Maven Repository - OSGi

Maven Repository for OSGi.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
arquillian osgi bundleArquillian OSGi Bundle16
bndlibThe bndlib project is a general library to be used with OSGi bundles. It contains lots of cool functionality that calculates dependencies, etc.120 wrapped bundle125
de kalpatec pojosr frameworkA service registry that enables OSGi style service registry programs without using an OSGi framework.123
easybeans osgi annotationsAnnotations that can be used inside Beans18
guava-osgiRepackaging of Google Guava libraries as OSGi bundle15
httpclient-osgiHttpComponents Client (OSGi bundle)217
httpcore-osgiHttpComponents Core (OSGi bundle)114
javax.annotationCommon Annotations for the JavaTM Platform API version ${spec.version} Repackaged as OSGi bundle in GlassFish5152
jaxr-api-osgiJAX-R API OSGi Bundle125
org apache aries utilThis bundle contains the OSGi common util for Apache Aries231
org apache bval bundleApache Bean Validation - Aggregate OSGi Bundle (bval-core + bval-jsr303)15
org apache felix bundlerepositoryBundle repository service.262
org apache felix configadminImplementation of the OSGi Configuration Admin Service Specification 1.419
org apache felix eventadminThis bundle provides an implementation of the OSGi R4 EventAdmin service.117
org apache felix fileinstallA utility to automatically install bundles from a directory.118
org apache felix gogo commandProvides basic shell commands for Gogo.119
org apache felix ipojoiPOJO Core bundle132
org apache felix ipojo archArch command to collect and print information about iPOJO instances.16
org apache felix ipojo gogoProvides commands for the Gogo shell to introspect the iPOJO ecosystem.17
org apache felix metatypeImplementation of the OSGi Metatype Service Specification 1.2153
org.apache.felix.scrImplementation of the Declarative Services specification 1.2477
org apache felix scr annotationsAnnotations for generating OSGi service descriptors.591
org apache felix scr generatorProvides the implementation to generate Declarative Services and Metatype Service descriptors from Java 5 Annotations.121
org apache felix shellA simple OSGi command shell service.244
org apache felix shell remoteA simple remote textual user interface for Felix' shell service.18
org apache felix shell tuiA simple textual user interface for Felix' shell service.17
org apache servicemix bundles cglibThis OSGi bundle wraps cglib-nodep ${pkgVersion} jar file.130
org apache servicemix bundles commons digesterThis OSGi bundle wraps ${pkgArtifactId} ${pkgVersion} jar file.18
org apache servicemix bundles jdomThis OSGi bundle wraps ${pkgArtifactId} ${pkgVersion} jar file.115
org apache servicemix bundles jsendnsca coreThis OSGi bundle wraps ${pkgArtifactId} ${pkgVersion} jar file.15
org apache servicemix bundles jsr305This OSGi bundle wraps ${pkgArtifactId} ${pkgVersion} jar file.153
org apache servicemix bundles nettyThis OSGi bundle wraps ${pkgArtifactId} ${pkgVersion} jar file.117
org apache servicemix bundles snmp4jThis OSGi bundle wraps ${pkgArtifactId} ${pkgVersion} jar file.15
org apache sling commons osgiCommons OSGi445
org apache sling installer apiProvides the installer API to install OSGi bundles and configurations by supplying input streams and dictionaries.111
org apache sling installer coreProvides services to install OSGi bundles and configurations by supplying input streams and dictionaries.213
org apache sling jcr apiThis OSGi bundle provides the JCR packages as well as a helper service interface to be implemented and provided by repository providers.247
org eclipse equinox coordinatorAn implementation of the OSGi Coordinator Service specification.16
org.eclipse.osgiAn implementation of the OSGi Core specification.342
org.osgi.compendiumOSGi Service Platform Release 4 Compendium Interfaces and Classes.6397
org.osgi.coreOSGi Service Platform Release 4 Core Interfaces and Classes.7578
org.osgi.service.obrOSGi OBR Service API112
osgi.servicesA Scala DSL to easily access OSGi Services16
osgi_R4_compendiumOSGi R4 compendium122
ow2 httpservice 1 2 specHttpService 1.2 API of OSGi Compendium18
pax exam container nativeLeverages the OSGi R4.2 Launch API so it just works with newer osgi implementations.464
pax-swissbox-coreOPS4J Pax Swissbox - Utilities related to OSGi core framework. Detailed information to be found at http:/ / confluence/ x/ MgRN.233
pax swissbox tinybundlesTiny Bundles is a library to create and modify adhoc bundles and other OSGi resources using fluent Java API.365
rdf.scala.utilsOSGi bundle providing utilities for accessing SCB TripleCollections with Scala. Adding import "org.apache.clerezza.rdf.scala.utils.Preamble._" will allow to use "node/ -FOAF.knows/!" with a GraphNode node as shortcut for node.getSubject(FOAF.knows).getObject(
tinybundlesTiny Bundles is a library to create and modify adhoc bundles and other OSGi resources using fluent Java API.155
weld-osgi-bundleWeld runtime packaged as an OSGi bundle232