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  • angular jquery mobile
    A todo example with angular, jquery mobile, and tested with karma & travis. Explanation video here
  • flyweight jquery custom select
    A super lightweight implementation of jquery custom selects. Please click the link below for a live demo. Please also see the blog post at
  • fullcalendar rails
    Using FullCalendar jQuery plugin( with Rails backend. You can create, edit, delete, reschedule, resize events.
  • JQMCalculator
    A simple jQuery Mobile Calculator. For more info see blog post at: mobile calculator.html.
  • JQMSkeleton
    A framework for beginning a jQuery Mobile project. Find out more at the blog post: mobile skeleton app.html.
  • jQuery gMap
    Lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you embed Google Maps, using the API V3, into your website. Original at
  • jquery mobile simpledialog
    Simple popup dialogs for jQM Support @ (fwiw, might be dead use popup's instead).
  • jquery notify osd
    A jQuery plugin for creating notifications like Ubuntu's native Notify OSD ones. Demo at: notify osd/.
  • jquery tablemanager
    A jquery pugin that can toggle rows and columns in a HTML Table. It requires ''clickMenu" for the column selector widget ( plugins/clickmenu/).
  • jquery textarea
    a fork from which is a fork of livepipe textarea widget.
  • MACSkeptic.JQuery. Widgets
    A very simple widget /portal implementation, based on JQuery. Planning to submit a pull request? Be sure you've passed it through JSLint ( first, the suggested parameters are: /*jslint white: true, browser: true, devel: true, nomen: true, eqeqeq: true, bitwise: true, strict: true, immed: true, maxerr: 50, maxlen: 120, indent: 4 */.
  • redactor js
    Code mirror of a jQuery based WYSIWYG editor. I'm not the author, author's website:
  • SocialSharePrivacy
    Fork of " jquery.socialshareprivacy.js | 2 Klicks fuer mehr Datenschutz" that is extensible.
  • SpiffyData Tables
    ZF2 module for jQuery Data Tables support (
  • stackoverflow knockout example
    Example code used for this posting: to architecture a webapp using jquery mobile and knockoutjs.

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