List of Free code jQuery Select


  • Fanvenues v 2
    The jQuery Fanvenues plugin (v 2 ) is a full featured Javascript API targeted for ticket brokers selling sports or concerts tickets on their website. The plugin turns selected elements into an interactive customizable venue map with the capability.
  • ikSelect
    Stylize html selects using jQuery.
  • jquery cascading
    A JQuery plugin for creating and deleting dependent selects dynamically based on data.
  • jquery chained
    Chained Selects for jQuery and Zepto.
  • jquery flexselect
    A jQuery plugin that turns regular select boxes into Quicksilver like, flex matching, incremental finding controls.
  • jquery manifest
    A jQuery plugin that adds delight to selecting multiple values for an input.
  • jquery selectBox
    A jQuery plugin for replacing <select> elements.
  • jquery.spinner
    Component for selecting numbers by typing or clicking.
  • jquery.treeselect.js
    A minimalistic jQuery hierarchy select widget used for selecting hierarchy structures in a treeview format.
  • minimalect
    Minimal select replacement for jQuery.
  • selectlist
    SelectList is a jQuery plugin that replaces the standard HTML multiple select element with a nicer and more user friendly interface. The user selects a number of items from a drop down list, and the selected items are displayed below.
  • SimpleDropDownEffects
    A jQuery plugin for transforming select inputs into drop down lists with some simple expanding effects.

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