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  • 4Graph
    [Developing] 4Graph is a framework for iOS to provides graphics.
  • AN3D
    Just me, messing around with some trig to draw 3D graphics.
  • ANImageBitmapRep
    A set of classes for easily manipulating images with bitmap data or Core Graphics.
  • AnimatedButtons
    Quick Test App to explore Core Graphic button animation (iOS).
  • AquaTerm
    Mac OS X graphics terminal.
  • Auto Tiler
    A Little App which uses Core Graphics to show how to tile an image, display it in a view and allow the user to export it.
  • Bezier
    Quickly create vector graphics in code using FScript. Break the Build and Run cycle!.
  • blending benchmarks
    Core Graphics blending modes benchmarks.
  • Boise Demo
    A very rough game demo using Cocos2d and stand in graphics.
  • CDGraph
    An objective c graph datastructure library.
  • CDiCloudIcon
    a cloud image for iOS drawn in Core Graphics , no image files required. You're welcome.
  • CDQuartzCocoaLib
    A layer on top of Quartz 2d to allow for a sequence of operations encapsulating Quartz api functions to be queued and later applied to a graphics context.
  • cg02
    Core Graphics Practice 02.
  • CGScratch
    Scratching example code using Core Graphics.
  • CircleGradientTimer
    A iOS Core Graphics circle / ring / round gradient timer.
  • CKCallout
    Sample to draw a simple callout with Core Graphics.
  • CKImageAdditions
    Additional functions and methods for working with Core Graphics and UIImages on iOS.
  • cocoa schedule prettyprinter
    Pretty print your RPI schedule, now with Core Graphics goodness! (the code is enormously disgusting).
  • cocosiso iphone
    Isometric graphics addon for cocos2d iphone.
  • CoolTable ARC
    Core Graphics Tutorial from RAYWENDERLICH Tutorial converted into ARC graphics 101 shadows and gloss.
  • Core Graphics Image Reveal
    Core Graphics Image Reveal Tip #1.
  • core graphics pdx cocoaheads
    Presentation on Core Graphics for March 2012 Portland Cocoaheads (code & slides).
  • Coreplot Animation
    Bar graph has animated Bars with growing animation. Coreplot bar graph animation.
  • cs193p happiness
    Smiley face iPhone app, basic graphics for CS193P class.
  • cview
    Graphics engine for displaying information in a 3 dimensional interactive environment. Somewhat targeted at time series performance data, and cluster displays.
  • DampedOscillator
    A quick example of a damped oscillator using Core Graphics.
  • draw2D
    Experiments in Core Graphics.
  • Drawing
    Simple Core Graphics test.
  • DrawingKit
    Library For Custom Drawing Using Core Graphics and Core Text frameworks.
  • DrawPatternImage
    Create bitmap images using Core Graphics for use with UIColor's colorWithPatternImage: method.
  • DSGraphicsKit
    Objective C utilities for common and advanced graphics operations.
  • DTResurrectionKit
    A small cocoa framework for resurrecting an object graph, specifically designed with a view controller structure on the iPhone.
  • Dynamic Font Texture for Unity3d
    Generate Texture with Dynamic Font using Core Graphics then use the texture in Unity3d. (Currently only for iOS devices.).
  • EFMNestedTables
    Obj C module built on UITableView for creating a 2 level nested list UI control. iOS 4.0+. Originally developed for the Graphing component in Server Density for iOS (
  • EISRenderHelpful
    Legacy bits of 3D graphics rendering middleware code.
  • EMClock
    A drop in analog clock for iOS made from Core Graphics , UIKit, and trig!(yay!).
  • EnterTheMatrix
    and straightforward. Yet many developers are daunted when 2 or more operations need to be combined. What if you need to rotate or zoom about an off center (or even off screen) point? How do you combine multiple transformations into a single animation? Learn everything you need to know to get started with complex matrix transformations in Core Graphics and CoreAnimation.
  • familygraph ios
    iOS SDK for the Family Graph API.
  • FDGraph View
    The simplest way to draw graphs representing data.
  • FeedMsster
    RSS feed reader, saves feeds to Core Data, uses Core Animation, Core Graphics.
  • flalib
    A graphic library for iPhone OS in the style of Flash AS3.
  • FlipViewController
    A simple app to show you how to use FlipViewController with some Core Graphics stuff.
  • Flow
    iOS project to play around with some old school graphics affects. First up is a fast(?) Mandelbrot fractal renderer.
  • formulatepro
    Overlay text and graphics on PDF documents. Great for filling out forms.
  • FourHundred
    A code walkthrough of Core Graphics. I wrote this to teach myself Core Graphics , and completed it over the course of a few days.
  • gfxCardStatus
    gfxCardStatus is an open source menu bar application that keeps track of which graphics card your unibody, dual GPU MacBook Pro is using at any given time, and allows you to switch between them on demand.
  • GLKitPlusPlus
    A framework that extends GLKit by adding a scene graph and an animation system similar to UIKit.
  • GoldRush
    ?Gold Rush? is a simple and fun filled, turn based, strategy game to play against a friend (requires Bluetooth connectivity to be established between the two iOS devices). This project was implemented in iOS using Core Graphics, Game Kit, SQLite, AVFoundation, UIKit, iOS SDK, Social Framework.
  • GRAlertView
    GRAlertView is a subclass from UIAlertView with color customization and Core Graphics animation.
  • graph
    Graph library for Objective C.
  • graphael objc
    Objective C wrapper for gRaphael graph charting library.
  • Graphics
    graphics tutorial in ios.
  • Graphics and Animation on iOS
    O'Reilly's Graphics and Animation on iOS Example Codes.
  • Graphics Animation
    show some 2D and 3D graphics and animation in iOS.
  • Graphics InterchangeBox
    OS X application that lets you quickly copy any GIF image URL to your clipboard.
  • Graphics Library
    A simple graphics library for an undergraduate course in computer graphics.
  • graphics Programming
    graphics programming assignment for spatial media.
  • Graphics Study
    This is a graphic study.
  • graphicscore
    Multiplayer graphic composition app for iOS.
  • GraphPaper Framework
    Framework containing a Cocoa view that represents a sheet of graph paper.
  • GraphPlot
    Simple Graph Plotter for iphone made using objective c and Core Graphics.
  • GutsyStormCocoa
    Game with voxel graphics similar to Minecraft. (Restart GutsyStorm with Objective C/Cocoa).
  • GVNinePartBackgroundView
    NSDrawNinePartImage alternative using Core Graphics.
  • GyroExample
    Demonstration project shows how to draw in iOS using Core Graphics and gyrocompass or accelerometer.
  • HeartBeats
    Source code for iOS app to draw heart beats by reading color changes using the device flash led and Core Graphics.
  • HTTPClient
    Fork of the HTTPClient. A Mac OS X Leopard developer tool for debugging HTTP services by graphically creating & inspecting complex HTTP messages.
  • ImageFilterKit
    A collection of image filters that can be applied to images using Core Graphics. Note: This project is no longer maintained.
  • iOS Tutorial Custom Table
    Custom TableView using Core Graphics.
  • iOS Vector Example
    An iOS example of displaying vector graphics (this example uses a PDF file) with different sizes and colors.
  • iphone view controller with loader
    A ViewController and Table ViewController with a loading graphic.
  • iSub Music Streamer
    called Subsonic. More information on Subsonic can be obtained at and more information on iSub can be found at All graphics have been removed because they are not licensed to allow me to distribute them freely. All code unless otherwise.
  • ITButtons
    Ready to use UIButtons drawn with Core Graphics.
  • JBCroppableView
    JBCroppableView is a subclass of UIView built with UIKit and Core Graphics that adds n points on an UIImageView allowing to modify them by drag & drop to trim the extra space of an image.
  • JHSpeechBubble
    A simple Core Graphics speech bubble.
  • JMSlider
    A decorated iOS slider control to extend the functionality of a single button by sliding it. Created using only Core Graphics to make it easy to import into projects.
  • JMTabView
    Stylish and animated tab view for iOS rendered entirely using core graphics.
  • Jun21
    drawing graphics on screen.
  • KPMultigraph
    Objective C graph framework.
  • LDProgressView
    A flat or gradient progress view with a simple color setter and customizable options written in pure Core Graphics.
  • lightMon
    Mac OS X app to show the currently used graphics card for MacBookPro Retina laptops.
  • LLDraw Table View
    A Simple Demo for Drawing Table View. Core Graphics is a good stuff.
  • Mac HTTP Client
    (Not Orig Dev) A Mac OS X Leopard developer tool for debugging HTTP services by graphically creating & inspecting complex HTTP messages.
  • Mandala
    Simple Cocoa Application for drawing graphics.
  • Mandelbrot set on iPhone
    Drawing the Mandelbrot set on the iPhone with Core Graphics.
  • Math Graphics
    Just having some fun with iOS graphics.
  • mdc
    Sample app used in Open Graph session for Mobile DevCon 2013.
  • meetup 2d graphics
    iPhone app demonstrating some common image display and manipulation techniques.
  • monsters2
    My assignment for graphics course.
  • Movement Tracking
    Just an experiment with Apple Core Image framework, the ISight Camera, and some custom graphics filters.
  • MPWDrawingContext
    An Objective C wrapper for Core Graphics CGContext.
  • MTGeometry
    An extension to Core Graphics Geometry. Intersections, scaling, etc.
  • MTPencil
    Draw animated lines (like an invisible pencil) with Core Graphics. (Prototype, will get much better).
  • MyGraph
    Sample code: drawing a graph with Quartz 2D.
  • Myron
    Graphics and Windowing Library.
  • MyStyledView
    A generic styled view class for rendering simple graphics on the desktop.
  • NotiView
    A Core Graphics notification view inspired by @iHaz3 & @abart997.
  • Objective Graphics
    an object oriented, declarative interface to Core Graphics.
  • OCChordChartView
    A resolution independent guitar chord drawing view written in Core Graphics.
  • ODCore Graphics
    This is a demo project (unfinished) to explore how to play with Core Graphics more easily.
  • OGraph
    Objective C graph library.
  • PCCanvas
    Simple drawing canvas for core graphics. Easily accepts PaintCode code.
  • PeerPong
    The meta project for peer pong including graphics , logos, etc.
  • PimpCocktailsStart
    Starting point for the MVC Core Graphics.
  • Quartz2DSample
    Quartz 2D sample code in Core graphics.
  • QuartzDemos
    Demos of the using the Quartz framework (aka Core Graphics ) on iOS.
  • RECore Graphics
    REExtendedCore Graphics is an extended Core Graphics Framework for the iOS.
  • ResizableImageWithCapInsetsDemoProject
    Calling [UIImage resizableImageWithCapInsets:] with invalid insets makes Core Graphics bombard the log with unhelpful error messages.
  • Reunionite
    A simple iPhone application to calculate in real time the cost of your meetings. With social network capabilities (through ShareKit) and custom graphics.
  • RPCGSandbox
    Some test I made while teaching myself core graphics.
  • SGSLineGraph
    iOS Line Graph based on iOSPlot but implemented with Core Animation.
  • Shirosuke
    Unfinished iOS game , with original graphics and music ;).
  • SimplePlot
    A cocoa like view library for creating graphs and plots.
  • simulate 2D world game of life
    This project implements Conway's Game of Life, a 2D world life evolution game. It has a graph interface to show evolution. What's the purpose is to find the parameters to let life eventually born in this project!.
  • Speed Graphics
    A Core Graphics helper for iOS and OSX.
  • SphereSample
    iPhone app sample code to draw sphere using Core Graphics.
  • Spiral
    Objective C graphics library for iOS and OS X that sits on top of GLKit.
  • SSUnreadBubble
    A Core Graphics implementation of the iPhone unread mail message blue bubble.
  • svnX
    Graphics UI of SVN for MAC OS X platform.
  • Table ImagePerformance
    Use UIImage, UIGraphicImageContext, Core Graphic to test performance.
  • TB TouchAnimation
    This is the code for the tutorial "Playing around with Core Graphics , Core Animation and Touch Events" from
  • TCKnowledgeGraph
    An iOS app that uses Google's Freebase API to search and fetch topics from its giant knowledge graph.
  • TEAChart
    Simple and intuitive iOS chart library. Contribution graph, clock chart, and bar chart.
  • TextMasking
    Experiments in Core Graphics alpha masking.
  • TutorialView
    A UIView subclass that will draw arrows and instructions to the screen for use in tutorial overlays. In iOS, uses Core Data, Core Animation, and Core Text. On Android, uses Path and other android. graphics.* classes.
  • UIImageResizer
    Proper Resizing of UIImages using Core Graphics and preserving aspect ratio.
  • Verbena
    Helper methods for UIKit and Core Graphics.
  • vian plot
    Sample application extending Core Plot to make finance graphs like in Stocks iPhone app.
  • WikiGraph List
    List based implementation of transversing the graph of Wikipedia pages & links.
  • WWGraphKit
    A (pretty) Cocoa Graphing Framework.
  • YLProgressBar
    The YLProgressBar is an UIProgressView replacement with an highly and fully customizable animated progress bar in pure Core Graphics.
  • Yuba
    Cocoa framework for drawing graphs, charts and maps.

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