List of Free code List


  • AKLinked List
    This is simple implementation for the doubly linked list.
  • ALSystemUtilities
    This library provides a list of 78 methods to get every kind of system information!.
  • ATPathSpec
    gitignore style path list matching in Objective C.
  • Basket
    A grocery list app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Available on the App Store for $1, with an in app purchase to remove ads.
  • better
    The Study Dictionary is a dictionary built on the Wordnik API which stores words in reading lists ideal for books or weekly vocabulary tests.
  • BoxOfficeMatcher
    BoxOfficeMatcher downloads the most popular movies and shows them into the movies list.
  • broccoli
    An app for movies you love and store them for later. You can lookup movies, ratings, cast, and watch trailers before adding them to your personalized list. I plan to extend the app to support restaurants and books in the future.
  • BSModalPickerView
    A custom view component that presents a UIPickerView with a simple list of options, along with a toolbar for Done/Cancel and a faded backdrop view.
  • BWSelectViewController
    Controller that show a list of items that can be selectable.
  • CBMailing List Signup
    Sign users up to your Campaign Monitor mailing lists from within your Cocoa app.
  • CDWord List
    CDWord List loads a list of words from a file, and allows you to determine if a given string is in the list. Good for word games.
  • CheatSomething
    A simple 'Draw Something' helper. Takes the available letters and throws out a list of possible solutions, sorted by word length.
  • Check Lists
    Check List iOS tutorial.
  • Chords List Test
    Chords List Test by Dm. Sherbina.
  • Class List 1
    Working on a multi function teaching assistant app.
  • CodexPopup List
    iOS component for creating list popups based on WEPopover library.
  • Color List 2
    New colorlist project with cocoapods.
  • Cookie List
    iOS app for Code Fellows iOS ramp up class.
  • Course List
    Simple iPhone app that uses NSUserDefaults to allow the user to save a list of courses (persistent data).
  • CurtainCall
    Give credit to those involved in your iPhone app by displaying a list of commiters from your git repository.
  • CustomDropDown List
    From development/custom dropdown list /.
  • Decisions Decisions
    Simple app to randomize events such as a list , extensive dice rolling, and coin flips.
  • Dev Newsletter
    DevNewsletter allows your iOS and Mac app users to subscribe to your MailChimp mailing list.
  • DevNewsletter
    DevNews allows your app users to subscribe to your MailChimp mailing list. It uses kstenerud?s awesome iOS Universal Framework project to build universal frameworks that can be shared between iOS and Mac apps.
  • DKProperty List
    A class that makes it easy to work with PList files in Objective C.
  • dreamToGoals
    a simple list app that will turn things into todo's later.
  • DrillDown List
    Simple List , allows additions and deletions of items.
  • Drush api
    Helper commands list for Drush.
  • emergencylist
    Emergency List iPhone App, no longer in the app store. Warning: Very old code.
  • EveryDay
    It's a super easy to do list iphone app.
  • Flicker Table
    Flicker Table is an objective c project displaying a list of countries with images (flags) from Flicker.
  • FlickerGallery
    iOS application to search images from flicker, create list of favorite images , change title, comment. Share images to social networks. View current location weather. Implementation of side bar navigation menu.
  • freshness
    An experimental iPhone app that uses dictation for list input.
  • GBInfinite List
    Pinterest style infinite scrolling list controller, fully customisable, with view pooling, backed under the hood by fast and memory efficient C based data structures, and a friendly API.
  • GCTag List
    tag list like iOS Mail app's sender or recivers.
  • GDataBBAccountManager
    A convenient account manager for google related services, easy to use and import into your project. It allow you to add an account with an Oauth2 login, remove existing account, list all the available account and set an account as default.
  • GeneToolKit
    Application that allows the user to add DNA/Protein sequences to a list and align them using ClustalW.
  • GestureOnTableview List
    Welcome everybody to enjoy. If you like this , and help the code. Push your request.
  • Here and Now
    An iOS app exposing OpenBlock's API in both Map and List form.
  • HHTab List Controller
    Vertical tab view controller for iOS.
  • HomepwnerOne
    iPhone application that shows an interactive list of items that allows a user to select, delete, or reorder items in the list.
  • Hotkey List
    An OS X app to list the system's hotkeys (as returned by CopySymbolicHotKeys).
  • iBlack List
    a blacklist in iphone without jailbreak.
  • Ima List
    A grocery list iPhone app.
  • iOS CityGuide
    An app with a list of popular cities and quick information about them.
  • iOS ClearStyle
    This project is a gesture driven iOS to do list application modelled on the iPhone Clear application.
  • IOSContact List
    IOS contact list project developed into Caelum.
  • iOSSocial
    This is a library that will hopefully make it easier for people to integrate with different Social Networks in their applications. Please check out the list of issues/milestones and feel free to contribute. Message me with any issues you have using the library and I will create an issue ticket for it and put it into an upcoming milestone. Thanks! Distributed under Apache 2.0 license.
  • iOSSystemSoundsLibrary
    List of all system sounds used in iOS.
  • iOSToDo List
    Learning how to make iOS apps.
  • iPhoneContacts
    retrieve contact list from device.
  • ITCrowd Free Version
    This was the first official iPhone app I created and released on the App Store in March 2011. Implemented a Tab View Controller with Google Maps and Lists and Web Views.
  • iTunesLibraryExample
    A quick little app to show how to use iTunesLibrary.framework on Mac OS X to display a list of song titles/albums/artists.
  • JAProperty List Accessors
    Type checking convenience accessors for NSArray, NSDictionary and NSUserDefaults.
  • jew List
    An iPhone app for finding a jewish roomie!.
  • justdone
    iOS app, task and reminder list.
  • Kontak List
    Simple contacts storage for iPhone.
  • Lightstreamer example Stock List client osx
    This project contains an example of an application for Mac that employs the Lightstreamer OS X Client library.
  • lingon
    launchd configuration files in a list to the left so you can easily see all and choose which one to edit. (Description from (License: 2.0).
  • Linked List
    Doubly Linked List implementation in Objective C.
  • List
    A document based program that help users easily adding a list of everything!.
  • List Master
    Shopping List and Task List management connecting to Evernote.
  • List Me
    Todo List App for iPhone.
  • Listening
    Create and listen to track lists.
  • listoff iphone
    iPhone application for List Off just playing with iPhone native => Rails.
  • listr
    Native iOS list app.
  • Locations with Map
    This is similar to Foursquares styles of showing venues list with Mapview.
  • MAL Client OS X Rewrite
    Native MyAnime List Client for Mac OS X, rewritten in Objective C and Cocoa.
  • MapPointClusteringPrototypeIphone
    This prototype shows the concept of grouping near map points on a MKMapView. Being able to click on a map point and then display a list of the clustered points.
  • MCFilteredPeoplePickerNavigationController
    A ABPeoplePickerNavigationController with the ability to show a filtered list. WIP, obviously.
  • MetApp
    List all apps that have registered a protocol scheme and view it's meta data.
  • MilkAndEggs
    A SIMPLE Grocery list app developed by the Raleigh Iphone Developers Beginners and mentors meetup group.
  • mocl example lisp contacts ios
    mocl Example: Contact list application for iOS.
  • Mp3Player
    Shows a list , and plays the selected one.
  • Music List
    A music wish list iOS application.
  • My Precious Games
    Demo project with game and favorite list, search capabilities and core data.
  • NavigateImage Table
    NavigateImage Table is an Objective C project that displays a list of countries and when selected, opens a new view which displays the flag image of the country.
  • NavigationiniOS
    a simple app for how to use navigation in iOS, also show how to implement dynamic second level table List.
  • nh state list ios
    A simple iOS app to see information on NH towns.
  • Notella
    To do list /Note taking app.
  • NSObjectMethods List
    NSObject category to get object selectors.
  • ObjCPlayground
    Growing list of Objective C examples for in progress ObjC/iOS course.
  • Open in Bugzilla
    A small OS X service that allows you to select bug numbers in text and use a keyboard shortcut to open (1 bug) or list them (n bugs) on
  • Overdue Assignment
    Overdue Task List Assignment Challenge for Code Coalition.
  • Overdue Task List
    Code Coalittion Challenge Section 6.
  • p List Editor
    GUI Based editor for MAC pLists.
  • PeerFilter
    PeerFilter blocks internet communication between your computer and a list of known IPs.
  • people list
    Simple application to display a list of people.
  • place list client
    Client code for Place List hack, by the Null Terminators.
  • Places
    iPhone application that allows the user to view a list of places nearby using google api.
  • plist
    process list in iPhone.
  • pocket docket
    An iPhone list application.
  • PracticeClearStyle
    Practice Project for Creating a Clear like Application to make a gesture driven to do list app part 13.
  • PSN Access
    A small Objective C API for accessing your PSN friends list.
  • PXSource List
    Source List control for the Mac.
  • Randomise List
    Mac list randomising app.
  • Reading List
    An example on using the Mantle Modeling Framework with Overcoat AFNetworking extension.
  • Recessed Source List
    One way to achieve's recessed looking source list.
  • round List
    This is the application that can store data as a contact list.
  • Sample time table system
    School project for sample time table listing using linked list visual c++.
  • SEROptionsController
    A simple iOS component that shows a list of options to switch on and off.
  • Set List
    An app for bands to manage songs and set lists.
  • SGMimiMailer
    A class for adding a customer to your Mad Mimi list.
  • Shared File List Example
    This is just a sample application to show how to use the new Shared File List API for adding login items to a user's account. It requires Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Shobit
    Shobit Shopping list iOS app that learns your shopping habit of how you walk the store.
  • ShopperChecker
    A simple & easy shopping list application.
  • Shopping List
    It's a shopping List application on AppStore.
  • shopping list 4
    Shopping List Test From mobiletuts.
  • shoppinglist ios
    OI Shopping List for iOS.
  • shortwave
    A poorly named app for me to learn iOS development. Shows a list of all 50 states.
  • SMHeadedList
    Create a list with a header section like Game Center on iOS 5.
  • SOSelectionView
    Cocoa touch view allowing selection from a list or traversal through it by swiping.
  • spectaskular iphone
    iPhone todo list app.
  • SSYLoginItems
    A Cocoa wrapper around LSSharedFile List for accessing Login Items.
  • staff ios
    iOS Application for listing all staff at Box UK.
  • SweetCatcher
    SweetCatcher is an application that shows you your important person?s Skype status in your menu bar, so you can see her/his status (online or offline) anytime without having to open a contact list.
  • Sync List Sample
    Microsoft Sync Framework Toolkit iPhoneSample source code for my modifications.
  • Tascloud
    an organic to do ' list ' for ios.
  • Task List App
    Task List App Project.
  • TaskMob To Do List
    An elegant and simple to do list application for the iphone. The first ever mobile app that I developed.
  • The List iOS
    iOS Client for The List (
  • Ti Image CollectionView
    Titanium Mobile module for listing web images.
  • Todo List
    Todo list example for Appacitive SDK.
  • ToDo List App
    A simple demo application I've written in a seminar I gave on "Introduction to iPhone Development" at Kadir Has University in ?stanbul, on Mar 24, 2011.
  • ToDoHelper
    Assignment 4 in CSPP51032 Advanced iOS Development Minimalist to do list app.
  • ToDoLite iOS
    To Do list sample app for Couchbase Lite; native iOS version.
  • UIXPicklistPopover
    UIPopoverController subclass to quickly & easily display a list of options for selection (or multi select).
  • WakeForest Table
    A class which accesses the user's library to create a table with a list of songs and album covers.
  • waterfall list
    simple transition using UICollectionViewWaterfall.
  • WebPresenter
    Presents a configurable list of web pages as a slide show with transition effect.
  • WhiteLabel
    A simple iPhone application interface to a website. Easily see a list of recent updates from the website, and select any update to see the details or content of that update.
  • Window List
    My implementation of Apple's sample project called SonOfGrab.
  • Wish List
    IOS MasterDetail Simple App Practice.
  • YaTODOList
    Yet Another TODO List Application for iPhone.

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