Maven Repository - JSP

Maven Repository for JSP.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
commons-elJSP 2.0 Expression Language Interpreter Implementation142
commons-jexlThe Commons Jexl library is an implementation of the JSTL Expression Language with extensions.8283
extremecomponentseXtremeComponents is a jsp dynamically generated table.129
geronimo jsp 2 2 specJava Server Pages 2.2 API18
jasper-elJasper Expression Language Impl232
jersey-mvc-jspJersey extension module providing support for JSP templates.17
joda-time-jsptagsContribution to Joda-Time that adds JSP tags support111
jsp-2.1JSP2.1 Jasper implementation from Glassfish2125
jsp-apiJSP package1761
jsp-api-2.1JSP2.1 API1143
jsp api 2 1 glassfishJSP2.1 API112
juelImplementation of the Java Unified Expression Language as specified by the Expression Language Specification, Version 2.1: part of the JSP 2.1 standard (JSR-245).228
org apache sling scripting jsp taglibCore Tag Library for Apache Sling JSP support18
osgi resource locatorSee http:/ / Wiki.jsp?page=JdkSpiOsgi for more information17
tiles-jspTiles JSP support: Classes and tag libraries to use Tiles in a JSP environment.7119
tomcat-embed-jasperCore Tomcat implementation660
tomcat-jsp-apiJSP package164