Maven Repository - Database

Maven Repository for Database.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
avro-mapredAn org.apache.hadoop.mapred compatible API for using Avro Serializatin in Hadoop231
commons-dbcpCommons Database Connection Pooling5376
dbcpTomcat Database Connection Pooling package343
dbunitDbUnit is a JUnit extension (also usable from Ant) targeted for database-driven projects that, among other things, puts your database into a known state between test runs. This is an excellent way to avoid the myriad of problems that can occur when one test case corrupts the database and causes sub...567
derbytoolsContains Apache Derby tools like ij, sysinfo, and dblook.3182
ehcacheEhcache is an open source, standards-based cache used to boost performance, offload the database and simplify scalability. Ehcache is robust, proven and full-featured and this has made it the most widely-used Java-based cache.2130
embedded-redisRedis embedded server for Java integration testing116
h2H2 Database Engine25507
hadoop-annotationsApache Hadoop Annotations326
hadoop-authApache Hadoop Auth - Java HTTP SPNEGO220
hadoop-clientApache Hadoop Client468
hadoop-commonApache Hadoop Common675
hadoop-distcpApache Hadoop Distributed Copy116
hadoop-hdfsApache Hadoop HDFS235
hadoop-miniclusterApache Hadoop Mini-Cluster123
hadoop-streamingApache Hadoop MapReduce Streaming218
hive-commonHive is a data warehouse infrastructure built on top of Hadoop see http:/ / hadoop/ Hive322
hive-shimsHive is a data warehouse infrastructure built on top of Hadoop see http:/ / hadoop/ Hive328
hsqldbLightweight 100% Java SQL Database Engine9695
jackcessA pure Java library for reading from and writing to MS Access databases.111
jdbijDBI is designed to provide convenient tabular data access in Java(tm). It uses the Java collections framework for query results, provides a convenient means of externalizing sql statements, and provides named parameter support for any database being used.474
jeBerkeley DB Java Edition is a high performance, transactional storage engine written entirely in Java.149
jedisJedis is a blazingly small and sane Redis java client.331
jena-sdbSDB is a persistence layer for use with Apache Jena that uses an SQL database to store triples/ quads.114
kite-data-coreThe Kite Data Core module provides simple, intuitive APIs for working with datasets in the Hadoop Platform.15
kryoKryo is a fast and efficient object graph serialization framework for Java. The goals of the project are speed, efficiency, and an easy to use API. The project is useful any time objects need to be persisted, whether to a file, database, or over the network.110
liquibase-slf4jLiquibase SLF4J Logger114
mapdbMapDB provides concurrent Maps, Sets and Queues backed by disk storage or off-heap memory. It is a fast, scalable and easy to use embedded Java database.143
mrunitMRUnit is a Java library that helps developers unit test Apache Hadoop map reduce jobs.124
org everit osgi querydsl templatesComponent that can configure and publish SQLTemplate services.15
org everit osgi resource ri schema qdslThe database schema of the Resource RI component based on QueryDSL.15
samza-apiA distributed stream processing framework built upon Apache Kafka and Apache Hadoop YARN.15
sqlite4javaMinimalistic high-performance Java wrapper for SQLite18
squirrel-sqlThis is the jar that contains the main application classes which are very specific to SQuirreLSQL.216