List of Free code Framework


  • AgentFarms objc
    Agent based simulation framework (legacy code).
  • ajrdatabase
    An OpenSource implementation of Apple's Objective C Enterprise Objects framework.
  • Alfred. framework
    An Objective C framework for creating Alfred v2 workflows.
  • AppleGuice
    Effortless dependency injection framework for Objective C.
  • arc mrr
    Using ARC and non ARC (MRR) in the same project can be very easy. Seniors and Juniors can work happy together, Frameworks and Libs can be created and distributed to any type of project.
  • ArchDirectoryObserver
    A framework that makes FSEvents easier to use.
  • Ardha
    An Objective C framework for Asana.
  • AsyncDispatch
    Tiny and simple Objective C async models framework.
  • AsynchUnitTests
    An addition to the SenTestingKit framework for writing asynchronous unit tests.
  • AtoZ. framework
    The basis of all that is good in this world. NSPerfection, anyone?.
  • AtoZBezierPath
    Framework for Bezier Paths based on VectorBoolean.
  • AudioVideoTest
    Sample project which uses AVFoundation framework classes to play,record a sound, vibrate, play and edit a movie.
  • Bee Framework
    Build your app by geek's way.
  • Bee Framework Example
    Example of Bee Framework with ARC supported.
  • BEParallaxSprite
    A simple but powerful parallax background sprite for use with the Sparrow Framework.
  • BEScreen
    A powerful class for the Sparrow Framework which handles rotation automatically.
  • BLE mini example
    BLE mini / RedBear Lab framework example running in Open Frameworks.
  • Bookcamp
    A app using three20 as its framework.
  • bpfoundationextensions
    A collection of simple extensions to Apple's Foundation framework.
  • BSONKit
    An Objective C framework for decoding BSON binary data.
  • CacaoLog
    A framework built on CocoaLumberjack that makes logging levels, logging domains, and syncing with outside servers simple and easy to use!.
  • canvaskit
    An Objective C framework for layer based drawing applications.
  • Cereal
    A lightweight objective c serialization framework.
  • ChanKit
    Imageboard parsing and interactivity framework.
  • CocoaLumberjack NSLogger Framework
    CocaLumberjack and NSLogger packed as a framework.
  • Codec Framework
    Objective C Codec Library reference to the Apache Commons Codec 1.5.
  • CoreSymbolication
    Reverse engineered headers for Apples CoreSymbolication private framework ; plus the set of test cases I used to validate it.
  • Crashlytics Framework
    This contains the great Crashlytics Framework to be linked as a CocoaPod.
  • CRLoom
    A framework for threading NSManagedObject creation, updates and querying in Core Data.
  • ctconf
    Configuration Framework for Mac Development.
  • CTFuzzySearch Demo
    CTFuzzySearch is a lightweight framework for fast and fuzzy string searching.
  • Cusack
    A lightweight Sinatra style web application framework and domain specific language written in Objective C.
  • CWCoreData
    Additions and utilities to make it concurrency easier with the Core Data framework.
  • CWFoundation
    Additions and utilities to augment the Foundation framework.
  • DCTFoundation
    My extensions to Apple's Foundation framework.
  • DerpKit
    Objective C categories and subclasses of things that should be in Foundation and other frameworks.
  • DEVONthinkNoteWorkflow
    Source for Alfred DEVONthink Note using Alfred. framework.
  • DHlibxls
    Framework to read Excel xls spreadsheets.
  • DTRichTextEditorDemo
    Demo for DTRichTextEditor. framework.
  • EdCommmon
    The EDCommon framework extends Foundation and AppKit in a natural way. It contains common methods you always need, like removing whitespace around a string, special collection classes such as stack or object pair, an object oriented API for socket programming, some widgets, a parser for markup languages and other nifty stuff.
  • Edventurous Framework
    Unified Framework of all NTU related classes that builds static libraries for specific architectures. Other repos of related projects will be deprecate but kept around for history's sake.
  • EggCraft
    A Sparrow Framework Demo Project.
  • ensembles
    A synchronization framework for Core Data.
  • ESClient
    A framework for leveraging RestKit to talk directly with ElasticSearch as a client in Objective C.
  • F3
    ArmA3 mission development framework.
  • FeedViewer
    An example project showing how to use the PubSub Framework.
  • FFTAccelerate
    A high level class for performing the FFT using the Accelerate framework.
  • FingerMgmt
    MultitouchSupport. framework demo application.
  • FlexOC
    Dependency injection and AOP framework in Objective C.
  • FLKit
    Collection of classes and frameworks used by Frenzy Labs and others.
  • FMEngine
    Objective C Framework for the API.
  • FoundationAdditions
    Small additions to the Foundation Framework.
  • FoundationExtensions
    Collection of extensions for Foundation framework.
  • framework
    Objective C based OSXFUSE API.
  • Framework Template
    The ` Framework Template` is a template library to use copy framework as a placeholder.
  • FTCoreText
    An open source Objective C interface component that makes use of the CoreText framework to render static text content using a highly customisable markup syntax.
  • Garmin Framework
    Framework for Communicating with Garmin GPS Devices.
  • GCDNetworking
    Grand Central Dispatch based socket framework.
  • geocoding
    forward and reverse geocoding using CLGeocoder in iOS5 CoreLocation framework.
  • GH Unit Framework
    GH Unit packed as a framework.
  • GPXKit
    An Objective C framework for parsing GPX files.
  • Graviton
    Objective C Foundational Framework.
  • Gummi Injection
    A lightweight dependency injection framework for Objective C.
  • GW2API
    An Objective C framework for the Guild Wars 2 API.
  • Hammer
    An Objective C recursive descent parser framework with a focus on convenience.
  • HappyCampr Framework
    Objective C Campfire framework.
  • iCal4ObjC
    iCal4ObjC is a simple Objective C framework for iCalendar specification.
  • IDEKit
    A framework for creating Integrated Development Environments.
  • InAppPurchase
    Framework for managing app store in app purchase (also works in simulator).
  • INI. framework
    Ini style file read/write support with format preserving.
  • iOS5 Framework Headers
    This headers of iOS5 Framework.
  • iRSA
    En/Decrypt Text by SScrypto. framework.
  • ITFoundation
    iThink Software's custom extensions to Apple's Foundation framework.
  • iTheme
    iTheme Framework and Sample code.
  • IVEngine
    A component management framework in Objective C.
  • JXFanfouEngine
    Objective C framework to access Fanfou API.
  • KittyMUD
    KittyMUD Objective C Mud Framework.
  • Lesminni Framework
    A ROM information reading framework.
  • libavPlayer
    libavPlayer framework supports NSView and CALayer subclass.
  • libcheatinjector
    framework for runtime opcode patching.
  • Libmacgpg
    Libmacgpg is the base Framework for the GPGTools.
  • LicenseKit
    Framework for generating license terms.
  • LMErrorKit
    An error management framework for Objective C.
  • LRRestyMacDemo
    A Mac demo project that uses LRResty as a framework.
  • Lua. framework
    A simple Lua and Objective C bridge that lets you call Lua functions without too much sugar.
  • LYKits
    Extension for the CocoaTouch framework.
  • M3U8Kit
    M3U8Kit is a light weight m3u8 parser framework , code in Objective C.
  • MaaSive Taps
    A sample application to show how to bridge the standard MaaSive Framework and Core Data.
  • MachOKit
    A framework for exploring Mach O binaries.
  • MagicalFactory
    An object builder framework for building up objects for use in automated tests for Objective C projects.
  • MASShortcut
    Modern framework for managing global keyboard shortcuts compatible with Mac App Store. More details:.
  • mcp modeler
    Example Mac OS app using the MCPKit framework.
  • mhconvore
    Convore Framework for Objective C.
  • MindnodeKit
    A Framework to read Mindnode files.
  • MinecraftTools
    Tools and frameworks for Minecraft editing.
  • MisoOpenGLES Project
    Project for the MisoOpenGLES framework.
  • MKKit
    A framework to make creating apps easier and faster.
  • ModelKit
    A better model framework for Objective C.
  • MovieTheatre
    A little sample app that uses Apple's DVD player framework.
  • MPTaskKit
    A small framework for making asynchronous programming easier.
  • musicplayer
    a simple music player based on apple's quicktime framework.
  • MyApp
    KIF Testing Framework Setup Example.
  • MyExtend Framework
    Objective C small utils for me.
  • MYSCoreText
    An Objective C wrapper around Apple's Core Text framework.
  • NestedVersioning
    Objective C persistence and versioning framework / distributed revision control system.
  • Newm
    An Objective C Framework similar to Ruby on Rails.
  • Obj C Extended Log
    Obj C Extended Log is a replacement library for the for the built in NSLog() function, from the Apple Core Foundation framework. It provides better logging informations, as well as some useful macros to help various data structures of the Core Foundation Framework.
  • ObjCMultiType
    Objective C Dynamic Multi Typing Framework.
  • objection
    A lightweight dependency injection framework for Objective C.
  • objective c ioc
    IOC and AOP framework for Objective C.
  • Objective C Rationals
    A framework for rational number arithmetic in Objective C.
  • objfw
    [Official Mirror] A portable framework for the Objective C language.
  • OCDSpec
    An awesome TDD framework for Objective C.
  • OCFWeb
    A small and imperfect web application framework written in Objective C.
  • OCInjection
    Dependency Injection framework for Objective C.
  • OCMock
    The Objective C Mock framework with better support for partial mocks.
  • OctopusMobileAutomata
    A framework that gives an objective c implementation of automata.
  • OctopusMobileCompiled Frameworks
    A set of compiled frameworks , ready to use.
  • ofxBonjour
    A very basic example of using open Frameworks with Bonjour.
  • ofxHapPlayer
    A Hap player for Open Frameworks.
  • ofxiOSSoundPlayer
    ofxiOSSoundPlayer is a light weight sound player for Open Frameworks.
  • ofxiPhone
    ofxiPhone from open Frameworks.
  • ofxNSWindower
    Multiple NSWindows for open Frameworks.
  • ofxPanZoom
    Simple Open Frameworks add on that handles Zooming and Panning on iDevices, allowing to explore 2D space.
  • ofxStepperMotors
    Stepper motors with arduino and open Frameworks serial library.
  • ofxSyphon
    An OF add on for using the Syphon framework.
  • OmniGroup
    Source for many of The Omni Group's frameworks.
  • onkyokit
    Onkyo eISCP framework for Objective C.
  • OpenEmuXPCCommunicator
    Framework allowing applications to establish XPC communications between the main app and background processes.
  • packagemanager framework
    A high level, object oriented Objective C framework for package management.
  • PaleoNetCDF
    Objective C Framework for MacOS X for using the NetCDF file format.
  • Parse. framework
    Unofficial mirror of Parse. framework so that it can be used as a git submodule. May not be the latest release.
  • ParsePic
    Picture app using Parse framework.
  • Posit
    A compositional Objective C expectation framework for writing neat tests.
  • PredicateInstaller
    This is a Python script that uses the private SoftwareUpdate framework to download packages from Apple's Software Update servers using a predicate.
  • puremvc objectivec standard framework
    PureMVC Standard Framework for Objective C.
  • PyTerminal
    Python Terminal framework embed a Python GUI Terminal in your app.
  • QuakeAware
    Source code for QuakeAware Mobile using Appcelerator Titanium framework.
  • Racoon
    Simple Dependency Injection Framework.
  • RCLocationManager
    Easy Location Manager Framework.
  • ReactiveCocoa
    A framework for composing and transforming streams of values.
  • ReactiveCocoaIO
    Reactive file management framework built on top of ReactiveCocoa.
  • ReactiveCocoaLayout
    Reactive layout framework built on top of ReactiveCocoa.
  • ReactiveForm
    RactiveForm is an Objective C framework for composing of complex input forms.
  • RouteMe Example
    Example for using Route Me framework.
  • RoutingHTTPServer Framework
    A Framework distribution of RoutingHTTPServer.
  • RPGFramework
    Objective C RPG Framework.
  • SCNetworkReachabilityKit
    Objective C wrappers for the network reachability API found in Apple's System Configuration framework.
  • SCZ ObjC StateMachine
    A minimal OOP state machine framework for incorporating protocols and delegates into a finite state machine.
  • SDObjection
    A lightweight dependency injection framework for Objective C.
  • SDStockKit
    A Simple Framework for Interacting with Yahoo's Finance API.
  • SectorDataProvider
    Objective C framework for use in loading sector data for display on simulated radar scope. Used with VATSIM flight simulation network.
  • SGBase Framework
    A set of aggregated tools.
  • SHFoundationAdditions
    Additional prefixed categories for Foundation framework *without* libffi.
  • Shion. framework
    Open source framework used by to monitor & control a variety of home automation devices (X10, INSTEON, etc.).
  • Silica
    A framework for window management.
  • SimpleEditableFrame
    This is a demonstration of how to incorporate the OmniGroup Frameworks into a project in order to use OUIEditableFrame.
  • SimpleGeo. framework
    Objective C client library for SimpleGeo.
  • simpleroutemesample
    A simple sample application using the route me framework for mapping.
  • Sixpence
    A general framework on which Airlock is built.
  • SlideScene
    A library to be used to show slides and dialogs on Apple's SpriteKit framework.
  • SLRemoteObject
    It's just an objc RPC framework for your local network.
  • SparkInspector Framework
    Copies of the Spark Inspector framework for use with Cocoapods.
  • Sparkle
    A software update framework for the Mac.
  • SparkleSign
    GUI to make signing updates with the Sparkle framework easier.
  • Sparrow Extension Particle System
    A particle system for the Sparrow framework , compatible with the "Particle Designer" from
  • Sparrow iOSDevUK
    Learning to fly with the Sparrow Framework.
  • Sparrow vs. Cocos
    Sparrow Framework Community Project.
  • SparrowDemo
    Demo Project using the Sparrow Framework.
  • SparrowQuadBezier
    Tween objects along cubic bezier curves. Supports easing and looping. For the Sparrow Framework.
  • SproutedInterface
    public repo for Phil Dow's SproutedInterface. framework : One of two public Sprouted frameworks.
  • SSCrypto
    Unofficial mirror of the SSCrypto. framework wrapper around OpenSSL.
  • StateSignals
    Simple finite state machine framework built on ReactiveCocoa signals.
  • StatsKit
    Simple Obj C metrics framework inspired by Coda's "metrics".
  • StatusBarApp. framework
    as the name says.
  • StoreKISS
    Lightweight wrapper for Apple's StoreKit framework created with KISS concept and love ?.
  • SyncKit
    Objective C Framework Interface for Sunflower Sync Server (Aethon).
  • Syphon virtual screen
    Front end for EWProxyframebuffer (that emulates a fake video device) and integration with Syphon framework.
  • tbcacao
    Small dependency injection framework for Objective C.
  • TCP Framework
    A simple interface for TCP.
  • TCWeiBo SDK
    Fork from official sdk , change the SBJSON framework to JSONKit.
  • TestKits
    A convenient bundling of common testing frameworks.
  • threeMF
    The Mobile MultiModal (Interaction) Framework (3MF or threeMF) is a generic and extendable ad hoc networking framework for easy device discovery, capability checking and pattern based RPC communication.
  • TinyGrab Framework Mac
    The TinyGrab framework for Macs!.
  • tinygrowl
    A tiny growl client library that doesn't need Growl. framework.
  • titanium adwhirl
    An AdWhirl Module for the Titanium Framework.
  • Titanium Pixate
    Titanium Module for Pixate Framework.
  • Train
    a simple IOC framework for objective c, written while traveling in a train!.
  • TreeMapView
    Upated mirror of TreeMapView framework.
  • TwoKeyDictionary Framework
    A wrapper around NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary to support two keys (such as for points on a cartesian plane).
  • Typhoon example
    An example application built with Typhoon dependency injection framework.
  • UIX Framework
    User Interface Framework for Microsoft Windows.
  • USBDevice Framework
    A better Objective C/IOKit based USB framework.
  • ValidationKit
    A framework to validate your data model.
  • WaveTools
    Framework for dealing with wave files.
  • WiiRemote Framework
    Fork of WiiRemote Framework of DarwiinRemote at
  • Wilde
    NSAttributedString building class for the Orwell Framework.
  • WindowsKit
    An Objective C framework for developing applications with the Win32 API.
  • wolfcore
    A lean Objective C framework.
  • XNMaths
    XNMaths is an Objective C framework , designed to help you work with math classes and routines.
  • XNYandexInflector
    Yandex.Inflect service wrapped into an Objective C framework.
  • XSPFKit
    Objective C framework to support the XSPF playlist format.
  • zerokit
    A framework that provides common functionality to my various projects.
  • ZXingWidget. framework
    build for armv7, armv7s.

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