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    Object/Relational mapping framework leveraging ADO.NET`s powerful disconnected mode. Supports an effective object query language based on relational operators including join. Adoor.Net is a .NET 2.0 framework based on both Eldorado.Net project and ObjectBroker project. Altho...
  • Agile ADO.Net Persistence Layer (AAPL)
    I've been impressed by the coding efficiencies that can be gained from ORMs like EF or Hibernate. Those tools allow you to embrace change and work in a much more agile way. This is my attempt to produce similar results using good old ADO.Net (which is still my favorite).
  • Ayurveda
    Ayurveda is a basic inventory management system for plants used in Ayurvedic medicine, the system includes a formula management system that tracks the plants used in the medicines. Built using SQL, ADO.NET Entity Data Model, WCF, WPF, .NET 3.5
  • cloud4net - for the cloud
    cloud4net is a framework to abstract cloud storage implementations, like does for databases. Management tools are also provided. Currently implementing: Windows Azure, AWS It's developed in C#. Both Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 source solutions are maintained.
  • Coconut Dal
    Coconut Dal is a lightweight data access layer, for use in projects where developers might otherwise be tempted to write native ADO.NET code instead of using a fully-featured library, such as Entity Framework or Microsoft's Enterprise Library.
  • CpsDbHelper
    Cps DbHelper is a set of class designed to wrap in chained method calls. The goal is to try my best to simplify the code of using as much as p
  • DataBooster - Extension to ADO.NET Data Provider
    The dbParallel DataBooster library is a high-performance extension to ADO.NET Data Provider. (DbAccess, OracleLauncher and SqlLauncher for accessing mass data)
  • DataEntity
    A Framework that help us to make persistences and materializations from any SQLServer DataBase Tables to Entity classes. Better performance with native ADO.NET.
  • Fluent
    Fluent Ado.Net is a lightweight wrapper around Ado.Net, designed to be used in a fluent manner, encourage code reused, and make mapping to domain classes easier. Fluent Ado.Net was originally designed for the compact framework, but can be used in any .net project.
  • Kailua - The forgotten methods in the ADO.NET API.
    Provide standard calls for vendor specific functionality through ADO.NET. Additional functionality includes: enumerate databases, tables, views, columns, stored procedures, parameters; get an autogenerated primary key; return top N rows; and more. Also some non-ADO classes.
  • Marr DataMapper
    Marr DataMapper provides a fast and easy to use wrapper around ADO.NET that enables you to focus more on your data access queries without having to write plumbing code. Load one-to-one, one-to-many, and hierarchical entity models with ease. No special base class required.
  • Mini SQL Query
    Mini SQL Query is a minimalist SQL query tool for multiple databases (MSSQL, MSSQL CE, SQLite, OLEDB, MS Access/Excel files etc). The tool uses a generic schema engine taking advantage of the ADO.NET providers. Mini SQL Query is also easily extended with plugins.
  • RSBuild SQL Server Reporting Service Deployment Tool
    RSBuild currently supports two types of tasks: executing SQL Server scripts and publishing SQL Server Reporting Serivce reports and shared data sources. It uses ADO.NET to execute database scripts in batch. Database script can be specified in the configuration file with speci...
  • Simple Multithreaded SQL Access
    This is a simple Library with classes for easy multithreaded/parallel access of SQL-DataResources. Currently access of Oledb, Odbc, SqLite and SqlServer is supported. Its developed entirely in c#, and wraps around to remove the tedious boilerplate code. Here's a...
  • SyncComm
    SyncComm is intended to be used as starter point with Sync Services for ADO.NET 1.0 for devices. SyncComm shows how to implement the WCF communication layer based on Microsoft Sync Framework team's tips.
  • VFP Client for ADO.Net
    VFP Client for ADO.Net is simply a wrapper around the System.Data.OleDb classes with the goal of reducing pain points when accessing VFP data from .Net.
  • Visual Studio CSLA Extension for ADO.NET Entity Framework
    Visual Studio extension and T4 templates for generation of CSLA objects from ADO.NET Entity Framework model.

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