List of Free code JSON


  • .NET JSON parser & deserializer makes it easy to consume JSON encoded objects in your application. It features a fast parser and deserializer written in C# 3.0 with a simple and intuitive API making integration in your application a breeze
  • amfmessaging
    AMF called "Action Message Format" is a binary data format. The feature of AMF is that the data size is smaller than the format of the texts such as XML and JSON. AMF Messaging is the RPC Framework in C#. AMF Messaging has the server library and the client library.
  • Beetle.Redis
    Beetle.redis is a lightweight and high performance redis .net client lib. Support conneciton pool and json,protobuf object to redis's data.
  • Bing Sharp
    Bing Sharp is a C# API that wraps the Bing API 2.x XML requests. It provides an object model for interacting with the Bing Api so you do not have to deal with the XML, JSON or Soap.
  • fastBinaryJSON
    Binary JSON serializer based on fastJSON
  • fastJSON
    Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer in c#
  • File System Database (JSON/XML...)
    A simple database like wrapper that uses text based files (such as JSON or XML) on disk. Ideal for simple, low use websites or desktop applications.
  • Foursquare.NET
    Fourssquare.NET provides a framework for developers to access Foursquare's APIs. Foursquare.NET returns easy to use objects rather than XML or JSON for the deveolper to parse. It's developed in C#.
  • Halo Reach Stats API
    A set of C# wrappers around the Halo Reach JSON statistic API's.
  • JDynamic
    JDynamic : A tools transfer json to .NET Dynamic Object
  • JSDL - JSON Service Description Language
    JSDL is a JSON-based interface description language that is used for describing the functionality offered by a (JSON) HTTP web service.
  • JSON C# Class Generator
    This application generates C# classes from a sample JSON text, so you can use strongly typed programming with JSON. It currently supports typed arrays, typed objects, integers, floats, booleans, strings and nullable types.
  • Json Editor
    Json Editor is a Fiddler v4 inspector that reads and writes json for the the selection session.
  • JSON Toolkit
    JSON Toolkit is a .NET library written in C# used to parse JSON strings and handle JSON objects at runtime.
  • JSON Viewer
    The JSON Viewer package is a set of 3 viewers available in the following flavors: 1. A standalone viewer - JsonView.exe 2. A plugin for Fiddler 2 ( - FiddlerJsonViewer.dll 3. A visualizer for Visual Studio 2005 - JsonVisualizer.dll The viewer support...
    Json-RPC implements bidirectional JSON-RPC protocol using WinRT asynchronous async / await methods.
  • Json.NET
    Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
  • Magic8Ball WCF Service
    This project demonstrates how to use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to host a simple service from within a console application and consume that service from a simple WPF app using XML/HTTP or BinaryXML/TCP and via an HTML page using JSON/HTTP.
  • RaptorDB - The Document Store
    NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters
  • REST Start Kit for BizTalk
    This project enables BizTalk Server to expose RESTFul services through the WCF-Custom adapter. The library supports both receive and send, both XML and JSON with all HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE). The solution is based on two custom WCF behaviors, one to be used...
  • uTorrent Web Client API Wrapper Library
    This library allows .NET developers to easily access the uTorrent Web Client API. It provides a nice object-oriented wrapper over the uTorrent JSON API, and supports automatic updating and caching of results. It's developed in C# using WCF and requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.
  • Wordpress JSON .Net
    .Net C# client for WordPress JSON API ( built for WP7.
  • Yandex.Direct .NET
    .NET wrap from Yandex.Direct API. Uses JSON protocol with certificate authentication

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