Maven Repository - JEE Library

Maven Repository for JEE Library.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
commonj.sdoEclipseLink build based upon Git transaction 9c3c26416
fractal-jmxFractal JMX provides components to enable the JMX management of Fractal applications111
javax.persistenceEclipseLink build based upon Git transaction 3faac2b279
jersey apache connectorJersey Client Transport via Apache220
jersey-clientJersey core client implementation5397
jersey-commonJersey core common packages366
jersey-grizzly2Grizzly 2.0 container for Jersey475
jersey media multipartJersey Multipart entity providers support module.237
jersey-serverJersey core server implementation2346
jersey test framework provider grizzly2Jersey Test Framework - Grizzly2 container18
jmxutilsExporting JMX mbeans made easy261
jotm-coreJOTM: Java Open Transaction Manager - Core237
jtaThe javax.transaction package. It is appropriate for inclusion in a classpath, and may be added to a Java 2 installation.2213
mx4jMX4J JMX API and implementation156
nan21 dnet core businessContains base classes for the transactional service layer.326
narayana-jtaNarayana: ArjunaJTA narayana-jta (jta uber jar)111
org eclipse persistence asmEclipseLink build based upon Git transaction f2b9fc5112
org eclipse persistence coreEclipseLink build based upon Git transaction f2b9fc5220
org eclipse persistence moxyEclipseLink build based upon Git transaction f2b9fc5157
org eclipse persistence oracleEclipseLink build based upon Git transaction f2b9fc5112
tx-executorSingle and Batch Transaction Executor112