List of Free code SQL


  • A Complete BI Solution in About an Hour!
    Code for SQL Saturday presentation called "A Complete BI Solution in About an Hour!"
  • Common TSQL
    Common TSQL will replace the current SQL TSQL generation by a C# program to generate TSQL Insert, Update, List, Delete, Count and Select together with required data layer.
  • Emit Mapper
    Powerful customisable tool for mapping entities to each other. Entities can be plain objects, DataReaders, SQL commands and anything you need. The tool uses run-time code generation via the Emit library. It is usefull for dealing with DTO objects, data access layers an so on.
  • Entity Mapping
    The easy way for mapping of entities in sql.
  • FIM DataProcessingExtension for SQL Reporting Services
    An implementation of an SSRS Data Processsing Extension to connect SSRS to the ForeFront Identity Manager web service.
  • Forum Very Smart Portal Solution (VSP Forum)
    Forum Completely code by C# + SQL 2000/2005, install only in 4 steps. Try it and have fun.
  • mergescripts
    All user to merge multy sql scripts.
  • MyMoney and SQLTool
    The project contains a light weight tool (SQLTool) which looks like SQL Query Analyzer and a light weight personal financial management software (MyMoney).
  • NReports
    NReports is a reporting library using RDL file format, compatible with SQL Reporting Services 2005. It has began as a fork of the latest version 4.1 of fyiReporting (now defunct). Supports NET 3.5 (Windows) and Mono 2.6 or later (Linux).
  • OWASP .NET Shield
    Code to protect .NET Web applications and services against sql injection and cross site scripting attacks.
  • Raiser's Edge Connection Monitor (RECM)
    Monitors RE SQL Client connections. Automatically boots users after license usage reaches a customizable level and a user has been idle for a customizable period.
  • Red Gate SQL Data Generator Community Generators
    This site hosts custom generators and lists for Red Gate?s SQL Data Generator application. The project includes generators created by the SQL Data Generator team and by members of the SQL community which can be used within your project files. If you have created your own set...
  • Sea Quail SQL Writing Library
    Sea Quail is a library for building SQL queries using objects in .Net. It's intended to work with any mainstream RDBMS. Add/remove tables, columns, and foreign keys, insert, update, delete, and select programmatically, without string building. It's developed in C#.
  • seizyUtils
    SQL Mapping For Windows Embedded Compact
  • Simple SQL Data Adapter
    This project provide simple data access to sql databese.
  • SQL Data transfer wizard
    It replaces export data in SSMS by offering dependency aware order of table transfer.
  • SQL LocalDB Wrapper
    SQL LocalDB Wrapper is a .NET 3.5 assembly providing interop with the SQL LocalDB native API from managed code using .NET APIs.
  • SqlServerExtensions
    This project provides some useful operations for files and directories. Further development includes extended string operations, which aren't available in T-SQL or are very hard to implement.
  • SQLString Code Generator Project
    SQLString is an AddIn for MS Visual Studio 2005 which will generate (C#, C, C++, VB, Java [to be changed to J#]) compatible source code from a SQL statement.
  • TFS Schema Change Service
    A solution for managing SQL schema changes and stored procedures in TFS featuring automated testing, gated check-ins and continuous integration.
  • WQL Query Runner
    WQL Query Runner is (or would be) a tool for WMI SQL query testing. There are different types of WQL queries. My plan is to support creating all of them, and the first type for which I decided to add support are WQL event queries.

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