Maven Repository - Spring

Maven Repository for Spring.

ArtifactDescriptionArtifact CountDepend By Count
abdera-springSpring Integration Code for Abdera117
activemq-springActiveMQ Spring Integration113
avaje ebeanorm springSupport for Spring transactions and IOC setup of Ebean server config15
axis2-springspring for Axis 2.0127
bonecp-springHelper classes for additional integration with the spring framework116
camel-springCamel Spring support227
camel spring javaconfigCamel Spring JavaConfig support17
camel-test-springCamel Testing Library using JUnit and Spring210
cocoon spring configuratorThe Cocoon Spring Configurator is an extension for the Spring framework. It provides a standardized way of handling various configuration issues when using Spring. The feature list includes automatic property handling and inclusion of configuration files.114
common-configurationProvides Spring config and ServerConfig necessary to support configuration122
common-stereotypesCommon Stereotypes that are used for annotation and most usually Spring component annotation scans.15
common-testrunnerThis package provides two test runners - one for integration testing (initialises spring, loads ebean and system properties) and one for unit testing (loads only properties)17
composite-springCollection of the standard spring dependencies551
composite spring testCollection of the standard spring dependencies - this one is for *testing*.114
composite-spring-webCollection of the standard spring web dependencies220
jaxws-springConfigure JAX-WS with Spring116
jersey-spring3Jersey extension module providing support for Spring 3 integration.218
mule-module-springNon-core functionality provided by Spring such as transactions, remoting, data sources, etc.332
mule module spring configMule Builder for use with Spring 2.X Namespace based XML configuration.25427
mule module spring extrasNon-core functionality provided by Spring such as transactions, remoting, data sources, etc.1196
spock-springSpock's Spring Module makes it possible to use Spring's TestContext framework together with Spock. Both Spring 2.5.x and 3.x are supported.226
springSpring Framework8194
spring-amqpSpring AMQP Core112
spring-aopSpring AOP24673
spring-aspectsSpring Aspects4142
spring-batch-coreCore domain for batch processing, expressing a domain of Jobs, Steps, Chunks, etc.391
spring batch infrastructureThe Spring Batch Infrastructure is a set of low-level components, interfaces and tools for batch processing applications and optimisations.6115
spring-batch-testDomain for batch job testing663
spring-beansSpring Framework: Beans37959
spring boot starter webSpring Boot Web Starter110
spring-cloud-coreSpring-Cloud Core15
spring-contextSpring Context371217
spring context supportSpring Framework: Context Support6186
spring-coreSpring Core501217
spring-daoSpring Framework: DAO117
spring-data-jpaSpring Data module for JPA repositories.789
spring-data-mongodbMongoDB support for Spring Data494
spring-data-neo4jNeo4j support for Spring Data438
spring data rest webmvcDirectly export Spring Data managed JPA Entities to the web.15
spring-expressionSpring Expression Language (SpEL)9294
spring-hateoasLibrary to support implementing representations for hyper-text driven REST web services.125
spring-hibernate3Spring Framework: Hibernate3338
spring-ibatisSpring Framework: iBATIS116
spring integration coreSpring Integration Core5124
spring integration fileSpring Integration File Support258
spring integration httpSpring Integration HTTP Support117
spring integration ipSpring Integration IP Support127
spring integration jdbcSpring Integration JDBC Support111
spring integration mailSpring Integration Mail Support111
spring integration testSpring Integration Test Support118
spring-jdbcSpring JDBC16361
spring-jmsSpring JMS6129
spring-mockSpring Framework: Mock123
spring-ormSpring Framework: ORM10251
spring-osgi-coreSpring/ OSGi core classes. Offers OSGi-based application context and importer/ exporter functionality.222
spring-osgi-extenderSpring/ OSGi extender. Listens for and bootstraps Spring-powered OSGi bundles.123
spring-osgi-ioSpring/ OSGi IO abstract classes. Provides Resource, ResourceLoader and ResourcePatternResolver for OSGi environments.321
spring-oxmSpring Object/ XML Mapping abstraction658
spring-plugin-coreCore plugin infrastructure17
spring-portletSpring Framework: Portlet113
spring-remotingSpring Framework: Remoting114
spring-retrySpring Retry provides an abstraction around retrying failed operations, with an emphasis on declarative control of the process and policy-based bahaviour that is easy to extend and customize. For instance, you can configure a plain POJO operation to retry if it fails, based on the type of exceptio...440
spring security oauth2Module for providing OAuth2 support to Spring Security112
spring social facebookFacebook API114
spring-supportSpring Framework: Support127
spring-testSpring TestContext Framework10426
spring-txSpring Transaction21473
spring-webSpring Framework: Web25638
spring-webflowSpring Web Flow140
spring-webmvcSpring Framework: Web MVC15284
spring webmvc portletSpring Framework: Web MVC Portlet135
spring-ws-coreSpring Web Services Core package.335
spring-ws-testSpring Web Services Testing package.17
spring-xmlVarious XML support classes for Spring Web Services214
thymeleaf-spring3XML/ XHTML/ HTML5 template engine for Java118
xbean-springxbean-spring provides a schema-driven proprietary namespace handler for spring contexts279