List of Free code NHibernate


  • CreaMotion NHibernate Class Builder
    NHibernate Class Builder C# , WPF Supports all type relations Supports MsSql, MySql -- Specially developed for NHibernate Learners
  • DreamDriven.NET
    DreamDriven.NET is a Domain Driven Development framework for .NET/Mono constructed around of NHibernate projects family. DreamDriven.NET provides crystal way to produce software with high quality.
  • EstimateTracker
    Program to track estimate time using XAML, MVVM, WPF, ninject Ioc, nhibernate and Microsoft Prism
  • FluentNHibernate.Search
    A Fluent NHibernate.Search Attributes-Less mapping interface for NHibernate provider implementation of Lucene.NET.
  • FT.Architecture
    Data Access Layer framework with an NHibernate implementation. The framework is design to be completely independent from its implementation (NHibernate or otherwise). It brings entities equality, repositories, independent query language, and many other things for free.
  • Helper Project
    Helpdesk project, using C# .NET, Linq, with Nhibernate ORM and interface written using ExtJS 4.
  • HQL Language Service for Visual Studio
    HQLAddin aims to make easier for NHibernate users write queries using the Hibernate Query Language in Visual Studio.
  • Lab Nhibernate, PRISM, WPF, FLUENT, C#, ServiceStack, JSON
    This is a lab for new technology and solving real developer problem
  • NHibernate 3.0 SQL Logger
    NH3SQLLogger is a lightweight NHibernate 3 SQL Logger, with SQL Formatting, Caller methods loggings and Syntax highlighting.
  • NHibernate Code-First (NH Applications without writting any mapping classes)
    This is an abstraction layer on NHibernate written in C# language that allow you to easily write NHibernate applications without writing any line of class mapping.
  • NHibernate Criteria Builder
    NHibernate Criteria Builder is a business layer over NHibernate mapping classes enabling business way of database querying. The library goal is to query the database as close to business needs as possible: focusing mainly on "what data should be retrieved" instead of "how".
  • NHibernate Entity Generator
    Generates c# classes from your hbm files. Templates are easily editable
  • NHibernate Mapping Generator
    A simple utility to generate NHibernate mapping files and corresponding domain classes from existing DB tables. It currently generates one mapping file (.hbm.xml) and the corresponding Domain class (*.cs) from oracle or sql server.
  • NHibernate Membership Provider
    The NHMemberProvider is a complete .Net Membership Provider developed in C# and utilizing NHibernate for data persistence.
  • NHibernate Schema Tool
    NHibernate Schema Tool (NST) is a command line utility that allows developers to Create, Update, and Delete database schemas based on their NHibernate mappings. This tool allows for easy integration with CI frameworks like CruiseControl.NET
  • NHibernate Sidekick Library
    NHibernate Sidekick is a library intended to assist in the development of multi-tiered applications using the NHibernate ORM framework.
  • TimeAssistant is a Test Driven Development application to manage time
    Eye.Open TimeAssistant helps managing "resources" (notes, etc), tasks, projects and grouping (as set) everything. Is a Test Driven Development application that shows how to implement a layered architecture using a "LINQ ORM", in this case NHibernate, and WCF.

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