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  • (Yet Another) Project Euler implementation with C#/LINQ
    project euler, c#, linq
  • Access to LINQ
    This project is an experiment in implementing a LINQ queryprovider for Microsoft Access databases
  • ALinq Dynamic (Linq to SQL Dynamic Query)
    ALinq Dynamic is a dynamic query solution for ALinq and Linq to SQL users.
  • ALinq Fluent
    Provide strong type and fluent API to create an XML mapping source for ALinq and Linq to SQL
  • Azure Storage Extensions For Storage Client V2.0
    This library add LINQ syntax to the method Where on TableQuery<T> This support actually Windows Azure Storage Library V2.0
  • Bindable LINQ
    Bindable LINQ is a set of extensions to LINQ that add data binding and change propagation capabilities to standard LINQ queries.
  • Brahma
    Brahma is a library for C#, to provide high-level access to parallel streaming computations on a variety of processors. Brahma uses C#'s LINQ syntax to write kernels that are compiled dynamically. All the glue/kernel code required is *automatically* generated by by Brahma.
  • Cassandraemon
    Cassandraemon is LINQ Provider for Apache Cassandra.
  • CityLizard Framework
    CityLizard Framework allows developers to design strongly typed XML and HTML using C# language. The project inspired by LINQ to XSD and Sharp DOM.
  • Continuous LINQ
    Continous LINQ is a .NET Framework 3.5 extension that builds on the LINQ query syntax to create continuous, self-updating result sets. In traditional LINQ queries, you write your query and get stale results. With Continuous LINQ, you write a query and the results of that qu...
  • Crystalbyte Equinox
    Equinox is a state of the art email messaging library targeting the .NET Framework and the Mono Runtime. The library contains full implementations for the IMAP, SMTP and POP3 protocols. In addition the library offers a unique and fully integrated LINQ provider for the IMAP p...
  • DDI Survey Reader
    A simple survey reader using the DDI standards. Built in C# 4.0 using linq This will allow for people to easily open complex DDI documents into an easy to read and use format.
  • DotNetNuke Linq to Sql Model Adapter
    A DataContext adapter allowing DotNetNuke modules using Linq to Sql to automatically apply an end user's database owner and object qualifier at runtime. This project enables a commercial DotNetNuke module development path for those who wish to leverage Linq to Sql.
  • Dynamite Dynamic Sorting Library
    Easy-to-use and high performance dynamic sorting library supporting SQL-like syntax and complex/nested expressions, that uses System.Linq.Expression to dynamically build fast comparers.
  • Email Grabber
    Email Grabber parses text files (*.txt) looking for email addresses and stores them on a database (XML) form prior use on any situation. Plataform and technologies: .Net Framework 3.5 Linq
  • Extensions for Reactive Extensions (Rxx)
    Rxx is a library of unofficial reactive LINQ extensions supplementary to Microsoft's Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET.
  • FederatedScaleOutDatabases
    A broker piece of code that helps to use relational databases in a scale-out fashion. The broker exposes a LINQ based API.
  • Lightweight XPath2 for .NET
    This is an implementation of W3C XML Path Language (XPath) 2.0 for .NET Framework based on standard XPathNavigator API. It supports Linq-to-XML that allows to execute XQuery requests by standard platform tools.
  • LINQ Expression Builder
    A SQL to LINQ translator that will help the development community to adopt the new expression language using a user friendly integrated tool for Visual Studio 2008.
  • LINQ Extensions Library
    A library of LINQ extensions for statistical analysis, sequence generation and manipulation, pattern detection, pivot transformation and more.
  • LINQ IQueryable Toolkit
    IQToolkit is essential if you are building your own LINQ IQueryable provider. It contains common tools and source code you can apply to your own project.
  • LINQ over C# project
    This project is an extension to LINQ to provide query functions over C# language elements. The query parses the project files and works over the C# source code.
  • Linq to BBYOpen
    C# Linq Provider to access the REST based BBYOpen services from BestBuy.
  • Linq to Google
    Linq to Google allows developers to easily query Google's Data Sources using a strongly typed syntax. Linq to Google shows an example of implementing IQueryable and IQueryProvider.
  • LINQ to Google Analytics
    Google Analytics provider is a tool that allows you to build queries and retrieve the data by simple and convenient strongly typed way using lambdas.
  • LINQ to Lucene
    Providing a custom LINQ solution for the Lucene Information Retrieval System, commonly referred to as a search-engine.
  • Linq To Naver , Custom Linq Provider for Naver searchengine OpenAPI
    <project name>Linq to Naver </project name> <programming language>C#, CSharp</programming language>
  • Linq To SimpleDB
    A Linq provider for Amazon SimpleDB
  • Linq To Stdf
    A library for parsing/processing Standard Test Datalog Format (STDF) files, typically used in semiconductor testing.
  • LINQ to VFP
    LINQ to VFP is an IQToolkit Provider written specifically to target Visual FoxPro data.
  • LINQ to XSD
    The LINQ to XSD technology provides .NET developers with support for typed XML programming. LINQ to XSD contributes to the LINQ project (.NET Language Integrated Query); in particular, LINQ to XSD enhances the existing LINQ to XML technology.
  • LINQ-to-Charts
    Adds support for using LINQ with .NET Charting Controls.
  • LINQ-to-T-SQL Provider Framework
    A LINQ to T-SQL provider implementation that really works with .NET 4.0
  • LINQ2SQLExtensions
    LINQ2SQL extensions provides an alternative model for for building data layer components using LINQ to SQL. This model enables the development of richer entity classes, reduces the number of entity classes instantiated and reduces the volume of data reads.
  • LINQPadLogParser
    parse logs with LINQ
  • LinqSpecs
    A toolset for use the specification pattern in linq queries.
  • LinqTextQueryBuilder
    LinqTextQueryBuilder makes it easier for developers to build/run dynamic LINQ queries from text at runtime.
    A custom LINQ queryprovider for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • LinqToolkit - Lightweight LINQ Class Library
    LinqToolkit is a lightweight class library. It is designed to help create custom Linq providers.
  • LinqToQIF
    QIF file parser to list for easy Linq querying.
  • Mediator Framework
    LINQ DataSource Integration Framework
  • Naspinski.Utilities
    A collection of useful C# Utilities and Extensions such as: Universal Linq-to-SQl Get() accessor, Linq .Search() extension for in-depth search-all of IQueryable Linq objects, FileStream.Save() extension with overwrite options, Convert strings to enums, nullables, etc., and more.
  • NetSqlAzMan - .NET SQL Authorization Manager
    .NET Sql Authorization Manager is an authorization manager for .NET Framework 4.0 developed applications (smart?client/web). The authorizations storage is on MS Sql Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/Express/Compact. NetSqlAzMan has been developed with LINQ to SQL.
  • nHydrate Code Generation Platform
    Use model-driven architecture! Stop hand-coding and start generating. This platform creates strongly-typed, extendable classes inside of a framework. It is completely integrated into VS.NET. The model controls database generation, LINQ syntax, API, DAL, etc.
  • Open LINQ to XSD
    It is a fork of LINQ to XSD. The project is open for contributions.
  • Remote Linq
    Remote Linq is a simple and easy to use library to translate Expression Trees from and to strongly typed, serializable expression trees.
  • Remote Objects with LINQ
    An extensible, independent, configurable framework which allows querying for objects on other process domains by using LINQ. Supports: querying and changing objects, lazy loading, authentication & authorization,.. . It's developed in c#,
  • Repository Management Framework for .NET
    Repository Management Framework for .NET provides a simple way of managing CRUD based operations on entities generated by LINQ based providers.
  • Restaurateur
    Restaurateur is accounts, sales, billing, and cash management application for use in restaurants. Restaurateur requires .NET Framework 3.5 and SQL Server Compact 3.5 and uses LINQ to SQL and LINQ to objects extensively. Inventory management is not yet implemented, but is on...
  • SequentialDataCache
    Sequential Data Cache is a fast collection with limited memory footprint. It is a must have tool for Linq operations on big collection.
  • Sortable Observable Collection
    This project shows how to create a custom base collection class that provides sorting functionality. It uses sort descriptions for definitions and LINQ for sorting operations.
  • SQL Metal Open Source User Interface
    This project provides an user interface for SqlMetal.exe tool. SQLMetalOSUI allows users to generate code and mapping files for their SQL Server Compact Edition databases. SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 is fully compatible with LINQ to SQL but the designer does not. This pro...
  • SQLinq - use LINQ to generate Ad-Hoc Sql Queries
    Easily generate ad-hoc SQL code using LINQ in a strongly typed manner that allows for compile time validation of sql scripts.
  • Sudoku LINQ Solver
    Sudoku editor and solver with heavily use of LINQ. I've implemented most of all alghorithms not required reccurency.
  • TagFlo
    TagFlo is a photo management application that makes it easy to locate files using a photographic info such as aperture, date taken and ISO. It is developed using C#, WPF and LINQ.
  • Umbraco Interaction Layer
    The Umbraco Interaction Layer (UIL) provides .NET class generation of Umbraco Document Types along with a LINQ API for querying Document Types and their relationships.
  • Unplugged LINQ to SQL Generator
    Fitting the LINQ to SQL technology in your own N-tier application framework may require writing custom code for the entities. This project implements a custom tool for generating code from a DBML model, which you may use instead of the default MSLinqToSQLGenerator in C# or VB ...
  • XLG Pipeline : XML Library Generator (XLG) : MetaData - > XML - > XSL - > Code
    XLG is a pipeline based code generator that walks meta sources (database tables, folder/files, or XML), turns the structure into XML and transforms the XML using XSL. An excellent C# LINQ-esque DAL code library XSLT is included. Uses NXLT2 and heavily rewritten SubSonic code.
  • xReactor
    Leverages Reactive Extensions and Linq Expressions to make GUI programming as close to the reactive paradigm as possible. Especially usable for WPF.
  • xvcc - eXtended Volano Chat Client
    This is an alternative pure .NET and C# based chat client for the volano java-based chat. xvcc trys to use the latest applicable .NET technologies like LINQ to Objects, WPF, Generics, ClickOnce, etc.

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