List of Free code jQuery Widget


  • Accessible jQuery Tabs
    A simple jQuery plugin for accessible tabs widget.
  • al Widget FromJQueryAddressPicker
    A Widget for symfony 1.4 that wrapps the plugin JQuery adresspicker made by sgruhier.
  • An In Depth Review of the jQuery Widget Factory
    BulletChart Demo for the NetTuts+ Article on jQuery Widget Factory.
  • apotomo datatable
    Rails plugin for using jQuery Datatables as an Apotomo widget with extremely minimal setup.
  • batchbox
    A jQuery based widget for managing an array of objects.
  • chat widget poc
    Proof of concept for a jquery chat widget with PubNub.
  • data behaviors
    open source uber unobtrusive behavior ( widget ) library built with jQuery. uses HTML5's data attributes, but still works in IE6.
  • drag queen
    Sortable tree widget for jQuery.
  • ESelect2
    ESelect2 is a widget extension for Yii framework. This extension is a wrapper for Select2 Jquery plugin (
  • github timeline widget
    GitHub Timeline Widget is a jQuery plugin that displays your GitHub activity.
  • Google Plus Widget
    jQuery plugin showing latest posts from Google+ profiles/pages.
  • jbPivot
    A simple jQuery pivot table widget.
  • jqTree
    Tree widget for jQuery.
  • jquery accordion
    This is a customisable accordion widget for jQuery.
  • jquery disabler
    A jQuery widget that can completely disable or present a read only view of the content on your page!.
  • jquery github widget
    A jQuery powered widget for displaying user and repo information for a given Github user.
  • jquery gradient picker
    A gradient picker widget for jQuery.
  • jQuery Leaderboard Widget
    A simple yet useful jQuery Widget.
  • jquery mobile iscrollview
    JQuery Mobile widget plug in for easy use of the iScroll javascript scroller.
  • jQuery Picasa Gallery
    jQuery plugin widget that displays your public picasa web albums.
  • jquery picklist
    jQuery pick list widget.
  • jquery rf slideshow
    Super flexible, low level jQuery slideshow built on the jquery. widget system.
  • jquery showcase
    A snazzy little showcase widget , built using jQuery.
  • jquery spline editor
    jQuery widget for editing cubic splines that wrap around.
  • jquery upvote
    jQuery Upvote is a plugin that generates a voting widget like the one used on Stack Exchange sites.
  • jquery widget
    Provides the ability to inline partial page fragments (aka widgets ) into a host page.
  • jquery widgets
    Mini framework for creating jQuery ' widgets '... let's see where this goes...
  • jquery.cascadingList
    jquery.cascadingList is cascading list widget modelled after OSX's finder. It is ideal for applications or websites that need a way of allowing users to traverse hierarchical data.
  • jQuery.GoogleStockChart
    A jQuery plugin to generate stock chart widgets using data from google.
  • jquery.kyco.googleplusfeed
    The best Google+ feed widget out there!.
  • jquery.recurrenceinput.js
    jQuery recurrence widget based on the icalendar RFC5545 standard.
  • jquery.swfuploader
    A jQuery based flickr like multiple file upload widget based on SWFUpload.
  • jquery.uix.multiselect
    Completely rewritten, multiselect widget with a more concise API.
  • redaxo gallery medialist
    jQuery Plugin, Redaxo Medialist Widget > sortierbare Thumbnail Liste.
  • ShoppingCartJS
    A simple shopping cart " widget " done in Javascript. The end goal is to get it working like a JQuery plugin.
  • sideburn
    Sideburn is a next generation jQuery slideshow widget.
  • timetable
    Timetable is a jQuery plugin that provides a nice timetable widget.
  • tw2.jqplugins.cookies
    Provides the jquery 'cookies' plugin for other widgets to use.
  • tw2.jquery
    Tosca Widgets 2 wrapper for jquery core.
  • uploadify widget
    Allows to use jQuery uploadify plugin as a widget.
  • WhatWeather
    WhatWeather is a jQuery plugin which provides weather's data. It uses API to get, parse and deliver data in order to create weather's widgets.
  • Widgets.js
    List of Widgets to jQuery.
  • yii select2
    Wrapper Widget to use jQuery Select2 in Yii application.
  • Yii Tagit
    this is a yii widget that wrapper the jquery plugin tagit.
  • YiiTimeAgo
    a yii widget which wrapper the greate jquery plugin timeago.

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