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Maven Repository for JUnit.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
JUnitParamsBetter parameterised tests for JUnit126
ant-junitcontains the junit and junirreport tasks5201
arquillian junit containerJUnit Container Implementation for the Arquillian Project6110
arquillian junit coreJUnit Implementation for the Arquillian Project353
byteman-bmunitThe Byteman bmunit jar provides integration of Byteman into TestNG and JUnit tests.139
camel-testCamel Testing Library using JUnit242
cdi-unitJUnit runner for testing CDI based projects.112
contiperfContiPerf is an open source testing utility that enables the user to easily convert JUnit 4 test cases into performance tests.19
equalsverifierEqualsVerifier can be used in JUnit 4 unit tests to verify whether the contract for the equals and hashCode methods is met.253
geb-coreGeb (pronounced with a soft ?G?? like ?Jeb??) is a browser automation solution for the Groovy programming language. It combines the browser driving features of WebDriver (and therefore can work with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and HTMLUnit) with a jQuery inspired content navigation/ inspectio...17
hamcrest-integrationProvides integration between Hamcrest and other testing tools, including JUnit (3 and 4), TestNG, jMock and EasyMock.245
htmlunitA headless browser intended for use in testing web-based applications.11167
jmockitJMockit is a Java toolkit for developer (unit/ integration) testing. It contains mocking APIs and other tools, supporting both JUnit and TestNG. The mocking APIs allow all kinds of Java code, without testability restrictions, to be tested in isolation from selected dependencies.124
jsunit-testRunnerJsUnit is a Unit Testing framework for client-side (in-browser) JavaScript. It is essentially a port of JUnit to JavaScript. Also included is a platform for automating the execution of tests on multiple browsers and mutiple machines running different OSs. Its development began in January 2001.18
junitJUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java.2010407
junit-benchmarksA framework for writing performance micro-benchmarks using JUnit4 annotations.19
junit-dataproviderA TestNG like dataprovider runner for JUnit118
junit-depJUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java. The junit-dep artifact is the same as the junit artifact, expect that all dependencies are explicity declared and unbundled.7383
junit-interfaceAn implementation of sbt's test interface for JUnit 48303
jwebunit htmlunit pluginHtmlUnit plugin for JWebUnit.371
org everit osgi dev testrunner junit4Extension of everit-osgi-testrunner that allows to run Junit4 based tests. The tests have to be registered with the osgi.testEngine=junit4 service property.112
powermock module junit4PowerMock support module for JUnit 4.x.891
powermock module junit4 commonPowerMock support module for all versions of JUnit 4.x.230
rmockrMock 2.0.0 is a Java mock object framework based on jUnit. rMock has support for a record-modify-playback-verify workflow when writing jUnit tests, integrates better with IDE refactoring support and allows designing interfaces in a true test first fashion. rMock has the flexibili...122
spock-coreSpock is a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its beautiful and highly expressive specification language. Thanks to its JUnit runner, Spock is compatible with most IDEs, build tools, and continuous integration servers. Spo...3277
test-interfaceUniform test interface to Scala/ Java test frameworks (specs, ScalaCheck, ScalaTest, JUnit and other)1264
test-resourcesResources for running OpenIMAJ JUnit tests.17
testngTestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit but introducing some new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use.4980