Maven Repository - Search

Maven Repository for Search.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
apache-solr-analyzerApache Solr Analyzers121
lucene-analyzersAdditional Analyzers468
lucene analyzers commonAdditional Analyzers8102
lucene-analyzers-icuProvides integration with ICU (International Components for Unicode) for stronger Unicode and internationalization support.113
lucene analyzers smartcnSmart Chinese Analyzer112
lucene analyzers stempelStempel Analyzer110
lucene-coreApache Lucene Java Core21261
lucene-highlighterThis is the highlighter for apache lucene java288
lucene-memoryHigh-performance single-document index to compare against Query181
lucene-queriesLucene Queries Module5118
lucene-queryparserLucene QueryParsers module586
lucene-sandboxLucene Sandbox236
lucene-stempelStempel Analyzer114
lucene test frameworkApache Lucene Java Test Framework350
org apache servicemix bundles luceneThis OSGi bundle wraps ${pkgArtifactId} ${pkgVersion} jar file.111
org apache stanbol commons solr coreThis bundle provides an OSGI bundle for Solr. This also includes an utility that registers CoreContainer and SolrCores as OSGI services.18
solrApache Solr Search Server137
solr-analysis-extrasApache Solr Analysis Extras113
solr-cellApache Solr Content Extraction Library integrates Apache Tika content extraction framework into Solr17
solr-commons-csvSolr Specific Commons CSV v1.0-SNAPSHOT-r966014112
solr-coreApache Solr Core585
solr-solrjApache Solr Solrj688