List of Free code jQuery iPhone


  • jqiphoneslide
    jQuery iPhone slider plugin.
  • jquery api browser
    Remy's jQuery API browser for the iPhone powered by Phonegap.
  • jquery format phone
    Formats phone number inputs on the fly, iPhone style.
  • jQuery idocs
    API documentation for jQuery built specifically for iPhone /iPod touch with offline access.
  • jquery signature panel plugin
    An iPad/ iPhone compatible jQuery plugin that enables you to capture signatures and display them later.
  • jquery.iPhoneSlideshow
    Show a slideshow of your iPhone app screenshots on your homepage.
  • jquery.nicescroll
    nicescroll plugin for jquery scrollbars like iphone /ipad.
  • jquery.slidescroll
    A jQuery plugin inspired by Apple's product page for the iPhone 5s.
  • jqueryslider
    Jquery Slider for Iphone and Andriod with Jquery Cycle and Swipe Plugins.
  • lifedraft iphonealphabet
    jQuery plugin for any iPhone contacts view lovers.
  • pageflipper
    A jQuery plugin for creating a cross device(tough optimized for the iPad and iPhone ) pageflipper, suports both touch and mouse events for flipping trough the pages.
  • TouchSwipe Jquery Plugin
    TouchSwipe is a jquery plugin to be used with jQuery on touch input devices such as iPad, iPhone etc.

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