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Maven Repository for File.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
base64A Java class providing very fast Base64 encoding and decoding in the form of convenience methods and input/ output streams.111
commons-ioCommons-IO contains utility classes, stream implementations, file filters, file comparators and endian classes.122029
esperEvent stream and complex event processing component115
javassistJavassist (JAVA programming ASSISTant) makes Java bytecode manipulation simple. It is a class library for editing bytecodes in Java.16636
moaMassive On-line Analysis is an environment for massive data mining. MOA provides a framework for data stream mining and includes tools for evaluation and a collection of machine learning algorithms. Related to the WEKA project, also written in Java, while scaling to more demanding problems.15
netty2An event-driven NIO framework112
opencsvA simple library for reading and writing CSV in Java1133
quantileImplementation of Cormode, Korn, Muthukrishnan, and Srivastava "Effective Computation of Biased Quantiles over Data Streams" in ICDE 200518
resource-utilsConvenience for dealing with Java resources as properties, files, text and input streams.19
super-csvSuper CSV is a fast, programmer-friendly, free CSV package for Java112
xnio-nioThe NIO implementation of the XNIO project335