List of Free code Plugin


  • AcornSDK
    Sample plugins for Flying Meat's Acorn image editor.
  • adium pipeevent
    Adium plugin to pipe events/ messages to an external program.
  • adium pushover
    Adium plugin to forward messages to Pushover.
  • AdiumAutoSplit
    A simple plugin for Adium that automatically splits long messages.
  • AirForceOne
    a Quartz Composer plug in to display an image on an AirPlay receiver (Apple TV, etc.).
  • AlphaBlendMode
    A Quartz Composer plugin that adds an "Alpha" option to the Blending menu of most Consumer patches.
  • amplitude
    Game Closure Devkit Plugin : Amplitude.
  • App42iOSUnity3DPushPlugin
    App42 iOS push notification plugin for Unity3D and sample.
  • appflood
    Game Closure DevKit Plugin : App Flood.
  • appnext
    Game Closure Devkit Plugin : Appnext.
  • appservices phonegap push plugin
    Examples for sending Push Notifications with AppServices using PhoneGap.
  • bcl6 safari plugin demo
    A demo Safari plugin written for a Barcamp London 6 talk on OS X hacking.
  • booglemarks
    Google Bookmarks plugin of Safari/ Web Kit.
  • buffer sharekit
    A Buffer plugin for your ShareKit sharing menu for iOS.
  • chartboost
    Game Closure Devkit Plugin : Chartboost.
  • choosy safari
    A SIMBL plugin for Safari that adds an "Open Link with Choosy" option to the context menu for links.
  • clicktoflash
    Web Kit plug in to prevent automatic loading of Adobe Flash content.
  • Coda Wing Man
    Displays a floating window that contains the list of files currently open in the foremost Coda window. Click on a file name to switch to the corresponding tab in Coda. Available as a Coda plug in or a standalone app.
  • Context Menu Scrubber
    A SIMBL plug in for Safari that removes unwanted items from contextual menu.
  • Cookie Stumbler Browser Plugin SDK
    Allows you to add support for officially unsupported web browsers to Cookie Stumbler.
  • cordova filepicker
    Cordova plugin for native SDK.
  • Daijirin Action Menu Plugin
    Action Menu plugin for linkage ja ( ja / en ) dict apps.
  • Distimo SDK PhoneGap Plugin
    Official Distimo SDK PhoneGap Build plugin.
  • Esra Example Plugin
    How To for using Esra's Plugin API. Yay!.
  • Finder Icon Overlay
    simple example of SIMBL plugin drawing images overlays over Finder's icons.
  • Game CenterOnlinePlugin
    Phonegap iOS plugin for online gaming using Game Center.
  • Ghostbin Action Menu
    Ghostbin plugin for Action Menu.
  • google analytics cordova ios
    Google Analytics SDK 2.0 plugin for Cordova / PhoneGap 2.2.0 iOS.
  • growl transition duration patch
    A sample of Method Swizzling and SIMBL plugin to make Growl notification faster.
  • hubiquitus4ios
    Hubiquitus client (h API ) for iOS and iOS PhoneGap plugin.
  • iCal Classic Page Flip
    Plugin which disables the Lion style page flip animation in iCal.
  • IgnoreAOLSystemMsg
    Adium plugin to ignore the AOL system message when logging in multiple times.
  • inmobi
    Game Closure Devkit Plugin : InMobi.
  • InspectorKit. framework
    Framework and IB plugin for creating Inspector panels that match the aesthetics and functionality of those in Mac OS X Leopard.
  • jumptap
    Game Closure Devkit Plugin : Jumptap.
  • leadbolt
    Game Closure DevKit Plugin : LeadBolt.
  • LevinApp
    Levin is about playing Adobe shockwave flash files without opening a browser. It runs on Mac OS X and may be ported to GNUstep (Linux and Windows) if a Web Kit port/replacement is available which allows loading plugins into the webpage.
  • MacRuby Web KitPlugInExample
    A Web Kit plugin written in MacRuby, adding ruby power to the web kid!.
  • MailApp
    Vim plugin, allows Mac users to send e mails through It requires that you install the AppScript framework to build.
  • mfpluginapi
    API documentation and sample code for devs wanting to make MyFile plug ins.
  • moodstocks phonegap plugin
    PhoneGap plugin real time on device image recognition SDK for iOS and Android.
  • Native UI
    A Unity plugin for using native UI views.
  • Nostalgy 4
    This plugin for Apple?s will add an entry called ?Nostalgy? to your Message menu.
  • OpenEmu SDK
    OpenEmu SDK to develop System and Core plugins for the OpenEmu App.
  • PhoneGap BarcodeScanner Example iOS
    Example iOS PhoneGap Application with a working BarcodeScanner Plugin.
  • phonegap ios example
    PhoneGap iOS example using App47 Plugin.
  • phonegap ios plugins
    Phonegap application and project targeting IOS for plugin demoing.
  • phonegap plugin opentok
    Cordova (aka Phonegap) plugin for opentok iOS SDK.
  • phonegap plugin wizAnalytics
    PhoneGap plugin to load plug and play Ad tracker SDKs.
  • ql Image Size
    A QuickLook plugin to display the dimensions of an image in the title bar instead of the filename.
  • qlstephen
    A QuickLook plugin that lets you view plain text files without a file extension.
  • qt ios examples
    A set of examples to demonstrate Qt iOS platform plugin features.
  • QTKitCapture
    A video input plugin for Quartz Composer using the QTKit Capture framework.
  • quartzcomposer websocket
    Quartz Composer Web Socket Plug In.
  • quick cocos2d x plugins
    Third party integrate for quick cocos2d x, etc: Flurry, TestFlight, Umeng, Game Center, 91... SAVE YOUR LIFE !.
  • RSTrixie Framework
    The plugin loading apparatus separated from the current plugin library.
  • RSTrixiePlugins
    The Library of established plugins, separated from the framework.
  • RSTrixieReunion Framework
    lightweight plugin framework in Obj C.
  • RWPluginKit
    The RapidWeaver Plugin SDK.
  • sample sonar objective c
    Skeleton showing howto setup / structure an objective c project for analysing with the sonar objective c plugin.
  • Sandvox PlugIn Examples
    Example code for building a Sandvox 2 plug in.
  • SBT Console Textmate Plugin
    NOT ACTIVELY MAINTAINED: This is a Textmate plugin that adds a view at the bottom of a Textmate project window which allows you to type SBT commands like compile, test.
  • screensharing plugin
    A SIMBL plugin for Screen to bring back some advanced preferences that disappeared in Snow Leopard.
  • sdk plugins
    Third party plugins for the MobileAppTracking SDK.
  • Sequential Browser Plugin
    Sequential (the image viewer) SIMBL plugin for Safari, OmniWeb and Shiira.
  • services.hgs
    A Quick Search Box plugin for accessing the Services menu.
  • Share Kit Hyves
    A Share Kit plugin for Hyves by Peperzaken.
  • sharekit phonegap 3
    Sharekit phonegap 3.x plugin.
  • Sidekick Sample Plugin
    A simple plugin for Sidekick (includes the SDK headers).
  • tapfortap
    Game Closure DevKit Plugin : TapForTap.
  • tapjoy
    Game Closure Devkit Plugin : Tapjoy.
  • technicolor networking
    A set of networking plugins for Technicolor, including a shared HTTP server.
  • Thumbnailer
    PhoneGap plugin that allows images to be scaled.
  • Timelapse for Aperture
    An simple Export plugin for Aperture that exports images as a timelapse movie.
  • timetostikkit
    a quicksilver plugin that uses stikkit to record timestamps w/ messages.
  • trademob
    Game Closure Devkit Plugin : TradeMob.
  • ua push
    plugin for platform allowing integration with push messaging service provided by Urban Airship.
  • TwilioPhoneGap Example
    Example Twilio Client iOS application using the PhoneGap plugin.
  • VPExtras
    Extra templates, examples , and plugins for VoodooPad.
  • Web Sharing
    Web Sharing plug in for Coda 2.
  • wikitude phonegap
    Wikitude's Augmented Reality Plugin for PhoneGap working together with the Wikitude SDK library for Android and iOS. Provides image recognition and tracking, geo based augmente reality and 3D rendering and animations in an augmented reality scene.
  • WildBunch
    Quartz Composer plug in for rich OSC messaging.

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