + helpers) which allow easy integration of jQuery components into Ramaze.
  • random pictures collection
    JQuery code for a random pictures collection with fade effects.
  • reviser
    A jQuery inline WYSIWYG editor. Inspired by wysihat.
  • RxJS jQuery
    Reactive Extensions bindings for jQuery.
  • SensorServer
    Arduino based sensor network with jQuery/Flot based interface.
  • SessionScheduleTool
    use jquery drag and drop to schedule sessions.
  • smart time ago
    Smart Time Ago is a little jQuery library to update the relative timestamps in your document.
  • social likes
    Beautiful social ?like? buttons with counters for jQuery.
  • soulmate.js
    A jQuery front end for the soulmate auto suggestion gem.
  • super.js
    Simple JavaScript framework for building RIAs (with jQuery).
  • swipebox
    A touchable jQuery lightbox.
  • Switcheroo
    jQuery based product demo bar.
  • symfony2 file uploader bundle
    Multiple file uploads, based on the BlueImp jQuery uploader. Makes it very easy to attach one or more files to whatever you're editing. It's also easy to present that list again on a later edit so that existing files can be managed side by side with existing attachments.
  • tabulous.js
    A jQuery tabs module for todays web!.
  • tapestry5 jquery jqgrid
    tapestry component that use jqgrid.
  • tobi
    Tobi: Expressive server side functional testing with jQuery.
  • topcloud
    High level application framework for Javascript (built on top of jquery haml and modeled somewhat after SproutCore).
  • transloadit jquery sdk 2.0
    A new jQuery SDK for
  • underscore.deferred
    jQuery style Deferreds for Underscore.
  • unobtrusive jquery example
    Example of unobtrusive JQuery in Rails including graceful degradation.
  • vticker
    jQuery Vertical News Ticker.
  • xkcdfools
    xkcd CLI + jQuery terminal implementation.

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