List of Free code Cocoa


  • ActionBuild
    A Cocoa GUI for building Flash using Flash IDE / Flex SDK.
  • AGFoundation
    A set of category and class extensions for iOS Cocoa frameworks.
  • AHValidation
    An extensible validation library for Cocoa.
  • AspectCocoa
    Aspect Oriented Programming Framework for Cocoa and Objective C.
  • AsyncContinuations
    example of using continuations instead of delegation for async operations in Cocoa.
  • AsyncSocket
    A place to pull or collaborate on AsyncSocket, the public domain Cocoa socket framework.
  • AutoHyperlinks. framework
    Cocoa Framework for hyperlink detection, Intel 64 bit / ARC.
  • AVFoundationSamples
    Cocoa applications experimenting with the AVFoundation Framework.
  • BAScene
    Cocoa framework for rendering persistent 3D objects.
  • BayesianKit
    A Cocoa framework implementing a bayesian classifier.
  • Bindings
    A lightweight iOS library inspired by Cocoa Bindings.
  • BotKit
    BotKit is a Cocoa Touch static library for use in iOS projects. It includes a number of helpful classes and categories that are useful during the development of an iOS application.
  • Boxee
    A Cocoa example of drawing boxes in a NSScrollView that updates at some interval with a new row of boxes.
  • Briefs data
    A cocoa library for reading & writing the Briefs data format.
  • Bunjee
    A Cocoa framework for medical imaging and visualization applications.
  • ButtonInsets
    Demo project for reactive cocoa and editing button insets.
  • buxcarton
    Cocoa wrapper for the Buxfer API. Still unfinished...
  • buysellads cocoa
    A Cocoa framework for displaying Ads from BuySellAds in a Cocoa application.
  • CacaoPods
    Cocoa Collections / Data Structures Framework.
  • CAConversion Framework
    A Cocoa framework wrapping libavcodec, libavformat, and libavutil. Currently a work in progress.
  • Calculator Testing
    A Cocoa automated testing example.
  • capkit
    Simple Cocoa API wrapping the pcap library.
  • Cedar Demo
    Demo Cocoa application presented at CocoaHeads Atlanta user group meeting.
  • CMTraerPhysics
    Objective C/Cocoa port of the Traer v3.0 physics engine; with iOS demo app.
  • cocoa
    Squash iOS and Mac OS X client library.
  • cocoa conf afnetworking
    A sample client using AFNetworking, presented at CocoaConf Chicago in 2013.
  • cocoa conf jenkins
    The sample project for build automation using Jenkins as the continuous integration server. Presented at CocoaConf Chicago in 2013.
  • Cocoa Example Programs
    Example Programs from the book "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, 4/e".
  • cocoa freenect
    A Objective C wrapper and example project to use libfreenect with Cocoa.
  • Cocoa Samples
    Playing around with Cocoa and Objective C.
  • Cocoa Skype
    perl interface to Skype. framework.
  • cocoa stagebloc api
    A Cocoa Framework for interacting with the StageBloc API.
  • Cocoa Yazzem
    Objective C wrapper for the Yazzem API.
  • CocoaAdditions
    Various additions to the Cocoa framework.
  • cocoamodem
    cocoaModem is a Mac OS X application which implements modems (modulator demodulators) for some of the Amateur Radio modulation modes. cocoaModem?s name is a reference to the MacOS X Cocoa framework that it uses.
  • CocoaMW
    Cocoa (Objective C) library for using MediaWiki's API.
  • cocoasudo
    A cocoa based Mac OS X alternative to sudo that uses the Authorization Services API.
  • CocoaToolbox
    Yeah, another framework of helpers for Cocoa projects. Something something not invented here.
  • CocoaWeather
    Cocoa bindings to weather APIs.
  • cocotron
    Cross platform Objective C API similar to Apple's Cocoa (unofficial svn fork).
  • CodexFab License Example
    A complete demonstration project utilising CocoaFob in a Cocoa app for public key licensing.
  • coresupport
    Utility classes and extensions for Apple's Foundation and Cocoa framework.
  • createsend objectivec
    An Objective C library for talking to the Campaign Monitor API from Cocoa & Cocoa Touch applications.
  • CronExpression
    Cocoa/iOS library to parse and calculate the next run date of a CRON expression.
  • Currency
    Final sample project for Cocoa Reykjavik.
  • CZKit
    A multi purpose Cocoa framework.
  • DebugKit
    DebugKit is a framework (Mac OS X) or a static Cocoa library (iOS) containing useful debugging tools that I find myself in need of regardless of what langauge or platform I am using.
  • DeferredKit
    Asynchronous programming library for cocoa and cocoa touch.
  • Douban APICocoa iOS
    Douban api for cocoa, Very simple and easy to use. Support OS X Now.
  • Douban APICocoa OSX
    Douban api for cocoa, Very simple and easy to use. Support OS X Now.
  • dvdkit
    An Objective C/Cocoa framework for reading and interpreting the contents of DVDs.
  • DWeatheriOS
    DWeather application ported to Objective C using the Cocoa Touch framework.
  • dwolla cocoa
    Objective C Cocoa Wrapper for Dwolla's API.
  • Echonest Cocoa Framework
    This is a wrapper framework written in Objective C that eases connection to The Echo Nest API for music analysis.
  • ellipticlicense
    Short product key generation and validation framework based on elliptic curve digital signatures (ECDSA) for Mac OS X/Cocoa. **DEPRECATED**.
  • Emma SDK
    A static library for iOS and a dynamic Cocoa framework for OS X.
  • Emoticon
    Native Example of Emotr made entirely with Cocoa, Objective C and Core Data ( example only).
  • ESPN API Example
    For anyone who is looking for some help getting started with the ESPN API using RestKit and Cocoa Pods.
  • evernote sdk mac
    Evernote SDK for Cocoa.
  • expecta
    A Matcher Framework for Objective C/Cocoa.
  • Favowing
    Playing with the Cocoa SoundCloud API.
  • FCGIKit
    Grand Central Dispatch enabled FastCGI framework for Cocoa.
  • feedbackreporter
    Framework for sending feedback and system information reports from you Cocoa application.
  • FellowshipOne APIClient
    A Cocoa Touch static library for consuming the Fellowship One API.
  • fightclub
    Cocoa framework for connecting to Hellanzb servers.
  • fringe tools
    Cocoa API tools by FourFringe.
  • FTForrstEngine
    A Forrst API wrapper written in Cocoa compatible with iOS 4+ and OS X 10.6+.
  • full screen overlay
    Example Project for doing a full screen overlay in Cocoa.
  • Gedcom Framework
    Cocoa framework for parsing Gedcom data.
  • gnustep base
    GNUstep base is the Foundation library for GNUstep. GNUstep is an implementation of the Cocoa APIs.
  • GReader Cocoa
    Google Reader library for Cocoa.
  • Greenwich
    A Cocoa framework for localization.
  • GVCFoundation
    Cocoa Foundation framework /static library.
  • HaskellCocoa Demo
    A simple demo of a Cocoa app that calls Haskell code.
  • HSCalDav
    HSCalDav is a CalDav library written in Objective C and taking advantage of Apple's Cocoa Frameworks.
  • Injective
    Cocoa / Cocoa Touch Dependency Injection framework with features for simpler TDD.
  • IntegratingRTMTutorial
    Basic example of integrating the Remember The Milk C API into an OSX cocoa application.
  • iOSBlocks
    Objective C block replacement for some Cocoa Touch APIs depending on delegation.
  • iSudoku Solver
    A 9x9 or 12x12 sudoku solver written in Objective C using the Cocoa framework.
  • ITKit
    iThink Software's custom extensions to Apple's Cocoa framework.
  • iTMDb
    Objective C Cocoa wrapper for the TMDb API.
  • JBDeviceOwner
    Cocoa Touch library for finding information on an iOS device's owner. Inspired by Square's iOS app.
  • ktuikit
    Git mirror of KatiDev's KTUIKit Cocoa Framework. NSViewController extensions and enhancements.
  • libextobjc
    A Cocoa library to extend the Objective C programming language.
  • libtetris
    A simple C tetris library , and a Cocoa frontend.
  • LinkedIn API
    Cocoa interface to the LinkedIn API.
  • Mantle
    Model framework for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
  • Matatino
    Matatino is a Cocoa framework for Mac that provides a straight forward way to communicate with your Arduino through its serial connection.
  • mayday
    A Markdown framework written in Cocoa. Its goals are to be fast, unicode compatible, and non crashy.
  • MBCommon
    MBCommon is a lightweight, generic Cocoa library for iOS and OS X.
  • MGSimplenoteEngine
    A Cocoa library for accessing Simplenote.
  • Mocha
    An umbrella framework replacement for Cocoa with category based additions, extensions, and fixes.
  • mokaexamples
    Example Applications using Objective PHP and Moka : Port of Objective C object model and runtime & the Cocoa Foundation framework to PHP.
  • MSOEngine
    An open source implementation of the Stack Overflow API for Cocoa.
  • mw cocoa
    MWorks Cocoa Accessory Framework.
  • MWKit
    A Cocoa/CocoaTouch Framework for communicating with the Fossil MetaWatch.
  • mysql cocoa
    MCPKit: ORM framework for Mac OS based on libmysql.
  • nexus
    A socket library for Cocoa.
  • Notification example
    Simple Cocoa app that creates a notification.
  • NSTableView Cell Selection Demo
    This project is a Cocoa application that demostrates how to identify the cell that has been currently clicked in a NSTableView.
  • NSURLConnection Example
    An example of asynchronous connectivity with Cocoa.
  • NWIO
    Cocoa framework for processing binary data in small chunks.
  • NWLogging
    A minimalistic logging framework for Cocoa.
  • NXTKit
    A Cocoa framework for talking to Lego NXT Bricks.
  • objc book
    Working out the examples and other tinkering as I read through Aaron Hillegass' Cocoa Programming for OS X (Third Edition).
  • objective c sample code
    Examples made by me in Objective C with Foundation Framework, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
  • ocdiscount
    A Cocoa wrapper framework around the discount markdown parser.
  • ofxCocoaPlugins
    wrapper around open Frameworks for Cocoa.
  • OgreKit
    OniGuruma Regular Expression Framework for Cocoa.
  • OpenFeedback
    A Cocoa framework which allows your users to submit bug reports, feature requests, and ask support questions from directly within your application.
  • OpenKinect Cocoa Example
    This an example for the internet to use to sort of give a bit of guidance for beginners on how to use the libfreenect library with thier Cocoa projects. I hope you all like it :).
  • OpenNI Cocoa Sample
    A simple sample app the shoes a depthmap and responds to gesture events.
  • peertalk
    iOS and OS X Cocoa library for communicating over USB and TCP.
  • PGCkit
    PostgreSQL Client cocoa framework.
  • pjlink cocoa
    A Cocoa library for communicating with projectors and other devices which support the PJLink protocol.
  • Proton
    Model framework for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch applications.
  • PS3RemoteCocoa
    Example to show communication between Sony PS3 BD Remote and Cocoa.
  • QtMacApp
    Qt + Cocoa: Mac OS X Integration examples.
  • QuandlKit
    This is a Cocoa API for Quandl, quite possibly my favorite website of the moment.
  • Rebel
    Cocoa framework for improving AppKit.
  • Reliance
    Cocoa Dependency Injection Framework.
  • RHAddressBook
    A Cocoa / Objective C library for interfacing with the iOS AddressBook that also adds geocoding support.
  • rk battery
    Battery framework in Cocoa.
  • SafeDispatch
    A Cocoa framework to make Grand Central Dispatch safer (deprecated).
  • SAPI Cocoa SDK
    Cocoa iOS/Mac SDK for the Sensis SAPI API.
  • Scribbler
    A Cocoa framework for communicating with and scrobbling new tracks.
  • sdk cocoa
    Stylegeist SDK for Cocoa.
  • sdk objectivec apple
    Cocoa library for OSX and iOS.
  • SDToolkit
    Framework containing common Cocoa utilities in Mac apps.
  • Security Pinning by CA
    Example of locking down an NSURLConnection to a specific set of CAs on iOS/Cocoa.
  • ShakeMate
    Example cocoa application demonstrating usage of the Seismometer protocol.
  • SNSnippetArchiving
    Cocoa Framework for reading and writing snippet files.
  • SOLogger
    A clone of Bill Harrison's SOLogger Cocoa ASL logging framework.
  • specta
    A light weight TDD / BDD framework for Objective C & Cocoa.
  • spotifycocoa
    Cocoa framework of libspotify.
  • SQLKit
    Objective C API for access to SQL data sources. Designed to implement ODBC style agnosticism while providing a Cocoa feel.
  • SSHTunnel
    SSH Tunnel is a Cocoa framework for creating SSH tunnels.
  • TabletTest
    Test app that reports parameters of Cocoa tablet events.
  • ThinkGearCocoa
    A Cocoa Wrapper for NeuroSky's ThinkGearConnector API.
  • TouchLogging
    Cocoa Persistent Logging Framework.
  • TranslationKit
    A simple Cocoa framework which utilizes Google Translate to translate text.
  • UIToastAlert
    A Cocoa version of the toast notification style, highly influenced by Android.
  • urlencode
    Cocoa framework for
  • wiremoting
    a remoting framework for cocoa/cocoa touch.
  • WSCoreLaziness
    A framework for lazy cocoa developers.
  • WWCardEditor
    A custom control for Cocoa apps that want an inspector/editor interface similar to that in Address Book, iCal, or Delicious Library. Open source (BSD) and extensible, but very incomplete right now. :).
  • Yellow APICocoa
    Cocoa sample for Yellow
  • Zathras Framework
    A Cocoa Framework that wraps code released by Uli Kusterer.
  • ZSync
    Syncing framework for Cocoa Touch.

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