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Maven Repository for Log.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
ant-commons-loggingAnt Listener based on commons-logging125
avalon-logkitLog4j-like logging toolkit.17
cargo-core-api-utilCore Utility API (logging, Ant utils, File utils, etc)134
commons-loggingCommons Logging is a thin adapter allowing configurable bridging to other, well known logging systems.82149
commons-logging-apiCommons Logging is a thin adapter allowing configurable bridging to other, well known logging systems.1167
composite-loggingCollection of logging dependencies343
composite logging apiCollection of logging api dependencies110
composite logging deployThe standard logging library used for deployments for Grails (which requires log4j)115
grizzled-slf4j_2.10A Scala-friendly wrapper for the SLF4J logging framework223
grizzled slf4j 2 9 1 1A Scala-friendly wrapper for the SLF4J logging framework18
grizzled-slf4j_2.9.2A Scala-friendly wrapper for the SLF4J logging framework15
howlHOWL is a logger implementation providing features required by the JOTM project. HOWL uses unformatted binary logs to maximize performance and specifies a journalization API with methods necessary to support JOTM recovery operations.112
jboss common logging spiThe JBoss Logging Framework Programming Interface18
jboss-loggingThe JBoss Logging Framework10266
jboss-logging-log4jJBoss Logging Log4j Implementation110
jboss-logging-spiThe JBoss Logging Framework Programming Interface5113
jboss-logmanagerAn implementation of java.util.logging.LogManager382
jcl-over-slf4jJCL 1.1.1 implemented over SLF4J12388
jclouds-log4jjclouds Log4J Logging Module17
jclouds-slf4jjclouds SLF4J Logging Module464
jul-to-slf4jJUL to SLF4J bridge784
juliTomcat Core Logging Package1084
log-apiOW2 Logger Api based on Java 518
log4jApache Log4j 1.232166
log4j-apiThe Log4j API239
log4j-coreThe Log4j Implementation337
log4j-over-slf4jLog4j implemented over SLF4J10120
log4j-slf4j-implSLF4J API binding to Log4j 2 Core123
logback-accesslogback-access module449
logback-android-corelogback-android-core module15
logback-classicLogback: the reliable, generic, fast and flexible logging library for Java.151058
logback-corelogback-core module8174
logback-gelfGELF Appender for logback. Use this appender to log messages to a graylog2 server via GELF messages.217
loggingSupport classes for logging using logback and slf4j155
logging-apiThis project is the logging api library in the cisco vss foundation runtime118
logstash logback encoderLogback encoder which will output events as Logstash-compatible JSON111
maven-shared-ioAPI for I/ O support like logging, download or file scanning.18
minlogMinimal overhead Java logging16
mojo-commonsA reusable collection of utilities to have support for Logback, SISU, etc within Mojos.118
monologMonolog is API of monitoring and logging117
ness-loggingLogging component component.328
nlog4jnlog4j - NLOG4J is a production-quality log4j-replacement with native SLF4J API support. See http:/ / nlog4j/228
org apache commons loggingApache Commons Logging16
ow2 bundles externals commons loggingCommons Logging Library223
pax-logging-apiThe Pax Logging API Library is to allow for the Pax Logging Service to be reloaded without stopping the many dependent bundles. It also contains the OSGi Log Service API and the Knopflerfish Log API.1108
pax-logging-servicePax Logging Service is a Log4J driven service that supports Jakarta Commons Logging, Log4J, Avalon Logging, SLF4J and Pax Logging clients. Note that all this clients must use the Pax Logging Client library in the proper way. See documentation for details.2112
perf4jPerformance statistics logging and monitoring toolkit extension to log4j, logback and the java.util.logging framework.328
slf4j-androidSLF4J API and Google Android binding127
slf4j-apiThe slf4j API254233
slf4j-extExtensions to the SLF4J API344
slf4j-jclSLF4J JCL Binding3144
slf4j-jdk14The slf4j JDK14 binding9234
slf4j-log4j12SLF4J LOG4J-12 Binding221270
slf4j-nopSLF4J NOP Binding3126
slf4j-scala-apiThe slf4j Scala API. Taken from https:/ / ceki/ slf4j/ tree/ master/ slf4j-scala-api. Changed to slf4j 1.6.1 and scala to 2.8.1. Changed group id, added distribution management and made it s19
slf4j-simpleSLF4J Simple binding14648
tomcat embed logging juliJULI logging implementation for embedded Tomcat141
tomcat-juliTomcat Core Logging Package17119
util-logLogger that provides i18n and varargs131