List of Free code jQuery Animation


  • firereek
    JQuery Animation for Smoke and Fire.
  • growraf
    A plugin for jquery.flot for smooth animations using request Animation Frame.
  • hyperscroll
    jQuery Plugin for scroll based animation and parallax effect.
  • Infertek.Dynamix
    Ultra fast javascript library for keyframe animations. Library requires jQuery 1.6 >= to run. It is licensed on terms of MIT License.
  • Jabba
    jQuery tabs with carousel animations. The world needs another tab library.
  • jAnimator
    A WYSIWYG animation editor for the jQuery.animate() function.
  • jasmine jquery animation issue
    jasmine jquery failing on second call'fast') is called.
  • jPanel
    jPanel is a jQuery plugin/extension allowing you to create collapsible content panels from a simple div markup, jPanel also supports features like remote content loading and state maintanance using cookies it has optional features to change panel toggle animation speed etc.
  • jquery approach
    A jQuery plugin that allows you to animate style properties based on the cursor?s proximity to an object.
  • jQuery event based animation
    jQuery plugin that offers a different way to do animation. End (or target values) can be changed during the animation.
  • Jquery panel animation
    Open and close animation for metro style panels.
  • jquery parallax slider
    A jQuery Slideshow with support for multiple layers of animation within each slide.
  • jQuery relatively Animation
    Object relatively animate during scrolling, jQuery.
  • jquery request Animation Frame
    Replaces the standard jQuery timer loop with request Animation Frame where supported. Requires jQuery 1.8.
  • jquery slide
    A jQuery plugin to easily create slides with navigation and animation.
  • jQuery Sprite Anim
    A jQuery sprite animation library with no size/frame limitations.
  • jQuery sprite animation
    jQuery plugin that quickly enables you to create 'gif' style animation with a png/jpeg sprite.
  • jquery tiny lightbox
    Lightweight lightbox clone with different animations and slideshow.
  • jquery.fs.WaveMenu
    jquery wave menu animation.
  • jQuery.isAlive
    jQuery.isAlive is a jQuery plugin for complex animated sites like advanced parallax. It is fully compatible with IE7+ and all mobile platforms. Touch events are included.
  • jquery.pulse.js
    jQuery Pulse Animation Plugin.
  • jquery.scrollMotion
    Stop motion animation via window scoll.
  • jquery.sprite Animation
    jQuery plugin that plays a frame sequence.
  • jquery.textanimation
    jQuery Text Animation Plugin.
  • jquery.tween.js
    A jQuery plugin provides a stylish and unified animation for your browser based app.
  • js infinite scroll
    example of infinite scroll of a finite number of elements using jquery animation framework.
  • jtype
    jType module for creating typewriter animations in jQuery.
  • KISS.Animate
    KISS.Animate is plugin for sliding animations based on JQuery and the best code structure practices with easy api.
  • meteor todos sortable animation
    Meteor example app 'todos' with drag n drop using jquery sortable and animations.
  • Nanimator
    jQuery Nano Animation Library.
  • Smoothslides
    Responsive jQuery slideshow with Ken Burns style animations.
  • special fx
    Special.fx(): A review of jQuery animation one request Animation Frame at a time.
  • ssrTimeline
    A jQuery helper plugin to build Superscrollorama ( animations.
  • superscrollorama
    The jQuery plugin for supercool scroll animation.
  • Windows 8 jQuery Plugins
    a collection of plugins to wrap Windows 8 Javascript animations , charm bar, app bar, FB auth, etc.

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