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Maven Repository for Http.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
acceptsHTTP request helpers for Accept header bodies to assist in return content-type negotiation.15
aether connector okhttpA repository connector implementation based on Square's OkHttp.121
aether transport httpA transport implementation for repositories using http:/ / and https:/ / URLs.126
async-http-clientAsync Http Client library purpose is to allow Java applications to easily execute HTTP requests and asynchronously process the HTTP responses.13420
commons-httpclientThe HttpClient component supports the client-side of RFC 1945 (HTTP/ 1.0) and RFC 2616 (HTTP/ 1.1) , several related specifications (RFC 2109 (Cookies) , RFC 2617 (HTTP Authentication) , etc.), and provides a framework by which new request types (methods) or HTTP extensions can be created easily.4570
coyoteTomcat Connectors and HTTP parser239
dispatch-core_2.11Core Dispatch module wrapping sonatype/ async-http-client2115
dispatch-core_2.8.2Core Dispatch module wrapping sonatype/ async-http-client210
dispatch core 2 9 1 1Core Dispatch module wrapping sonatype/ async-http-client212
dispatch-core_2.9.3Core Dispatch module wrapping sonatype/ async-http-client223
dispatch-http_2.10Standard HTTP executor, uses Apache DefaultHttpClient111
dispatch-http_2.11Standard HTTP executor, uses Apache DefaultHttpClient17
dispatch-http_2.9.1Standard HTTP executor, uses Apache DefaultHttpClient110
dispatch-http_2.9.2Standard HTTP executor, uses Apache DefaultHttpClient112
fluent-hcHttpComponents Client fluent API232
http-requestLibrary for making HTTP requests461
httpasyncclientHttpComponents AsyncClient5143
httpclientHttpComponents Client27871
httpcoreHttpComponents Core (blocking I/ O)16268
httpcore-nioHttpComponents Core (non-blocking I/ O)3101
httpcore-niosslHttpComponents Core (NIO SSL extensions)110
httpmimeHttpComponents HttpClient - MIME coded entities12207
httpz_2.10purely functional http client112
jackson datatype guavaAdd-on datatype-support module for Jackson (http:/ / that handles Guava (http:/ / p/ guava-libraries/ ) types (currently mostly just collection ones)471
jackson datatype jodaAdd-on module for Jackson (http:/ / to support Joda (http:/ / ) data types.9179
jackson module parameter namesAdd-on module for Jackson (http:/ / to support introspection of method/ constructor parameter names, without having to add explicit property name annotation.127
jackson-module-scalaAdd-on module for Jackson (http:/ / to support Scala (http:/ / ) data types.170
jboshXEP-0124: Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH)115
jersey container grizzly2 httpGrizzly 2 Http Container.112
jres-testAn HTTP client for ElasticSearch without any code dependency on the ElasticSearch library.16
jython-standaloneThe Jython Standalone installation is a Jython JAR also containing all Python standard libraries. The JAR can be recreated by following the 'Standalone mode' installation instructions: http:/ / jython/ InstallationInstructions.127
kuali-httpclientKuali Http Client111
mule-transport-httpA Mule transport for Http Connectivity. This transport supplies a simple Http Server implementation.19192
nanocontainerPlease refer to the <a href="http:/ / ">main website</ a> for documentation.16
ness-httpclientNess HTTP client component.319
openisoj-coreAn extensible framework for creating ISO 8583 messages. Ported from OpenIso.Net http:/ / p/ openiso8583net/112
org apache sling auth coreThe Sling Authentication Service bundle provides the basic mechanisms to authenticate HTTP requests with a JCR repository. The algorithms for extracting authentication details from the requests is extensible by implementing an AuthenticationHandler interface.15
org apache sling auth formBundle implementing form based authentication with login and logout support. Authentication state is maintained in a Cookie or in an HTTP Session. The password is only submitted when first authenticating.15
org apache stanbol commons web baseStanbol HTTP application bundle.118
org opencms ade configOpenCms-Module 'org.opencms.ade.config'. Configuration for OpenCms websites.<br> <i>(c) 2013 by Alkacon Software GmbH (http:/ /</ i> OpenCms is a Content Management System that is based on Open Source Software. Complex Intranet and Internet websites can be quickly and c...222
org opencms workplaceOpenCms-Module 'org.opencms.workplace'. <p>This module contains the OpenCms Workplace base files.</ p> <p>It includes common used dialogs and style sheets, that are needed by any workplace module.</ p> <p><i>(c) 2012 by Alkacon Software GmbH (http:/ /</ i></ p> OpenCms is a Co...17
org opencms workplace administrationOpenCms-Module 'org.opencms.workplace.administration'. <p>This module contains the base components for the administration view.</ p> <p>Its allows you to install and/ or develop administration tools for OpenCms.</ p> <p><i>(c) 2011 by Alkacon Software GmbH (http:/ /</ i></ p> O...114
pax-runner-no-jclOPS4J Pax Runner - Core engine without JCL. See details at http:/ / confluence/ x/ A4A6.266
pax swissbox extenderOPS4J Pax Swissbox - Utilities related to extender pattern. Detailed information to be found at http:/ / confluence/ x/ NQRN.128
pax swissbox lifecycleOPS4J Pax Swissbox - Utilities related to lifecycle. Detailed information to be found at http:/ / confluence/ x/ NgRN.348
sass-gemsThis is a repackaged GEM in a JAR format of the sass-lang.gem package. The sass-gems package version follows the sass-lang.gem versions located http:/ / frs/ ?group_id=9702. Simply change the version of this package to download and repackage the same GEM version.112
simpleSimple is a high performance asynchronous HTTP server for Java126
staplerStapler HTTP request handling engine692
tomcat-coyoteTomcat Connectors and HTTP parser476
wagon-ahcA wagon provider for HTTP transfers based on the async-http-client.178
ws-clientHiggs HTTP Client17