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  • BLXParser
    A block based event driven XML parsing API for MacOS/iOS.
  • Can Haz Address
    A simple project that uses a Web Kit Web View and XML+XSLT+XHTM+CSS+Javascript to display user's address book. Written for NSConference 2010.
  • CoorZip
    CoorZip is a utility that imports CSV (Excel documents) that contain latitude/longitude coordinates or individual coordinates and converts them to U.S. Postal Zipcodes through Google's & Yahoo's Reverse Geocoding API by JSON or XML parsing.
  • CPS ReST
    This is a REST client written in Objective C. It provides XML and JSON decoding (using framework ). It produces a Library (usable on iPhone) and a Framework (usable on Snow Leopard).
  • DemoContacts List
    [XML API client] Images lazy loading example.
    Wrapper for XML RPC APIs.
  • dXml
    iPhone static library which provides xml parsing into a document model, XPath expressions, messaging to servers, SOAP message processing for web services, SOAP fault handling and more.
  • ElementParser
    ElementParser is lightweight Cocoa Framework (usable on the iPhone) to provide easy access to XML and HTML content.
  • F2EParser
    Parser for exporting procedure animation from flash (xml from grapefrukt exporter) to your game engine.
  • FaustPad
    FaustPad is an iOS app that automatically creates a UI from Faust xml files to control plugins for SuperCollider.
  • Fremont
    iOS app developers, say goodbye to writing XML parsing and generation code! Built for iOS 4, Fremont is an Objective C static library which provides serialization and deserialization capability between XML documents and Object C object hierarchies via a declarative mapping, eliminating the need to write XML parsing or generating code.
    HTML/XML parser for iOS and OSX, based on Google's GDataXML. It implements parts of NSXML so it's easy to parse XML Files with a DOM API or XPath. This fork of the original GDataXML, adds support for the HTMLparser module of libxml2 and allows you to deal with non validating XML or HTML.
  • iPad Plist Viewer
    A simple XML property list viewer. Designed to open.plist files from other apps.
  • itvdb
    An Objective C wrapper around the TVDB ( XML API for use in iOS 5 (with ARC enabled) apps.
  • Menu Parser
    Emart Menu XML Parser tool.
  • MVCNetworking
    A sample code provided by Apple. MVCNetworking is a sample that shows how to create a network application using the Model View Controller design pattern. Specifically, it displays a photo gallery by getting the gallery's XML description, thumbnails and photos from a web server, and uses Core Data to cache this information locally.
  • pegasus
    Pegasus is a lightweight open source framework for Cocoa Touch that lets you design and implement UIKit user interfaces in XML.
  • ProductInfo
    An iPhone application that fetches product info from's XML RPC API given an EAN (UPC/UCC) code.
  • RaptureXML
    A simple, sensible, block based XML API for iOS and Mac development.
  • RemoteConfig
    Objective c library for loading a remote JSON / XML config file with locally defined default values.
  • RESTFul
    A minimal framework wrap the NSURLConnection to introduce you how to create a simple app can connect with JSON or XML APIs.
  • RSSReaded Sample
    Sample RSS reader app. Simple RSS/XML parsing, UI customization, native CSS styling, etc.
  • saxy
    SAXy OX Objective C Object to XML Marshalling Library.
  • sope
    SOPE is an extensive set of frameworks which form a complete Web application server environment. Besides the Apple Web Objects compatible appserver extended with Zope concepts, it contains a large set of reusable classes: XML processing (SAX, DOM, XML RPC), MIME/IMAP4 processing, LDAP connectivity, RDBMS connectivity, and iCalendar parsing.
  • Spangltk HW7
    Homework Project 7 for Objective C class Features calls to a Web Service and processing csv and xml.
  • SWXMLMapping
    A light weight Objective C to XML serialization framework.
  • TTRemoteData Example
    Demonstrate how to load image, XML and JSON with Three20 for the iPhone.
  • Web Coder
    NSCoder implementations for JSON and XML parsers.
  • webkit xmlview plugin
    XML View plugin for Web Kit.
  • WEBServiceConsumer
    Project and classes for consuming web services based on WSDL xml.
  • WorkflowSchema
    An iOS framework which allows you to define app workflows in XML.
  • XML SQLite Sample
    A sample project which parses some xml data and stores the data to a SQLite database.
  • XMLImages
    An example of how to parse xml and show images on the iPhone.
  • xmlrpc
    The Cocoa XML RPC Framework is a lightweight XML RPC client framework for Mac OS X and iOS.
  • XMLTagInputManager
    will select the complete open and close tag (or beep at you and select as far as it can get if you have malformed xml). It will work with any program that is based on the Cocoa frameworks on OS X version < 10.6.
  • XPathQuery4ObjC
    XPathQuery for Objective C is a wrapper class for NSXMLParser to query XML documents such as Web API responses with XPath more easily.

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