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Maven Repository for Development.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
HdrHistogramHdrHistogram supports the recording and analyzing sampled data value counts across a configurable integer value range with configurable value precision within the range. Value precision is expressed as the number of significant digits in the value recording, and provides con...112
JavaEWAHThe bit array data structure is implemented in Java as the BitSet class. Unfortunately, this fails to scale without compression. JavaEWAH is a word-aligned compressed variant of the Java bitset class. It uses a 64-bit run-length encoding (RLE) compression scheme. The goal of word-aligned compress...221
SassyReaderA file reader of the sas7bdat file format, aka. SAS tables. Includes adaption for the MetaModel framework to allow more elaborate querying and exploration abilities.110
aether connector asynchttpclientA repository connector implementation based on AsyncHttpClient.132
aether connector basicA repository connector implementation for repositories using URI-based layouts.130
aether connector fileA repository connector implementation for repositories using file:/ / URLs.1101
androidannotationsThe Annotation Processor jar that generates code15
annotation-indexerCreates index of annotations.278
annotationsA set of annotations used for code inspection support and code documentation.4298
annotations-apiAnnotations Package129
apache-mailetThe Apache Mailet API is a flexible specification for mail processing agents.211
apache-ratThis library provides upwards compatibility for projects, which are based on RAT versions upto 0.5: Basically, it provides a jar file, which is the combination of rat-core, rat-anttasks, and its dependencies.16
api-commonCommon functions for the APIs used by YAMJ16
appEquinox Application Container16
barcode4jBarcode4J is a flexible generator for barcodes written in Java.110
bshBeanShell is a small, free, embeddable Java source interpreter with object scripting language features, written in Java. BeanShell dynamically executes standard Java syntax and extends it with common scripting conveniences such as loose types, commands, and method closures like thos...18
camel-smppCamel SMPP support113
cargo core api genericCore API to generically access the typed container API165
cas-server-coreCAS core116
commonThe common framework for client libraries for accessing various Google ads APIs. Users are not expected to list this as a dependency on its own. Instead, there are product specific libraries such as "dfa-lib" and "adwords-lib" that already have this listed as a dependency.2158
common-imageThe TwelveMonkeys Common Image support17
common-ioThe TwelveMonkeys Common IO support17
common-jsresourceCommon JS Resource111
common-langThe TwelveMonkeys Common Language support17
common-scannerProvides scanner functionality for various113
configuration-apiThis project is the api library for configuration in the cisco vss foundation runtime18
core-citationTools for annotating code with publication references and automatically generating bibliographies for your code.19
core-imageCore definitions of images, pixels and connected components. Also contains interfaces for processors for these basic types. Includes loading, saving and displaying images.217
datanucleus-coreDataNucleus Core provides the primary components of a heterogenous Java persistence solution. It supports persistence API's being layered on top of the core functionality.291
datanucleus-rdbmsPlugin for DataNucleus providing persistence to RDBMS datastores.5156
diamond-clienta config client of diamond216
direct-commonDirect Project common APIs. Includes instrumentation, auditing, and other utility APIs126
dream-annotationDream Annotation is an extension of Fraclet Annotation 2.0 to generate code related to activities managed in Dream Components. It adds the following annotations : @DreamComponent, @DreamMonolog and @DreamLifeCycle. This version adds inheritance for the @DreamMonolog annotation.18
easyconfEasyConf is a library to access configuration of software components and applications. It defines simple conventions to make it easier to use. It was born in a portlets-based portal and has several features useful for this and similar environments.112
enforcer-rulesThis component contains the standard Enforcer Rules169
enroscar-beansSimple beans declaration and replacement library used for managing Enroscar components.17
enunciate core annotationsEnunciate core annotations.111
fest-reflectFluent Interface that simplifies usage of Java Reflection229
flexy-common-adapterThe flexible pool common adapter318
fluent-reflectionA library providing a neat interface to the Java language reflection facilities.326
fopApache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is the world's first print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and the world's first output independent formatter. It is a Java application that reads a formatting object (FO) tree and renders the resulting pages to a specified output. Outpu...121
fractal-gcm-apiGrid Component Model Standardization120
fractal-spoonletThis plugin provides annotations support to fractal components. Thes annotations allow the developer to generate automatically the content class callbacks and the FractalADL descriptors of fractal components.115
genericThis the generic part of the Minus component library.18
gentyrefGeneric type reflection library18
georegressionGeoRegression is a free Java based geometry library for scientific computing in fields such as robotics and computer vision with a focus on 2D/ 3D space.110
gluegen-rtJNI binding generator (runtime)111
gnu-hylafax-coreThe core module contains everything necessary to interface with HylaFAX server.110
guavaGuava is a suite of core and expanded libraries that include utility classes, google's collections, io classes, and much much more. This project is a complete packaging of all the Guava libraries into a single jar. Individual portions of Guava can be used by downloading the ap...112041
hydra-apiHydra API216
io7m-jspatial-coreCommon API code111
isoparserA generic parser and writer for all ISO 14496 based files (MP4, Quicktime, DCF, PDCF, ...)19
jadex-bridgeJadex bridge is a base package for kernels and platforms, i.e. it is used by both and provides commonly used interfaces and classes for active components and their management.539
jadex-kernel-baseThe Jadex base kernel provides basic support for all kinds of active components.113
jadex-kernel-bpmnThe Jadex BPMN kernel provides a workflow kernel for the standardized business process modeling notation. The kernel relies on annotated BPMN diagrams, which include detailed execution information.214
jadex kernel componentThe Jadex component kernel provides basic support for active components. A component may be composed of subcomponents.117
jamonThe Java Application Monitor (JAMon) is a free, simple, high performance, thread safe, Java API that allows developers to easily monitor production applications.116
jansijansi is a java library for generating and interpreting ANSI escape sequences.9189
jarjarJar Jar Links is a utility that makes it easy to repackage Java libraries and embed them into your own distribution.218
javaccJavaCC is a parser/ scanner generator for Java.225
javaparserA Java 1.5 Parser with AST generation and visitor support. The AST records the source code structure, javadoc and comments. It is also possible to change the AST nodes or create new ones to modify the source code.127
jchronicNatural language date parsing in Java, ported directly from Ruby's chronic17
jclouds-computejclouds components to access compute providers469
jcrContent Repository for Java technology API. Specifies a standard API to access content repositories in JavaTM 2 independently of implementation.154
jedit-syntaxSyntax Highlighting JavaBean18
jgroups-allA Toolkit for Reliable Multicast Communication.130
jloremlorem ipsum generator17
jmh generator annprocessJMH benchmark generator, based on annotation processors.469
jnr-posixCommon cross-project/ cross-platform POSIX APIs110
jsapthe Java-based Simple Argument Parser137
jsr305support for jsr305 annotation project1503
jung2JUNG the Java Universal Network/ Graph Framework--is a software library that provides a common and extendible language for the modeling, analysis, and visualization of data that can be represented as a graph or network. It is written in Java, which allows JUNG-based applications to make use ...112
kxml2kXML2 is a small XmlPull parser aimed at J2ME/ MIDP devices, e.g. mobile phones.187
leveldbjni-allAn uber jar which contains all the leveldbjni platform libraries and dependencies15
lift-common_2.10Common Libraties and Utilities117
lift-common_2.9.2Common Libraties and Utilities127
memory-monitorCode for monitoring memory/ swap usage3127
metrics-annotationA dependency-less package of just the annotations used by other Metrics modules.344
metrics-coreMetrics is a Java library which gives you unparalleled insight into what your code does in production. Metrics provides a powerful toolkit of ways to measure the behavior of critical components in your production environment.4208
metrics-graphiteA reporter for Metrics which announces measurements to a Graphite server.110
mirageThis library provides methods around Java Reflection114
mod-web-serverSimple Web Server Module for Vert.x15
monitoring-apiThis project is the foundation runtime monitoring api project.16
mule-coreMule server and core classes32741
mule-module-buildersStandard configuration builders for Mule18120
mule-module-clientMuleClient is a simple interface for Mule clients to send and receive events from local or remote Mule Servers.28473
nebula-coreCommon classes that plugins might need139
neethiApache Neethi Project162
ness-configNess Configuration component.215
net sourceforge reb4jThe purpose of reb4j is to provide a pure Java wrapper around the regular expression syntax provided by the JRE's java.util.regex.Pattern class in order to facilitate programmatic construction of regular expressions while taking advantage of compile-time syntax checking. This sub-project ...17
newrelic-apiThe New Relic Java Agent Api.230
objenesisA library for instantiating Java objects5190
openstack-keystonejclouds components to access an implementation of OpenStack Keystone220
openutils-mgnlutilsA collection of Magnolia utilities and extensions112
openwebbeans-implApache OpenWebBeans Implementation core module17
openwebbeans resourceApache OpenWebBeans EE Resource Integration17
ops4j-base-ioOPS4J Base - Utilities/ Extensions related to
ops4j-base-langOPS4J Base - Utilities/ Extensions related to java.lang.334
ops4j-base-monitorsOPS4J Base - Utilities/ Extensions related to monitoring.222
ops4j-base-netOPS4J Base - Utilities/ Extensions related to
ops4j base util propertyOPS4J Base - Utilities/ Extensions related to sytem/ configuration properties.112
org apache aries blueprintThis bundle contains the standalone implementation along with the API. It's composed of the blueprint-api, blueprint-core and blueprint-cm modules.116
org apache karaf features coreThis bundle is the core implementation of the Karaf features support.211
org apache sling adapterBundle implementing the AdapterManager and provides a convenience implementation of the Adaptable interface to make use of this AdapterManager.217
org apache sling jcr resourceThis bundle provides the JCR based ResourceResolver.218
org apache sling scripting apiThis bundle provides the internal API to implement scripting. As such it bundles the Java Scripting API provided by Apache BSF.220
osmosis-coreOsmosis is a Java application and library for processing OSM data.215
osmosis-testutilOsmosis is a Java application and library for processing OSM data.211
pax swissbox tinybundlesTiny Bundles is a library to create adhoc bundles using Java API.165
paypal-corePayPal Java SDK Core library base and common to PayPal SDKs. The paypal-core library is a dependency for all PayPal related Java SDKs428
petals-cdkThe PEtALS component framework. This framework is used to easily create JBI 1.0 compliant components.16
petals-cdk-coreThe PEtALS component framework. This framework is used to easily create JBI components.777
plantumlPlantUML is a component that allows to quickly write : * sequence diagram, * use case diagram, * class diagram, * activity diagram, * component diagram, * state diagram * object diagram2139
platformArtifact with dependencies to the clerezza platform components providing documentation and boot-status monitoring.19
plexus-classworldsA class loader framework385
plexus-cliEasily create CLIs with Plexus components122
plexus component annotationsPlexus Component "Java 5" Annotations, to describe plexus components properties in java sources with standard annotations instead of javadoc annotations.253
plexus-resourcesA component to transparently retrieve resources from the filesystem, classpath or internet.1126
plugin-supportProvides common support classes and components for plugins.213
pluto-containerThe pluto portlet container.134
pluto-taglibApache Pluto's Java Portlet Specification Tag Library implementation272
pmd<p>PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems like:</ p> <ul> <li>Possible bugs - empty try/ catch/ finally/ switch statements</ li> <li>Dead code - unused local variables, parameters and private methods</ li> <li>Suboptimal code - wasteful String/ StringBuffer usage</ li> <li>Over...350
posixThis the posix part of the Minus component library.15
power_modelPower model provides the ability to reflect and navigate on Java data models. It also provides some useful data types that can be used in data modelling.15
promisesProvides the annotations necessary to express models of programmer design intent in Java code. Promises are supra-linguistic formal annotations to programs. Each promise has a precise meaning and constrains the implementation and evolution of the code it targets. Promises are also (...15
rackspace-clouddnsjclouds components for Rackspace Cloud DNS16
rackspace cloudidentityjclouds components to access an implementation of Rackspace Cloud Identity17
reflectionsReflections - a Java runtime metadata analysis5140
rexster-coreCore components for extending Rexster.118
rhq pluginAnnotationsAnnotations to help generate plugin descriptors16
rocotoAdd some spice to Google Guice through configuration files!213
rsyntaxtextareaRSyntaxTextArea is the syntax highlighting text editor used in RText, pulled out into its own jar so it is easily usable in any application. Features include Syntax highlighting for 20+ languages, Code completion, Regex find and replace, Macros, Code templates, Unlimited undo/ redo Line numb...233
sanselanApache Sanselan is a pure-Java image library.119
sca4j-apiSCA4J APIs for end user applications.860
sca4j-pojoSCA4J Support Module for Implementations based on POJOs.330
sca4j-scdlSCA4J model of standard SCDL concepts.125
seeds-baseAtomic jars for Google Guava libraries15
shindig-commonCommon java code for Shindig114
shrinkwrap-apiClient View of the ShrinkWrap Project8149
shrinkwrap descriptors apiClient View of the ShrinkWrap Descriptors Project223
shrinkwrap descriptors api baseBase for Client View of the ShrinkWrap Descriptors Project124
shrinkwrap descriptors implImplementation of the ShrinkWrap Descriptors Project223
shrinkwrap descriptors impl baseImplementation of the ShrinkWrap Descriptors Project128
shrinkwrap-impl-baseCommon Base for Implementations of the ShrinkWrap Project585
smack-coreSmack core components.17
snappy-javasnappy-java: A fast compression/ decompression library6244
spock-extensionsSpock Extensions19
spoon-coreSpoon is a Java program processor that fully supports Java 5. It provides a complete and fine-grained Java metamodel where any program element (classes, methods, fields, statements, expressions...) can be accessed both for reading and modification.115
st200This the st200 part of the Minus component library.16
stripesStripes web framework jar, including tag library.318
subethasmtpSubEtha SMTP is an easy-to-use server-side SMTP library for Java.124
support-confluenceThis is a support library for Confluence plugins, providing some commonly-used classes and libraries.19
sux4jSux4j is an implementation of succinct data structure in Java. It provides a number of related implementations covering ranking/ selection over bit arrays, compressed lists and minimal perfect hashing.114
thrift-serverThrift Server implementation backed by LMAX Disruptor. Shows better throughput/ latency characteristics than build-in THsHa and TThreadedSelector servers.114
thundrthundr is a light-weight java web framework designed for use in cloud deployed web applications.122
tiles-apiTiles APIs, containing interfaces and classes to interact with Tiles.6110
tiles-coreTiles Core Library, including basic implementation of the APIs.6114
tiles-elTiles EL (Expression Language) support: Classes and tag libraries to use EL as an expression language in attribute expressions.342
tiles-extrasExtras for Tiles, including non-standard, non-generic, non-identifiable components that may be useful for Tiles users.450
tiles-request-apiAPI for the Tiles Request framework.117
tiles-templateCommon code for integration of Tiles for different templating technologies.215
tinylafTinyLaF is a (mostly painted) Look and Feel for Java 1.4 and higher. TinyLaF can look somewhat like Windows XP but runs on all platforms supporting Java. With the assistance of the control panel you can define the component's colors, fonts and (partially) behaviour and thus create your ow...112
tm-extractorsJava API to extract Microsoft Word documents113
uimaj-cpeThe implementation of a simple scaleout capability, called the Collection Processing Engine. New implementations may find UIMA-AS a better scaleout mechanism.16
uimaj document annotationA common, but not built-in, type in the type system, specifying the language of a document19
uimaj-toolsTooling supporting UIMA use18
vt-cryptLibrary for performing common cryptographic operations113
weld-apiWeld specifc extensions to the CDI API223
weld-coreWeld's implementation of CDI485
weld-seWeld support for Java SE155
weld-se-coreWeld support for Java SE386
wicket-extensionsWicket Extensions is a rich component library for the Wicket framework.251
xchange-coreCore functionality used by all other modules.885
xmlbeansXmlBeans main jar284
xnio-apiThe API JAR of the XNIO project225
yak-dev-commonCrazy Yak15150