List of Free code MySQL


  • Database connection helper in C#
    Useful to target multiple databases without the hassle; SQL Server, SQL CE, MySQL, Postgress, Firebird, etc. Open a connection to any server and don't worry about what database was configured in app.config, web.config, settings.setting or xml store. I like to use it with Dapper.
  • GROUP_CONCAT string aggregate for SQL Server
    SQL Server CLR user-defined aggregates that collectively offer similar functionality to the MySQL GROUP_CONCAT function. Specialized functions ensure the best performance based on required functionality. Aggregates implemented using C#; requires .NET Framework 3.5.
  • Hentai RPG
    Hentai RPG with hints of other Hentai, Client and Server Code written in C# with Mysql Database
  • Jolt Environment
    Jolt Environment is a powerful RuneScape emulator. Assembled in the programming language C#, it is powered by MySQL database storage and Ion database storage.
  • Mysql Provider for Kooboo CMS 3
    Mysql provider for Kooboo CMS3
  • MySQL Query Monitor
    MySQL Query Monitor is a monitoring tool that analyzes MySQL protocol directly and dumps every queries transferred over the network.
  • MySql Query Toolkit
    This project bundles all of the common performance tests into a single handy user interface. Simply drop your query in and use the tools to make your query faster. Includes index suggestion, column data type and length suggestion and common profiling options.
  • MySQL Tuner for Windows
    The High Performance MySQL Tuning Script is now available on Windows! Easily view how your MySQL server can be optimised in a clear, easy to read dialog.
  • MySQLStudio
    GUI Management tool for MySQL server
  • SuperQuery
    SuperQuery makes it easy to run the same batch of SQL across several databases on different SQL servers. SuperQuery supports versions of SQL Server from 2000 onwards and versions of MySQL compatible with the MySQL ODBC driver 3.51 and 5.1. It is developed in C# using .NET 4.
  • Web Crawling
    Web Crawling is a .NET console application which crawls websites and saves info(e.g title, comments,pageviews etc) and links to a mysql server.
  • XBMC Cache Manager
    A Windows Service to manage a shared XBMC MySQL database and shared cache folder.

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