List of Free code Database


  • All Movie Databases AMDb
    All Movie Databases (AMDb) is a library for those who wants to get easily some data from websites that have various information about movies, series, shows etc.
  • Analysis Services Parent-Child Dimension Naturalizer
    Parent/Child dimensions, wherein each member references the ID of its parent member rather than being specified on a specific level of a hierarchy, are often a cause for poor performance in Analysis Services databases. One way of dealing with this is to convert a poorly perfor...
  • Application Rapid Development Toolkit (ARD Toolkit)
    ARD Toolkit is a collection of .NET C# classes that implement typical tasks and patterns an application developer faces on day-to-day basis. ARD Contains: - Data Access module provides a framework for database vendor independent database code. It has generic classes that i...
  • ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap
    The ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap is designed to help ArcGIS users to become active members in the growing community of users building an open and freely available database of geographic data.
  • Atrax
    Atrax supports XML queries for structured content extracted from the Internet's unstructured data in an extensible, distributed, highly scalable framework. Think of Atrax as the database query engine for the Internet. Atrax can support any number of custom query handlers. It c...
  • Badr: .Net Web Framework
    Simple, Database-driven, Multiplatform, .Net web framework
  • Classic Data Access Layer Helpers
    Classic data access layer is nothing but querying data from database, extracting & packing data into CLR typed classes. Classic DAL Helpers makes it easier for back-end layers, especially for Data Access Objects to extract and fill data. Its developed in Microsoft .NET 3.5, C#.
  • Crystal Reports Location Setter
    Lightweight utility to change connection information on one or more Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports Location Setter can also perform the "Verify database" operation on one or more reports. Reports are saved in CR 10.5 format
  • DAL Generator using Database Application Block 5 and T4 Template
    T4 Template code for generating Data access layer. Database application block 5 for making CRUD Operations. User can make operations with data access layer through a repository object for abstractions. Database Application Block 5 have given automatic data mapping feature thro...
  • Database Connection String / Command / Sql Tester
    If you want to quickly test a database connection this is it. You can also use this to quickly execute sql command and see the output in a grid. Provides exception information to help troubleshoot connection issues. Works from .NET 2.0 onwards
  • Database Layer Testing
    Sample database testing project that shows a common practice applied in this scenario.
  • Database Profiler
    The Database Profiler project addresses daily problems of business intelligence or database migration projects. Simply in all projects that use foreign databases with an unknown content. Usually there are inconsitencies in source databases, which lead to an unpredictable impl...
  • Database Searcher
    This is a small tool for searching a typed value inside all type matching columns and rows of a database. For connecting the database a .NET data provider for the server is required. The code is written in C# 3.0
  • DB-Team-Project-Mimosa
    Telerik Database Project Team Mimosa
  • DBComparer
    Find Differences Between two Database and Update Target Database.
  • DBMigrator
    Database migration tool similar to Active Record Migrations in Ruby on Rails for .Net 3.5 with a fluent interface
  • DBPro Bridge
    DBPro Bridge is an emerging open source Visual Studio add-in that enables access to the Database Professional project for developers without a DB Professional license. DBPro Bridge facilitates better collaboration between a DBA, who is using Team System Edition for DBPro, and ...
  • DbSharp
    DbSharp is a code generator to execute stored procedure on database. Also provide CRUD operation for each table on Database.
  • densodb
    DensoDB is a new NoSQL document database. Written for .Net environment in c# language. It's simple, fast and reliable.
  • dnp.Framework
    The dnp.Framework is a set of APIs designed to provide a framework for developing code generation Models. APIs include Database Explorer (Db Schema), Domain Model (Db Schema --> Entities) and ServiceModel (Entities --> Service Oriented Application).
  • Dynamic T-SQL Generator
    Dynamic T-SQL Generator makes it easy for Database Developers to generate dynamic T-SQL scripts by converting a given static T-SQL script and vice versa. It also allows converting T-SQL scripts to uppercase and lowercase.
  • EasyDB C# Sql Database Engine
    Sql database engine, written in c#. Engine can be used as in-memory and embedded. Data is also saved to disk. Native c# value types are used as data types. Has transaction support.
  • EasyDbProvider
    EasyDbProvider is a client library to connect with different SQL Databases.
  • EdgeStatz
    EdgeStatz is a statistics and club management software tool for sports clubs (Currently Cricket only). This is a desktop application using .Net 3.5 SP1 as well as .Net 4.0 Report Viewer. The application requires a Microsoft Sql Database server to operate.
  • Epi Info? - Web Analysis & Visualization
    Epi Info? is a public domain suite of software tools designed for the global community of public health practitioners and researchers. It provides for easy data entry form and database construction, a customized data entry experience, and data analyses with epidemiologic stati...
  • ESENT Managed Interface
    ManagedEsent provides managed access to ESENT, the embeddable database engine native to Windows. ManagedEsent uses the esent.dll that is part of Microsoft Windows so there are no extra unmanaged binaries to download and install.
  • Event Scavenger
    "Event Scavenger" was created out of a need to monitor the event logs of multiple servers and have a global view of what's happening at the same moment of time. It saves the logs into a database where it makes reporting and manipulating the data easier.
  • Execom IOG database for .NET
    Immutable Object Graph database for .NET has following goals: * enable native .NET objects to be stored anywhere * thread safe objects using isolated workspaces * multiple versions of the data * object database for embedded and medium scale systems * zero-configuration c...
  • FileDB - A C# database to store files
    FileDB is a free, fast, lightweight C# (v3.5) DLL project to store, retrive and delete files using a single file container on disk. Ideal for store small, medium or big files without databases and keep organized on a single disk file.
  • FileMonitor
    FileMonitor Monitor files in the folder,and auto transffer data to database. You'll no longer have to delevop program for every file fomat.You just config the process.
  • Generic Data Access
    GDA - Generics Data Access, is framework to object-relational mapping (a programming technique for converting data between incompatible type systems in databases and Object-oriented programming languages) using c#.
  • GoldenDream TeamWork
    CourseWork for DB Course in Telerik Academy.
  • HubbleDotNet - Open source full-text search engine
    HubbleDotNet is an open source full text search database project based on .net framework. Fast, precise, SQL supported and easy to use.
  • IL2 Log Parser
    A C# log parser that parses IL2 Flight Simulator logs and produces SQL output for export into a database and display via a web site.
  • Improvement performances MemoryMappedFiles c#!
    In this release a technique is implemented typical of the database to access the records. A table of the references in memory is used for accessing the objects on memory mapped files (MMF).
  • Inventory and Billing
    This is a basic inventory and billing application written in C# and using accesss and DB
  • JulaDB
    C# implementation of an in-memory database engine.
  • Keepass2Android
    Keepass2Android is an open source password manager for Android. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database format used by the popular KeePass 2.x software.
  • LoBDb.NET
    LobDB.NET provides a universal database API and a .NET wrapper for creating a database that is well suited for a line-of-business application.
  • Local Movie DB in C#
    C# WPF project. Will create local movie database where users can create their own DB of the movies they own/seen/liked ... etc
  • LocalizeMe
    A resource framework that can handle multiple sources (XML, Database...)
  • MOSS META Viewer
    The solution provides a drill down into the META properties extracted by MOSS search from the given artifact. Its beauty is in querying MOSS databases using MOSS BDC.
  • MSI Data Stream Utility
    This utility helps you list and modify the different data streams available in a Windows Installer Database (MSI Database).
  • MyBatis.NET
    The MyBatis.NET data mapper framework makes it easier to use a relational database with object-oriented applications.
  • NDatabase - C# Lightweight Object Database
    This project creates lightweight object database dedicated for .NET. The purpose of this project is to give a developer possibility to persist any object in C#.
  • NMemory - an in-memory relational database for .NET
    NMemory is a lightweight in-memory relational database engine that can be hosted by .NET applications. It supports traditional database features like indexes, foreign key relations, transaction handling and isolation.
  • Nollie
    Nollie is a lightweight, simple to use caching framework for .NET. Nollie let's you cache your .NET objects in a SQL-Server database, and optionally use an in-memory cache for improved performance.
  • NSTM - .NET Software Transactional Memory
    A Software Transactional Memory (STM) implemented in C#: Work with in-memory data structures in a transactional way like with database tables. Use implicit optimistic locking instead of explicit locks to synchronize concurrent access to shared data. Classes as well as value ty...
  • ObjectStore - An easy to use ObjectRelational-Mapper
    An easy to use OR-Mapper which supports Code only(no Designer) and existing Database(no Sync or Codegeneration) by implementing abstract Classes at runtime.
  • ODTK
    Ein Toolkit f?r das Rollenspiel "Das Schwarze Auge (Ulisses Verlag)" um manche abl?ufe beim Spielen zu vereinfachen. Kampf ?bersicht, Helden DB
  • Online Examination System
    This project uses MS-ACCESS database and .NET Framework 3.5. With this stand, administrator user of online exam system creates trainees, trainers. Trainer user create questions, Tests, Schedules, etc.
  • OopFactory X12 Parser
    This is an open source .NET C# implementation of an X12 Parser. The parser allows for a specification of any X12 transaction set to create a generic X12 xml representation of the hierarchical data contained within the X12 document. No database integration is required by de...
  • OpenStreetMap Scout
    OpenStreetMap Client in .Net Displays gpx tracks and OSM-relations on a SlippyMap. Includes also a OpenStreetMapApi to access the database.
  • OSCaRS - Open Source Cash Register System
    OSCaRS - Open Source Cash Register System for the bar / caf? / tavern environment. Optimized for touch-screen PC monitors, using a (MS)SQL database back-end and running on a Windows PC front-end using the .Net Framework. Features will include: * End of Day / Week proces...
  • OWASP Code Crawler
    A Windows Form application built using .NET (C#). It's reg ex based grepping tool with reporting functionality, testing utilities and other interesting features. Code Crawler is also extensible it's built upon an XML database with around 290 library patterns.
  • Persisting SSAS OLAP Roles In Project Server 2007
    During the standard Cube Building process in Project Server 2007, any manually added OLAP Roles in an OLAP database are deleted. The Cube building creates a default Role ProjectServerViewOlapDataRole that automatically adds all the Project Server users to this Role. This customiz
  • Editor
    In short, this project is a text editor in C#. A text editor able to convert from BBCode to Rich Text Format and viceversa, to save your articles in a SQL CE database, to keep track of your work, in terms of commitments and money. Made for columnists.
  • Project Server 2007 Test Data Population Tool
    The EPM (Project Server) 2007 Test Data Population Tool enables you to load large amounts of EPM data: resources, projects, tasks, assignments into a Project Server 2007 database. You can then use this data to test loads and help your organization plan for your Project Server 2
  • Project Server Workspace Sync
    This tool works with Project Server. It is a very simple tool that iterates over the list of Project Workspaces and triggers user sync for the members in the WSS site and triggers the sync for issue, risks and deliverables with the reporting database.
  • QueryFramework - Build and execute sql queries in an object oriented way
    A simple framework for building sql statements in an object oriented way, executing sql statements with database independency and providing simple object persistence.
  • Quick Data Framework
    QDF helps teams stand up n-tier applications quicker by providing CRUD functionality against a variety of databases "out of the box." A stand-alone code generation tool reflects against your database and generates Common and DAO classes for integration into your applications.
  • RikMigrations
    RikMigrations is a database migration library for .NET based on the migrations facility provided by Ruby on Rails. It allows simple upgrading and downgrading of databases using .NET code (such as VB or C#) either from the command line or built into your application. Unlike man...
  • RNA Comparative Analysis Software Tools
    A software infrastructure for the Comparative Analysis of RNA. The infrastructure consists of a novel database, RNA Comparative Analysis Database (rCAD) and an application for visualization/manipulation of data from rCAD, Comparative Analysis Toolkit User Interface (CATUI).
  • SauceDB
    Database access that just works
  • ScriptifyDB
    ScriptifyDB is a Windows Forms utility designed for developers and dbadmins to generate database creation scripts for a growing number of databases. It's developed in .NET 4.0.
  • Search IMDB in C#
    In lack of an IMDB API most of us resort to screen scraping utilities to query the Internet Movie Database. This one is written in C# (.NET 2.0 stack). Simple, no-nonsense example.
  • SerialPortLogger
    SerialPortLogger is a simple monitoring application which montors the serial port and outputs to a database.
  • Smart Code, Welcome to the Power of High-Speed Programming
    .:: Welcome to the Power of High-Speed Programming ::. SmartCode is a template-driven code generator that lets software developers automatically produce programs and components that interact with database systems. SmartCode's templates are programs that access the Sma...
  • SMO Lite
    SMO Lite is a .NET 4.0 API to create, update and view database objects. The classes and methods are identical to SMO, however, only the most commonly used classes and methods are implemented. The reduced functionality and design in favor of batch operations results in far bett...
  • SQL CE Database Editor
    Small lightweight application to browse and edit Microsoft SQL CE server databases. Does not require SQL CE server to be installed and can run custom queries.
  • SQL Dependency Refresher
    SQL Dependency Refresher is a simple program to generate 'drop and create' statements for dependent views, procedures and functions of the selected DB tables.
  • Sql Migrations
    Sql Migrations is a database migration framework for .NET.
  • Sql Script Generator
    Sql Script Generator is a tool for generate INSERT/UPDATE statement sql script. With Sql Script Generator you can create script to copy data from one database to another. In current version there are this feature: - Generate only INSERT and UPDATE statements; - Run in transa...
  • SQL Script Runner
    SQL Script Runner is a lightweight program that can be used to quickly run multiple SQL scripts against a database. If you have all of your Stored Procedures, UDFs, Tables, Changescripts, etc. stored in individual files (e.g. for source control) you can use this to quickly ru...
  • Sql Team Server
    Sql Team Server aims to provide database compare and synchronization across project teams and members.
  • Standalone XQuery and SQL Implementation in .NET
    QueryMachine.XQuery is XQuery 1.0 implementation based on XPathNavigator API. QueryMachine is database independent SQL engine for queries to non-specific source of the data.
  • Stock Analyzer
    It is a tool to create trading bots. It's main job is to store market realtime data on a database to be able to analyze it and create automatic systems that operate directly on the stock exchange market. It is specialized in daytrading. It has different modules to do this t...
  • SublightCmd
    SublightCmd is command line tool which can be used to automatically detect movie titles and download synchronized subtitles from Sublight database.
  • T-Sql Code Documentor
    Document T-SQL Code and Extract Comments for all objects in a database.
  • Template based C# CRUD code generator, any database
    Introduction This tool is a template driven code generator, intended to be used to generate your CRUD or data access layer. It is very simple to use. SQLCODEGEN is also extensible through the plug-in interfaces. Sample templates and sample extension projects included.
  • TFDP - T4 For Database Projects
    TFDP brings T4 template transformation to database projects in Visual Studio 2010. It supports regular T4 template transformation (e.g. "on save" transformation) as well as model driven transformation.
  • The Movie DB API
    A .Net library for The Movie DB API.
  • Time zone
    A c# library for manage time changes for any time zone in the world. Based on olson database.
  • TournamentApi
    A .NET API, written in C#, for the generation and visualization of tournaments. Also provides an easy-to-serialize "pairing" data structure for saving tournaments to a database or XML.
  • TVDBMetaData
    Construct TV Series and Episode XML metadata from TheTvDB database.
  • Virtual Database
    The project allows generating many editable views based on 4 physical tables only.
  • Visio Forward Engineer Addin
    Somehow Microsoft decided not to include this feature in 2010 version of Visio. Visio Forward Engineer Addin for Visio 2010, adds the ability to generate the database scripts directly from the database model defined in Visio 2010. It is developed in C#.
  • VssMigrate
    A tool, written in C#, for importing a Visual SourceSafe database into Subversion (SVN) while maintaining the complete file history.
  • WatTMDb Library
    .NET Library for use with the new Version 3 API available from The Movie Db.
  • WinRT File Based Database
    This database is based on a file system in Windows 8 and is using WinRT (Windows Runtime) in Windows 8 environment and thus can be used for Metro style applications. It includes simple, yet effective API that allows you to create tables based on classes.
  • Xml to database converter
    XML2DB is a simple tool which could used to convert XML Schema to RDBMS table structure and import corresponding xml file into database
  • XSS Attack
    This tool will simulate an attack on your database and update up to 5000 rows in every table and replace your strings in your database with random XSS attacks. Just imagine a malicious user had direct access to your database and tried to to his best to XSS attack your site.
  • ZoneInfo (tz database / Olson database) .NET API
    A simple .NET API for the zoneinfo database (also known as the tz database or the Olson database).

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