List of Free code SQLite


  • Database Abstraction
    A database abstraction service for .NET that segregates data access calls from actual data implementation. This puts SQL code in one place (query libraries), makes it easy to change data stores (ex. SQLite to SQL Server, MySQL to PostgreSQL, etc.), and removes this noise from...
  • DataDevelop
    DataDevelop is an application for managing multiple databases (including SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, MS Access), extensible and includes a scripting environment for data manipulation. It's developed in C# for .NET Framework 2.0 and higher.
  • GrooveSharp
    GrooveSharp is an MP3 Player built in WPF. Information is stored in an SQLite database exposed by Stormy.
  • Key Tracker
    A simple application for tracking software product keys. It is developed using C# using SQLite. This is useful for PC gamers who have to search everywhere for their CD keys. This could also double as a serial number tracker.
  • MsAccess to Sqlite converter
    This project aims to create a small application to convert a MSAccess Database file into SQLite format. It needs the SQLite ADO library in order to work. I do it just for learning purposes and for fun, of course :)
  • PartTracker
    This application will allow multiple users to keep track of parts, and to manage the hours used. Build using SQLite, WPF, and C#
  • Personal Accounting
    Personal system for managing financial accounts, which supports multiple accounts in different currencies. It has movement imputation and basic queries on them. I plan to develop statistical queries and projections. It's developed in C# 2008 Express and uses SQLite v3.
  • Personal Contacts Manager
    Personal Contacts Manager (Pcm) is a tiny and multi users, contact manager written in C# using SQLite for storing users' contacts. This was a study project us
  • PLMPackLib
    PLMPackLib allows consulting a list of parametric packaging plans (essentially corrugated cardboard). It is written in C# (.NET 4.0), and uses SQLite as database.
  • Sqlite Loader
    Tool to Import/Export data to an Sqlite database using CSV, XML with a GUI written in C#
  • SQLite Manager
    A minimal manage for sqlite databases.
  • SQLite PowerShell Provider
    The SQLite PowerShell Provider allows you to mount a SQLite database as a drive in your PowerShell session, enabling access to tables and data as if they were files on your hard drive. This is a great mechanism for persisting or sharing configuration or state between PowerShe...
  • SQLite Studio Management
    This project is a simple management tool for SQLite 3.0. The System can create databases, tables, data entry, etc...
  • Stock Manager Express
    Stock Manager is a small program using c# and linq to connect to sqlite. The project is now in version 2 however, if anyone can use version 1 let me know. It may be a good reference for learning linq or the c# language.
  • Stratosphere
    Mono compatible .NET/C# library with set of primitives to work with table, queue and block containers with corresponding implementations for Amazon SimpleDB, SQS and S3. Additionally includes local machine (file system and SQLite) implementations to enable debugging and testing.
  • Wpf .Net Profiler
    A .net profiler with wpf and sqlite

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