List of Free code CSV


  • CC.Utilities
    A collection of .NET utility functions developed in C#. Some of the more notable sections are: - Command Line Argument Parser - CSV Parser - Double Buffered Graphics - Encryption - FontBuilder (From ToString, Font Fallback) - Many Extensions Methods - Native Windows API Interop
  • CommonLibrary.NET
    A collection of code in C# ranging from ActiveRecord, CSV, Configuration, Logging, Domain-Models, Repository, Authentication, Command-Line Parsing, HolidayCale
  • CRM Bulk Security Role Manager
    CRM Bulk Security Role Manager helps to assign security role according to a csv file.
  • DotNetNuke User Export
    An administrative module for DotNetNuke websites that exports selected user accounts in CSV, XML or XLS formats. The export may be saved to a portal file, downloaded or emailed to one or more users. corresponding import function for XML will be written at a later date.
  • HV Backup
    HVBackup is an open source tool to backup Hyper-V virtual machines, including support for Cluster Shared Storage (CSV).
  • KBCsv
    A .NET CSV parsing and writing library that has great performance, is light-weight and easy to use.
  • Modbus master and slave tool
    This project includes both a Modbus Master and a Modbus Slave windows form application. Both master and slave include import and export data to csv.
  • MS CRM 4 Retrieve Entity Details
    Retrieve Entity Detail project helps in exporting the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 entity meta data to a csv file. The tool has multiselect or select all option. It extracts the following information 1. Status 2. Status Reason 3. Picklist 4. Lookup 5. Schema names
  • PimImporter
    Import contacts and messages into windows mobile from csv files exported from Nokia PC Suite.
  • Quick Data Processor
    A simple and quick data processor for csv files.
  • QuickEmailer
    QuickEmailer is a C# application that uses a csv file containing email addresses and real names to send mass emails out. You can specify smtp host and credentials, from name and address, html or plain text format, and a few other other options.
  • Run SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements against DataSet and DataTable.
    QueryAnything allows user to run SQL statements against any data files that can be read into DataSet and DataTable objects. Currently support XML and CSV files. And more to come...
  • SCSM CSV Connector
    CSV Connector allows you to specify a data file and mapping location and a scheuled interval in minutes. At each scheduled interval Service Manager will import the data in the CSV data file into SCSM to update or insert data.
  • SDS: Scientific DataSet library and tools
    The SDS library makes it easy for .Net developers to read, write and share scalars, vectors, matrices and multidimensional grids which are very common in scientific modelling. It supports CSV, NetCDF and other file format
  • Simple Phonebook
    Simple phonebook allows you to store contacts. It also allows you to export the contacts to .txt or .csv. This application is written in C#, but it requires .NET Framework 4.0
  • SimpleCSV
    With Simple CSV library for .NET You can write and read CSV documents and serialize and deserialize objects to and from CSV file format.
  • SQLIOSIMParser
    SQLIOSim is a tool written by CSS Engineer Bob Dorr. SQLIOSim is designed to validate disk I/O subsystem correctness. SQLIOSimPaser will parse the output of the file and will put it a readable and reusable format (csv, xml). It helps you to save time interpreting results.
  • TeamNet Data File Export
    TeamNet Data File Export is a library written in c# for exporting data to various file formats without external dependencies. The library currently supports writing to DBF and CSV files.
  • Xml To Csv Conversion Tool
    This project contains an API that you can use to convert data stored in XML to comma seperated values (csv). There is also a Windows Form client application included. It is programmed in C#4.0.
  • XpoImport
    This projects provides a tool to enable straightforward importing of data from legacy databases (SQL, CSV, Access).

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