List of Free code Objective C API


  • anasa
    Asana API wrap for Objective C.
  • AppEngineChannel
    AppEngine Channel API / Objective C Library.
  • BasecampKit
    An Objective C client for the Basecamp Next API.
  • BBStackExchange
    An Objective C API Client for the Stack Exchange API.
  • BingTranslate
    Objective C client library for the Microsoft (R) Translator APIs.
  • box ios sdk
    DEPRECATED: An Objective C library for using the Box V1 API.
  • BugzKit
    A FogBugz API Library for Objective C.
  • cartodb objectivec client
    Small Objective C client for cartoDB API (working on iOS right now).
  • CLVStarChat APIClient
    StarChat API Objective C Client.
  • coderwall APIClient
    coderwall API Objective C client.
  • contextio ios
    An Objective C client for the Context.IO API.
  • CoreResource
    Local & remote resource management for Objective C in as little code as possible. Note: currently under heavy development, so API changes are likely!.
  • CSDisplayMirror
    An Objective C class that allows you to quickly mirror your app's screen. Warning: Uses a Private API _UICreateScreenUIImage() to get a very nice framerate.
  • dailymotion sdk objc
    Dailymotion Objective C client API.
  • DocuSign iOS Sample App
    Some sample code to call the DocuSign API from Objective C.
  • DribbbleKit
    Objective C interface to the Dribbble API.
  • Durango
    Objective C library for working with the XboxLeaders API.
  • Floc Commands
    A collection of commands with fluent API for Objective C.
  • fullcontact objc
    Objective C library to access FullContact's v2 API endpoints via iOS and Mac OS X.
  • functionalkit
    Functional APIs for Objective C.
  • gameapi ios
    Objective C API for the Playtomic API Server.
  • GravatarIDObjC
    A Gravatar API implementation in Objective C.
  • Groupon API iOS
    Groupon API for iOS Objective C implementation.
  • Hitmeister Search API
    Hitmeister Search API implementation in Objective C for use in iOS/Mac OS X projects.
  • Hyves Api Library
    Class library to connect to Hyves (Objective C).
  • ios api
    the hoccer apis including a implementations in objective c, ruby,...
  • iOS API example
    Simple example of using Objective C to connect to and receive data from a public API end point.
  • ios cloudsearch
    Easy to use Objective C api for CloudSearch.
  • JGMethodSwizzler
    Powerful and easy to use Objective C method swizzling API.
  • JPImgurKit
    An Objective C library created to easily handle Imgur API requests within iOS and OS X apps.
  • KBRedditEngine
    An Objective C library for the Reddit API.
  • LBCKipptKit
    Objective C library for interacting with the Kippt API.
  • libechonest
    Objective C Library for The Echo Nest API.
  • LinqToObjectiveC
    Brings a Linq style fluent query API to Objective C.
  • Mendeley SDK
    Objective C client for the Mendeley Open API.
  • MFCache
    Public Cache API for Objective C.
  • MRTInfusionsoft SDK
    Objective C SDK for the Infusionsoft API.
  • musiXmatch
    Objective C library for accessing the musiXmatch API.
  • NTApiClient
    Objective C (iOS) API Client Library.
  • objc api
    libCatchClient is an Objective C library that makes it easy to use the API.
  • objc twapi
    objective C translatewiki API library.
  • objective c binding v1
    TripIt API v1 Objective C language binding.
  • ObjectiveMinus Objective C API.
  • ObjectivePlurk
    Plurk API implemented with Objective C.
  • ObjectivePosterous
    Posterous API Client for Objective C with minimal features, based on Posterous API v2.
  • openSHPEClient
    An Objective C based client to access the openSHPE API.
  • PicoAWSECommerceServiceClient
    Pico Objective C Client for the Amazon Product Advertising API.
  • PicoEBayFindingClient
    Pico Objective C Client for the eBay Finding API.
  • PicoEBayShoppingClient
    Pico Objective C Client for the eBay Shopping API.
  • PicoEBayTradingClient
    Pico Objective C Client for the eBay Trading API.
  • Picturelife iOS SDK
    Unofficial Picturelife iOS SDK created to serve my personal needs to communicate with the Picturelife API using Objective C.
  • pluck
    Objective C library for grabbing content from sites that support OEmbed and similar APIs.
  • podio ios
    PodioKit is the Objective C client library for the Podio API.
  • PosterousObjC
    ObjectiveC library for Posterous API.
  • QLabKit.objc
    An Objective C library for controlling QLab using the OSC API introduced in QLab 3.
  • Quench API Client objc
    objective c library for interacting with the Quench API.
  • quickcastkit
    Objective C client for the QuickCast API.
  • SEKippt API
    An Objective C library for talking to Kippt, a really badass bookmarking tool. Based on RESTKit, so you know it'll be worth a damn.
  • SNRLastFMEngine
    [DEPRECATED] A modern block based Objective C interface to the API.
  • sonos objc
    A simple Objective C API for controlling Sonos Devices.
  • StackOverflowObjC
    A Stack Overflow API implementation in Objective C.
  • subtledata objc
    Objective C Library for SubtleData's SubtleJSON API.
  • SZNAltmetric
    Objective C client for the Altmetric API.
  • SZNZotero
    Objective C client for the Zotero API.
  • TalkToOscar
    My deprecated Objective C AIM API.
  • TinCanObjC
    Objective C library for TinCan API.
  • toodledo objc
    A toodledo API implementation in Objective C.
  • TwitLonger API
    TwitLonger API is a TwitLonger API implemented with Objective C programming language.
  • undr
    Objective C functional programming "utility belt" with an Underscore.js compatible API.
  • UnxKit
    Objective C wrappers for common Unix APIs.
  • VNC Server
    An Objective C API which can act as a VNC server.
  • wallabee api ios
    Objective C WallaBee API.
  • WiiStep
    Modern Objective C development environment, suitable for targeting Wii. Added Objective C classes WILL include WSPlatform (for interfacing with some Wii hardware and the apploader), WSRemote (Objective C protocol, event based Wii Remote API ), WSFileSystem (using libogc's devoptab to mount/unmount SD cards, DVDs, USB mass storage) and WSNetwork (to read/write Wi Fi configuration).
  • Wiki Api ObjectiveC
    Objective C Library to access the Wikipedia API.
  • Wolfram API
    An Objective C implementation of the Wolfram API 2.0.
  • XNGAPIClient
    The official XING API client for Objective C.
  • YLMoment
    Parse, validate, manipulate, and formatte dates easily in Objective C ( API inspired by moment.js).

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