List of Free code xcode


  • AMOption Menu
    Multi option popup button, similar to Xcode 'Overview' control.
  • Animation Viewer
    Animation Viewer for Mac to help artists work without XCode.
  • AUApple Sample
    Apple's Audio Unit Sample Code working on OS X Lion with XCode 4.3.
  • AutoresizeMask for Xcode
    Simple xCode plugin to visualize view autoresizing if it's set from code.
  • AVPlayer for iOS Demo
    A Powerful Video Player Framework for iOS App Developers! Demo XCode project demonstrating usage.
  • Blocks Animations
    A quick simple XCode project using blocks within animation.
  • Box 2 DTemplate
    Cocos2d and Box 2d initial template setup for XCode.
  • CALayer vs UIView based animation
    Sample project demonstrating some differences between animation types as regards UIKit touch event handling. UPDATE: This was apparently a compiler issue and was fixed in Xcode 4.3.
  • calc sample
    simple app to test calculator with Xcode.
  • CarouselExample
    This is an Xcode Project for iOS that displays a carousel of images.
  • CategoryCollisions
    Demo of Xcode not showing any collision warnings when two different imported categories define the same method on the same class.
  • cocoarestwrapper
    This is an Xcode project (for Mac OS X), showing an Objective C class (called Wrapper) which can be used to interact with remote REST web services.
  • Cocos LibTemplate
    Xcode 4 template setup to use the Cocos Lib, Cocos Tools, and Utilities static libraries in an Cocos2D + Box 2D project.
  • cocos2d application
    An Xcode template for cocos2d iphone 0.7. 2.
  • cocos2d application template
    An XCode iPhone Project Template that incorporates Cocos2d and a few sample files.
  • cocos2d game
    Xcode Template for cocos2d based iPhone games. Includes cocos2d 0.6.3 & the Chipmunk physics engine.
  • cocos2d iphone arc templates
    ARC enabled Xcode project templates for cocos2d iphone. Use these to start a cocos2d project with ARC enabled without having to read a tutorial but missing out on Kobold 2D. (hint, hint).
  • CommitViewer
    An example Xcode project to demonstrate how to add the ObjectiveGit framework to a project.
  • CoreText Demo cxjwin
    A CoreText Demo Using XCode 4.6 & ARC.
  • CustomNavigationBarBackground
    A sample Xcode project that implements an iOS 4.x and 5.x compatible custom navigation bar background using a 1px wide, stretchable background image.
  • DemoForStaticLib
    a demo for build static library in xcode 4.2 ios 5.0 sdk.
  • DMInspectorPalette
    Animated NSScroll View with collapsible sections like in XCode Inspector.
  • Docset Opener
    A trampoline app for opening Xcode documentation sets in a web browser.
  • dotmackit example
    Example XCode project used in my.Mac SDK article.
  • examplexcode
    An example Xcode project.
  • Face Code X
    XCode Project that uses implements the Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS.
  • Facebook SDK 3.1 Test
    Trying the new Facebook SDK with Xcode 4.5 and iOS6.
  • FeedWrangler APIExample
    An example Xcode project showing how to use the Feed Wrangler API.
  • FunWith UIWeb View
    Examples of calling Objective C from JavaScript, calling JavaScript from Objective C, and logging to the Xcode console from JavaScript.
  • fuxcode
    Makefiles, scripts and an example project to demonstrate building iOS apps entirely on the command line without an Xcode project.
  • geocoder demo
    Playing with Xcode examples.
  • gmp4osx
    The GMP Library for OSX using xcode as development environment.
  • Google Translate
    Demo for using JSON API with Xcode.
  • Gradle Xcode Sample
    sample project for gradle build and test iOS.
  • iOS Couchbase Templates
    Pre built iOS Couchbase + Xcode Project Templates + Demo Applications.
  • ios draggable annotations demo
    Example Xcode projects showing how to build a custom, draggable MKAnnotationView.
  • iOS Event Edit Example
    Provides a complete example , with Xcode project, that shows how to add a new event to the device's calendar from within an application. Supports iOS 5 and later.
  • iOS PagePeel Example
    Example Xcode project that shows how to replicate the cool iOS page peel effect. Detailed in a blog post here: peeling effect/.
  • ios sdk quick start
    Simple Video Playback app Xcode project with the iOS SDK build.
  • ios textfield scroll
    The xcode project contains an example that implements the class "UITextfieldScrollViewController." When the keyboard appears, if focused textfield become hidden from the keyboard, it scrolls up to keyboard to be edited.
  • iOS Web View Multiwindow
    Repository for Xcode example project demonstrating how to support multiple windows when using UIWebView.
  • iostestdemo
    iostestdemo is an xcode project using frank and google countitout sample iphone app. This is currently a Work In Progress. Need to fix few issues..
  • iOSXcodeProjectTemplates
    Xcode project templates bootstrapped with testing frameworks.
  • Ipad photo magazine
    xcode4 project. Simple Photo Carousel with memory management.
  • iPhone Beginner Guide
    Set of sample beginner projects regarding the book "A Beginner's Guide to iOS SDK Programming" by James A. Brannan & Black Ward. The book covers iOS 4.2 + Xcode 4. SDK Programming Beginners Guide/dp/0071759085.
  • iPhone iPad API Differences Tech Talk
    This is a tech talk given 1/20/2012 at Skookum Digital Works in Charlotte, NC about the differences between the APIs for iPhone and iPad development and how to integrate the two into a universal application. The project includes a working Xcode example of a universal application as well as the slides from the presentation.
  • iPhone OS Static Library Template
    XCode Template for iPhone OS Static Libraries.
  • iphonerestwrapper
    This is an Xcode project (for iPhone), showing an Objective C class (called Wrapper) which can be used to interact with remote REST web services.
  • IPMenuletExample
    Sample Xcode Menulet application. (An application that exists only in menu bar.).
  • Janken
    janken game created by xcode4 version 1.
  • JUInspector View
    A shameless Xcode 4 inspector view clone.
  • KBButton
    twitter button xcode project with demo.
  • KGNoiseColorTester
    An XCode project that you can use as a color picker for the KGNoise library.
  • Kiwi Project Templates
    Xcode Project Templates for the Kiwi BDD Framework.
  • KiwiFromScratch
    An example repo with Kiwi testing framework set up in Xcode 4.
  • KSImageNamed Xcode
    Xcode plug in that provides autocomplete for image Named: calls.
  • LaunchAtLoginApp
    Xcode sample project for launching a sandboxed OS X application at login.
  • LevelHelper Template
    A Xcode4 template for Cocos2d + Box 2d + LevelHelper functionality.
  • LibComponentLogging LogFile Example
    An example Xcode project which uses the LibComponentLogging LogFile logger.
  • libzip framework
    This repo has been deprecated. Please use the Xcode project that is included with libzip. You can also use my Obj C wrapper for libzip: JXZip.
  • Lin
    Xcode4 plugin showing completion for NSLocalizedString and localizedStringForKey:value: table :.
  • MDCommon Web View
    MDCommon Web View is a PhoneGap like framework, not only use HTML5 but also Native code. This demo needs Xcode4.5 to open it. This repository is also for the article at IBM developerworks :link.
  • MMTabBar View
    A Mac OS X tab bar view that works on 10.6 10.8 with Xcode 4. Pull requests welcomed.
  • multi view controllers xibs
    Sample code for how to use multiple view controllers with Xcode 4.5.2 and ARC.
  • NumberSlide iOS
    A number slide game I wrote to learn iOS development and XCode.
  • ocunit example
    Example XCode project used in my OCUnit article.
  • OFPlugin
    Open Frameworks plugin for Xcode 5, adds addons to open projects.
  • OFPlugin proof of concept
    Xcode plugin that adds an openFrameworks menu item (nowhere near complete).
  • OpenCV iOS
    OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision. This project is a port of the OpenCV library for Apple iOS. It includes two XCode projects: one for iPhone, the other one for iPad.
  • OpenTerminal
    A simple plug in for XCode to open a new Terminal window in the current project from the File menu.
  • Orientation Zoo
    Sample Xcode project to experiment with interface orientation.
  • picbuild
    An ' image compiler' that attempts to remove image management from Xcode projects. Experimental.
  • PicSciP
    Fork of the Xcode Photo Scroller sample app, like the native iPhone photo viewer. Click the demo video link below.
  • project framework
    A framework for reading Xcode projects.
  • Project Template iOS
    Xcode Project Template for iOS apps, includes a series of usual libraries via CocoaPods, theming stubs and a folder structure suitable for both small and large projects.
  • pucker ipad
    Xcode project for Pucker iPad game.
  • PureMVC EmployeeAdmin
    Objective C implementation of the PureMVC framework originally ported by Brian Knorr. Updated to work with XCode 4.
  • QCPatchXcodeTemplate
    Xcode template for creating custom Quartz Composer patches with the unofficial API.
  • r2v ios sdk
    Barebones pod for xcode.
  • RBParallaxScrolling
    XCode demo project to show the parallax scrolling effect with several UIScroll Views.
  • RefactoringFirst Example
    Refactoring Martin Fowler First Example Implemented in Objective C as Tute for AppCode the Xcode Killer.
  • RNBoilerplate
    A bundle of my necessary frameworks , libraries, helpers, and settings for each Xcode project with configurable options.
  • Rotation Animation Error
    Xcode and CoconutKit Toolbar that animates away in landscape orientation.
  • SampleSuperproject
    Example of how to use static library subprojects for iOS in Xcode 4.
  • Screen Capture
    Caputure screen to video file on mac. Implementation of Apple's OpenGL example code with GUI and ability to caputure mouse movements added. Can choose export format, codec, and quality. (Cocoa Apple Mac OSX 10.5.8 XCode 3.2 Project).
  • SimpleMailerPy Example
    This example Xcode project shows how to send an email from within a Cocoa application.
  • Singletons Suck
    Sample Xcode project showing how to wire an app without singletons.
  • Static Library ForXcode4AndiOS
    Static Library for Xcode 4 and iOS.
  • Table ViewCrashesXCode
    Adding dynamic prototypes to a short UITableView causes XCode 4.5.1 to crash sample project.
  • TwitterJsonFeed
    Basics about accessing web services (JSON) using Objective C and Xcode. Will be talking to twitter API.
  • TwitterLike UITable View
    XCode project showing how to implement the reload functionality of Twitter when scrolling down the UITableView.
  • UITabBar UINavigationController
    UITabBar + UINavigation Controller Empty Project Template for Xcode.
  • URLTypes
    A simple URLTypes example in XCode.
  • VersionX
    Automatic versioning for XCode Cocoa projects based on tag and tag message. One version to rule them all.
  • VVPlugin Demo
    A demo for how to make a simple Xcode 4 plug in.
  • x4upri draft
    Draft repository for the Passer Rating iPhone app, to be sample code for Xcode 4 Unleashed.
  • Xcode
    Xcode customisations at ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/ Shared /Xcode.
  • Xcode 4 OpenCL Example
    Optimising a reduction kernel.
  • xcode birdswatching library /ios/#documentation/iPhone/Conceptual/SecondiOSAppTutorial/GettingStarted/GettingStarted.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40011318 CH2 SW3.
  • xcode bracket matcher
    An Xcode plug in to perform automatic pairing of message brackets.
  • xcode cocos2d iphone app template
    An application template for Xcode with the very very basics for a cocos2d engine based iPhone game.
  • Xcode Sampler Code
    Put all the sample code here.
  • xcode tool
    The snippet of xcode will be stored in ~/ Library /Developer/Xcode/UserData/CodeSnippets/.
  • Xcode4 Demo
    Demo app to demo the Xcode 4 features.
  • XcodeEditor
    An API for manipulating Xcode project files.
  • XcodeExplorer
    An Xcode4 plugin to view the internal goings on of Xcode.
  • XcodeProjectEditor
    An embedded Objective C/Cocoa framework to allow your applications to edit Xcode project files. Based on zerg xcode.
  • XcodeXibEditBug Demo App
    A bug reproduction demo app for another serious Xcode bug that cost me some hours.
  • XFunnyEditor
    Xcode plugin to display an image on the background of the editor.
  • Xprop
    Plugin for Xcode 4 that will exclude @property and @synthesize document items from the navigator menu.
  • YmsDevLinks
    Sometimes, you really don't need to leave Xcode to get to the web. YmsDevLinks lets you create your own links page in Xcode Organizer. Edit your page using Markdown syntax.

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