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ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
AnalyzerBeans-coreCore module of AnalyzerBeans, provides a bare-bones engine for composing and executing AnalyzerBeans jobs675
JGoogleAnalyticsTrackerA java library for sending google analytics tracking information.117
a-basea-base is a library of basic (hence the name) classes, most notably immutable collection classes with copy-on-write operations117
activationJava Activation Framework with patch2561
aether-utilA collection of utility classes to ease usage of the repository system.498
amebaA useful Java framework!16
analysis-coreThis plug-in provides utilities for the static code analysis plug-ins.545
appcontextA small utility useful in various use cases, like "booting" an application. All it does is simply creates a plain Map, with it's values sourced from different places and applies different strategies (override order).123
arpack_combined_allJava APIs for the BLAS, LAPACK, and ARPACK Fortran libraries as translated through F2J.110
ashwoodAshwood Graph Library17
baseMy base library, a mixed bag of re-usable utility code.110
blueprints-coreCore interfaces and utilities for Blueprints252
bndA utility and plugin to wrap, build, or print bundles120
bndlibA library for manipulating and generating bundles120
bonecpLightweight connection pool.260
boost-filesystemThe Boost Filesystem Library provides portable facilities to query and manipulate paths, files, and directories.112
boost-systemOperating system support, including the diagnostics support that will be part of the C++0x standard library.112
caliperCaliper: Microbenchmarking Framework for Java215
chromattic docs reference examplesChromattic Framework Reference Examples945
chunk-templatesChunk Template Engine for Java116
classmateLibrary for introspecting types with full generic information including resolving of field and method types.253
cloudbees-api-coreThe CloudBees API Client Core classes15
codemodelThe core functionality of the CodeModel java source code generation library5131
compassCompass Search Engine Framework18
configuratorConfigurator Bean library.15
coreSerenity core libraries15257
core-featureCore notion of features, usually denoted as arrays of data. Definitions of features for all primitive types, features with location and lists of features (both in memory and on disk).211
curator-clientLow-level API136
dasein-utilUtilities for writing Java applications223
diffutilsThe DiffUtils library for computing diffs, applying patches, generationg side-by-side view in Java16
disruptorDisruptor - Concurrent Programming Framework356
docker-clientA docker client345
elk-reasonerELK consequence-based reasoning engine210
enroscar-sdk-depA set of useful tools implemented in backward compatible style15
enumeratorA mathematical enumeration library for Java112
expectjExpectJ is a Java re-implementation of the venerable TCL Expect utility. It can be used to script interaction with either a process (through stdin / stdout) or a telnet session.181
ezmorphSimple java library for transforming an Object to another Object.218
fcrepo-clientThe Fedora Client is a Java Library that allows API access to a Fedora Repository. The client is typically one part of a full Fedora installation.115
fest-utilUtility methods used by FEST modules338
fractal-utilFractal Utility classes which depends on the Fractal Java APIs.19
fsta fast java serialization drop in-replacement + some serialization based utils (Structs, OffHeap Memory)229
geoBoofCV is an open source Java library for real-time computer vision and robotics applications.16
gitective-coregitective core library132
gnu-hylafax-utilsThe utilities module contains some utility classes that show some of the uses of the API. They give some examples about how to use the API.19
google-collectionsGoogle Collections Library is a suite of new collections and collection-related goodness for Java 5.04101
gsbaseA collection of java utility classes130
gstreamer-javaJava binding for the Gstreamer framework18
hawtio-plugin-mbeanhawtio :: Plugin MBean16
imgscalr-libimgscalr is an simple and efficient best-practices image-scaling and manipulation library implemented in pure Java.117
io7m-jauxAuxiliary library18
jadeMiscJava Agent Development Framework Misc tools111
jadeToolsJava Agent Development Framework additional tools111
java-clientJava client for Appium Mobile Webdriver116
javadbfJava library for reading and writing Xbase (dBase/ DBF) files.124 tasks : automation library/ tools117
javawriterA utility class which aids in generating Java source files.110
jfw-util-coreSINAVI J-Framework Utility16
jnr-ffiA library for invoking native functions from java124
jodd-beanJodd BeanUtil is fast and powerful bean manipulation library.116
jpoxJava Persistent Objects (JPOX) is an OpenSource library for the persistence of Java objects.136
jtransformsJTransforms is the first, open source, multithreaded FFT library written in pure Java. Benchmark results show better performance than FFTW.211
jtypeLibrary for working with the Java 5 type system140
jxls-corejXLS is a small and easy-to-use Java library for generating Excel files using XLS templates227
kerner-utilsCommonly used utility classes.125
kerner-utils-ioCommonly used utility classes (I/ O related).326
lambdajThe pseudo-functional collection manipulation library243
leveldbjni-linux32The leveldbjni linux 32 native libraries16
leveldbjni-linux64The leveldbjni linux 64 native libraries111
leveldbjni-osxThe leveldbjni OS X universal native libraries111
librato-javaA set of libraries to facilitate posting data to the Librato Metrics Api120
lwjglLighweight Java Game Library222
lwjgl_utilLighweight Java Game Library19
macifyProvides simplified OS X integration for Mac OS X applications.15
mahout-coreScalable machine learning libraries437
mapfish-geo-libJava library for generating GeoJSON structures19
metadata-extractorJava library for reading metadata from image files.224
monitorablefuturesFutures as in java.util.concurrent, but with the ability to report progress.113
nebula bintray pluginAdditional Bintray tasks129
netcdfThe NetCDF-Java Library is a Java interface to NetCDF files, as well as to many other types of scientific data formats.116
nutzNutz, which is a collections of lightweight frameworks, each of them can be used independently222
openwebbeans clusteringClustering plugin15
overthereRemote file manipulation and process execution framework for Java16
parseqParSeq is a framework that makes it easier to write and maintain fast, scalable applications in Java396
pcollectionsA Persistent Java Collections Library125
pluto-taglibPluto's Java Portlet Specification Tag Library implementation172
redlineRedline is a pure Java library for manipulating RPM Package Manager packages.15
reverbEffective Utilities116
ridlThe type library and the precompiled Java interfaces of the UDK API.125
rl_2.10An RFC-3986 compliant URI library.114
sonar squid java pluginSquid analyzer for Java.114
spark-coreA Sinatra inspired java web framework119
specsspecs is a Behaviour-Driven-Design framework342
specs_2.8.0specs is a Behaviour-Driven-Design framework112
specs_2.8.1specs is a Behaviour-Driven-Design framework371
specs_2.9.0specs is a Behaviour-Driven-Design framework118
specs_2.9.0-1specs is a Behaviour-Driven-Design framework136
specs_2.9.1specs is a Behaviour-Driven-Design framework195
supplier-coreThe Supplier Plugin provides a simple way for plugins to provide data access points to their own APIs that can be used across multiple other plugin, such as the Reporting Plugin, Linking and Scaffolding, for example.215
task-deploymentThis module provides facilities for deployment tasks.17
task-frameworkTask Framework used by FractalADL17
tasksThis plug-in scans the workspace files for open tasks and generates a trend report.110
token-macroThis plugin adds reusable macro expansion capability for other plugins to use.114
toolbox-utilsASV Toolbox is a modular collection of tools for the exploration of written language data. They work either on word lists or text and solve several linguistic classification and clustering tasks. The topics covered contain language detection, POS-tagging, base form reduction, named entity recogniti...15
trilead-ssh2Java SSH2 Library284
trove4jThe Trove library provides high speed regular and primitive collections for Java.222
unoilThe precompiled Java interfaces of the OOo API.123
ustack core data javaData Mapping Utility117
utilA bunch of useful classes.255
util-ee-deploy-implImplementation of deployment of EE archives.317
util-substitutionUtility classes for properties substitution.115
utilsOpen source (GPL) Java utilities maintained by Stephen Ostermiller with help from many contributors.249
vraptorJava web MVC framework for fast and maintainable development223
xarlibJava library to handle XAR archives124
xerial-coreCore library of the Xerial project.115
xlightwebxLightweb is a lightweight, high performance, scalable web network library277
xmlencxmlenc Library128