Maven Repository - JEE Container

Maven Repository for JEE Container.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
avalon-framework-apiAvalon Framework API121
avalon framework implAvalon Framework Implementation112
cargo core container tomcatCore API implementation for Tomcat containers130
connector-deployerDeployer for J2CA connectors989
fulcrum-yaafiA light-weight Avalon container112
geronimo activation 1 1 specJava Activation Spec API 1.11142
geronimo deploy configThe deployment module contains basic infrastructure and base classes for module builders / deployers. This module contains infrastructure and base classes for JSR-88 DConfigBeans.857
geronimo-el_2.2_specExpression Languague API 2.2112
geronimo gbean deployerThe GBean Deployer10184
geronimo j2ee connector 1 6 specJava 2 Connector Architecture API18
geronimo jaspic 1 0 specJava Authentication Service Provider Interface for Containers (JSR-196) api219
geronimo javamail 1 4 specJavamail 1.4 Specification3104
geronimo-kernelGeronimo Kernel1220
geronimo-managementContains interfaces that define the management API for Geronimo.13139
geronimo validation 1 0 specApache Geronimo implementation of the JSR-303 Bean Validation Spec API119
j2ee-deployerBasic JavaEE deployer functionality including the ear deployer.674
j2ee-serverBasic geronimo JavaEE support components including the transaction manager and connector framework.784
j2ee-systemBase geronimo server that sets up the kernel.249
javax transaction apiProject GlassFish Java Transaction API131
jee-specsThe JavaEE spec jars in a single classloader.1094
jsr250-apiJSR-250 Reference Implementation by Glassfish1242
management-apiGlassFish Common APIs291
pluginPlugin management services including the installer.973
tomcat-el-apiExpression language package177
tomcat-utilCommon code shared by multiple Tomcat components182
transactionGeronimo transaction manager module.10105
wadi-clusteringGeronimo WADI integration.111