List of Free code jQuery API


  • CTCTSampleApp
    A sample application that uses the Constant Contact APIs, java and jQuery.
  • dragtoshirt
    A jQuery library to easily turn any sites into a t shirt shop using the Spreadshirt API.
  • jquery evergreen
    Lean & mean jQuery API for modern browsers.
  • jQuery Github Badge
    User and Project GitHub badge using jQuery and GitHub API v3.
  • jquery migrate
    APIs and features removed from jQuery core.
  • jquery.eventsource
    Harnessing the EventSource API with jQuery.
  • jQuery.JamCity
    jQuery.JamCity uses the API from Last.Fm to pull your Last.Fm account info, tracks, albums, etc! See the readme file below.
  • zepto
    Zepto.js is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers, with a jQuery compatible API.

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