List of Free code jQuery Plugin


  • 2 dc jqgrid
    This plugin allows you to add jQuery datagrids very easily to your Rails applications.
  • aopjs
    A minimalistic aspect oriented javascript programming library and jQuery plugin.
  • appnet.js
    A complete library written in JavaScript. Exported as a jQuery plugin.
  • Ascensor.js
    Public reposity of the ascensor jquery plugin.
  • autosuggest rb
    A ruby wrapper around the jquery autoSuggest plugin.
  • balance text
    A jQuery plugin for implementing balancing of wrapping text in a web page.
  • bgiframe
    A jQuery plugin that helps ease the pain when having to deal with IE z index issues.
  • bigfoot
    A jQuery plugin for creating exceptional footnotes.
  • BigText
    jQuery plugin, calculates the font size and word spacing needed to match a line of text to a specific width.
  • CakePHP Eip
    Edit in Place Plugin (Helper/ Component ) for CakePHP (requires jquery).
  • chain.js
    Data Binding Plugin for jQuery.
  • colorbox
    A light weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery.
  • Covering Bad
    A simple jQuery Plugin for cover an item by another item with dragging ability.
  • csharp datatables parser
    C# Serverside parser for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin.
  • CuteTime
    CuteTime is a customizable jQuery plugin that automatically converts timestamps to formats much cuter. Also has the ability to dynamically re update and/or automatically update timestamps on a controlled interval.
  • diagonalFade
    diagonalFade is a jQuery plugin to fade in and out items in a container.
  • drag menu
    jQuery Plugin that provides "native" draggable menu functionality.
  • dragon
    Another fn. draggable plugin for jQuery.
  • DropKick
    A jQuery plugin for creating beautiful, graceful, and painless custom dropdowns.
  • editable set
    A jQuery edit in place plugin for editing entire sets of data at once.
  • example jquery cdn
    Example project that uses jQuery and jQuery plugins wrapped as modules.
  • example jquery shim
    Example project that uses jQuery and jQuery plugins via shim config.
  • ezMark
    A small jquery plugin gives the ability to stylize checkbox and radiobuttons.
  • fancy photoset
    A jQuery plugin for viewing Flickr Photostreams in a Fancybox gallery.
  • firefly
    jQuery plug in to create a firefly effect.
  • fixto
    A jQuery plugin for sticky positioning.
  • flexisel
    Responsive carousel jQuery plugin...
  • fuzzytoast
    A jQuery plugin for combining templates with data from web servers in a regular web browser.
  • geo
    Small, fast & simple JavaScript mapping and geo API as a jQuery plugin.
  • gmap
    jQuery plugin for Google Maps V3 API.
  • gmap3
    JQuery plugin to create Google maps.
  • goMap
    jQuery plugin for google maps api v3.
  • Gritter
    A small growl like notification plugin for jQuery.
  • hColumns
    jQuery.hColumns is a jQuery plugin that looks like Mac OS X Finder's column view for the hierarchical data.
  • i18next
    internationalisation (i18n) with javascript the easy way (incl. jquery plugin).
  • icebearjs
    A light weight JQuery plugin collection.
  • Iframe Height Jquery Plugin
    This plugin can get contents of iframe and set height of iframe automatically. Also it has cross domain fix (*).
  • isInViewport
    An ultra light jQuery plugin that tells you if an element is in the viewport but with a twist.
  • jinja.js
    Twig/Jinja/JinJS Client Side Templating + jQuery Plugin.
  • jLy1
    jLy1 jQuery plugin Simple URL shortener : API jQuery plugin.
  • jmapping
    jQuery plugin for creating Google Maps from semantic markup.
  • jmaps
    jMaps is a jQuery plugin that provides a really easy API to create and manage multiple google maps on any page.
  • jMatrixBrowse
    jQuery plugin for browsing large matrices using dragging (like Google Maps).
  • jOrgChart
    A jQuery plugin to draw tree like structures such as OrgCharts.
  • joyride
    jQuery feature tour plugin.
  • jparallax
    jQuery plugin for creating interactive parallax effect.
  • jQCloud
    jQuery plugin for drawing neat word clouds that actually look like clouds.
  • jqMessageBar
    a notification plugin for jQuery that supports multiple messages.
  • jquery .fn
    A collection of jQuery plugins.
  • jquery .ganttView
    An editable jQuery Gantt chart plugin.
  • jquery .inlineedit
    inline edit plugin for jquery.
  • jquery .maskedinput
    jQuery Masked Input Plugin.
  • jquery auto geocoder
    jQuery plug in to automatically geocode and display a location entered in a text field.
  • jquery autosuggest
    A fork of AutoSuggest jQuery plugin writtern by Drew Wilson.
  • jquery bar rating
    jQuery Bar Rating Plugin minimal, light weight jQuery ratings.
  • jquery boilerplate
    A jump start for jQuery plugins development.
  • jquery carousel lite
    A jQuery carousel plugin based on jCarouselLite by Ganeshji Marwaha.
  • jquery countdown
    Amazing jQuery Countdown plugin!, Check it out.
  • jquery dragpan
    A jQuery plugin designed to allow click and drag panning of an element.
  • jquery enumerable
    The only fully tested and API consistent enumerable plugin for jQuery (collect, inject and friends).
  • jQuery Feature Carousel
    A 3 D carousel plug in for jQuery.
  • jquery github
    A jQuery plugin to display your Github Repositories.
  • jquery grab bag
    Miscellaneous small jQuery plugins.
  • jquery history plugin
    SORRY, THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Please use other plugin like jquery hashchange.
  • jquery hive
    jQuery Plugin for creating and managing web workers across implementations. Includes Hive.Pollen.js the thread safe utility library for connecting worker threads to the Hive.
  • jquery i18n
    A jQuery plugin for doing client side translations in javascript.
  • jquery iframe auto height
    jQuery plugin to set the height of an iframe to its contents height.
  • jquery inview
    jQuery plugin allowing you to specify a callback to execute when an element is scrolled into view. The plugin is less than 1kb unminified and uses jQuery's Deferred Object API.
  • jquery io.js
    A jQuery plug in for transforming data between different formats.
  • jquery jeditable
    jQuery edit in place plugin. Extendable via plugin architecture. Plugins for plugin. Really.
  • jquery jspath
    jspath is a jquery collection (by ariel flesler) that uses the '_' instead of the '$' to provide orthogonal functionality to jquery while avoiding polluting it's namespace. It is a thin wrapper of goessner's jsonpath that allows the same jquery plugin architecture for jquery like treatment of javascript objects, arrays and primitives.
  • Jquery LikeJs
    JQuery plugin for a "social network like component".
  • jquery livesortable.js
    A jquery plugin to make draggable elements move in realtime.
  • jquery meiomask
    A jquery plugin for creating masked input texts.
  • jquery misc
    Miscellaneous small jQuery plugins and code fragments.
  • jquery mousewheel
    A jQuery plugin that adds cross browser mouse wheel support.
  • jquery mu
    A microscopic jQuery plugin collection.
  • jquery Mustache
    Mustache templating plugin for jQuery.
  • jquery mxitmarkup
    Plugin to parse Mxit markup.
  • jQuery News Ticker
    An easy to use, slick and flexible news ticker plugin for jQuery.
  • jquery offline
    A jQuery plugin to facilitate conveniently working with local storage.
  • jquery pageslide
    jQuery Javascript plugin which slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction pane.
  • jquery patterns
    A variety of jQuery plugin patterns for jump starting your plugin development.
  • jquery placeholder plugin
    Simple jQuery plugin that adds support for the placeholder attribute in all browsers.
  • jQuery Plugin Development
    Code samples from my presentation 'jQuery Plugin Development'.
  • jquery plugs
    A small collection of jQuery plugins I casually made.
  • jquery powertip
    A jQuery plugin that creates hover tooltips.
  • jquery preview
    jQuery Preview is a plugin by Embedly that allows developers to create tools that enable users to share links with rich previews attached.
  • Jquery Price Format
    jQuery Price Format Plugin is a plugin to format input text fields as prices. For example , if you type 123456, the plugin updates it to US$ 1,234.56. It is costumizable, so you can use other prefixes and separators (for example , use it to get R$ 1.234,55).
  • jquery print preview plugin
    jQuery plugin for print preview (modal window).
  • jquery sdk
    Transloadit's official jQuery plugin / SDK.
  • jquery slugify
    Just another another (another) url slug creation plugin for jQuery.
  • jQuery Smart Wizard
    flexible jQuery plug in that gives wizard like interface.
  • jquery smarty
    jQuery Smarty Plugin (jQSmarty) is a port of the Smarty Templating Engine to Javascript/jQuery, offering a familiar client side templating solution.
  • jQuery Store Locator Plugin
    A store locator plugin using Google Maps API version 3.
  • jquery template
    A template plugin for jQuery. Allows templating without cluttering JavaScript code with markup. Simple, Concise yet powerful.
  • jquery timeago
    Timeago is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. "4 minutes ago").
  • jquery timing
    a jQuery plugin that provides easy to use timing methods to write less and do more.
  • jquery tmpl
    A templating plugin for jQuery. BETA. NO LONGER IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT OR MAINTENANCE. Issues remain open but are not being worked.
  • jquery toggles
    jQuery plugin to make easy toggle buttons.
  • jquery treeview
    A jQuery Tree plugin.
  • jQuery TubePlayer Plugin
    jQuery YouTube Player Plugin.
  • jquery.comet
    A jQuery plugin to deal with comet servers.
  • jQuery.countdown
    The Final Countdown plugin for jQuery.
  • jquery.liveaddress
    LiveAddress API jQuery Plugin.
  • jquery.nestedTouch
    iOS Drag single touch Plugin for jQuery. Allows putting multiple nested objects into each other.
  • jquery.parcel
    A jQuery plugin designed to simplify and guide the OO encapsulation of client side Javascript code and more...
  • jquery.plugins
    A collection of small but useful jQuery plugins.
  • jquery.sparkline
    A plugin for the jQuery javascript library to generate small sparkline charts directly in the browser.
    jQuery plugin for accessing YouTube's player and data APIs.
  • jquery.wormhole
    jQuery plugin that allows objects to be dragged between discrete containers... via wormholes!.
  • jQueryAutocompletePlugin
    J?rn Zaefferer?s (now deprecated) jQuery plugin, with tweaks.
  • jQueryPlugins
    Collection of jQuery plugins.
  • jqwindow
    jQuery window plugin. Support skins, drag , multiple windows, overlay and other.
  • jReject
    jQuery Browser Rejection Plugin.
  • jribbble
    jQuery plugin for the Dribbble API.
  • jTag
    Tag plugin in jQuery.
  • long press
    jQuery plugin to ease the writing of accented or rare characters.
  • machinetag.js
    jQuery plugins to search/ parse machine tags and display machine tag trees.
  • MegaList
    Megalist is a jQuery plugin that creates a touch enabled list component , capable of very large datasets, complete with data virtualization.
  • mosne map
    MOSNE MAP / jQuery plugin: markerClusterer + Geocoder + Styled Google Maps API v3.
  • nanoScrollerJS
    A jQuery plugin that offers a simplistic way of implementing Lion OS scrollbars.
  • Noisy
    A jQuery plugin that adds random noise to the background of a given element.
  • nyroModal
    nyroModal is a highly customizable modal window plugin for jQuery. This is the version 2 of the plugin.
  • osmLeaflet.jQuery
    No longer maintained A jQuery plugin to easily integrate Open Street Maps by wrapping the Leaflet API.
  • perfect scrollbar
    Tiny but perfect jQuery scrollbar plugin.
  • PFold
    A highly experimental jQuery plugin that let's you unfold elements to reveal more content just like a piece of paper. Unfolding directions and number of steps can be specified.
  • photolabel
    jQuery plugin for put marks on the picture.
  • Picker
    A jQuery plugin for replacing default checkboxes and radios.
  • Play 20 Sample FullCalendar Java
    Implementation of FullCalendar jQuery plugin in Play 2.0 as a sample application.
  • plugins. jquery .com
    The jQuery Plugins site.
  • poshytip
    jQuery Plugin for Stylish Tooltips.
  • QapTcha
    QapTcha jQuery plugin jQuery captcha system by drag &drop action.
  • qoopido.js
    Collection of classes, plugins, functions and extensions for Javascript and jQuery.
  • raty
    jQuery Raty A Star Rating Plugin.
  • s3 uploader example
    S3 Uploader Rails Example (uses the jQuery File Upload plugin).
  • scaffold plugin
    This is a little collection of tools that help me to speed up jQuery Plugin Development.
  • sidr
    Sidr is a jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu responsive.
  • SimpleSlideView
    A nifty little jQuery or Zepto plugin for the simplest of sliding views.
  • SkitterSlideshow
    Skitter Slideshow jQuery Plugin.
  • SlickQuiz
    A jQuery plugin for creating pretty, dynamic quizzes.
  • social feed
    A jQuery plugin which shows a user feed from the most popular social networks.
  • spritespin
    jQuery plugin for spriteanimation.
  • stepy
    jQuery Stepy A Wizard Plugin.
  • stickUp
    stickUp a jQuery Plugin for sticky navigation menus.
  • superfish
    Superfish is a jQuery plugin that adds usability enhancements to existing multi level drop down menus.
  • supersized
    Full screen background slideshow plugin for jQuery.
  • syncHeight
    jQuery Plugin that automatically syncs the height properties of the elements that match the given selector.
  • Tag Handler
    Tag Handler is a jQuery plugin used for managing tag type metadata.
  • the sexy curls jquery plugin
    A page turning plugin for jQuery.
  • tooltipster
    A jQuery tooltip plugin.
  • totem
    A jQuery plugin that makes vertical tickers easy.
  • touch interactive slideshow
    A jQuery plugin slideshow that is controlled by dragging and flicking like is commonly used on touch phones and tablets.
  • transform
    jQuery 2d transformation plugin.
  • Trip.js
    Trip.js is a plugin that can help you customize a tutorial trip easily with more flexibilities. ( Based on jQuery ).
  • tus jquery client
    A jquery plugin implementing the tus resumable upload protocol.
  • vegas
    Vegas is a jQuery plugin to add beautiful fullscreen backgrounds to your webpages. It even allows Slideshows.
  • Windy
    A jQuery Plugin for Swift Content Navigation.
  • wScratchPad
    jQuery Scratch Pad Plugin.
  • zoomooz
    An easy to use jQuery plugin for making zooming web pages.

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