Maven Repository - EJB

Maven Repository for EJB.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
ejb3-persistenceJava Persistence API111
geronimo ejb 3 1 specEJB 3.1 API153
javax.ejbProject GlassFish Enterprise JavaBean API266
jboss-ejb-apiThe Java EJB 3.0 API classes19
jboss ejb api 3 1 specThe Java EJB 3.1 API classes225
jboss-ejb-clientClient library for EJB applications working against JBoss AS16
jboss-ejb3-apiJBoss EJB 3.1 API classes164
openejb-coreOpenEJB Core EJB Container1136
ow2-ejb-3.0-specEJB 3 API of Java EE 5.0255
persistence-apiThe Enterprise JavaBeans architecture is a component architecture for the development and deployment of component-based business applications. The purpose of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 is to improve the EJB architecture by reducing its complexity from the developer's point of view.1361