List of Free code Share


  • Action Sheet
    How do they do the share links in mobile Safari? You can do it with this!.
  • ActivityLoader
    A MobileSubstrate library for adding custom UIActions (iOS 6+ share actions) to all apps.
  • addlocation
    Tool that store& share name, address and current location.
  • Aditlo
    Share your day and experiences with friends through video on iPhone and Android.
  • ADNActivityCollection
    UIActivities to share with (ADN) apps from an Activity Sheet.
  • aiClip osx
    share the clipboard in mac osx.
  • airgif
    Rewrite/Update for GIFBOOK, with improved playback and sharing (including AirDrop).
  • AISUtilitiesOld
    Repository for shared utilities for AIS iOS apps.
  • AMFoundation
    Shared code for Mac OS X and iOS.
  • Apartment Share
    Source code for the Apartment Share AirBnB clone project.
  • apartmentshare master
    Apartment Share Example program from StackMob.
  • AppCodeConfig
    AppCode configs to share across mac.
  • BTSharingService
    Nice and simple sharing service solution.
  • Bump in iOS
    In 2011, Bump technology releases it's product for sharing data with other devices via bumping. It have an sharing methodology of data by an event (like bump) with internet enabled and location services enabled. So here is a big implimentation of Bump technology in iOS.
  • BushidoCore
    Bushido Coding Shared Functionality.
  • Calculator
    A (very) simple Calculator App written in Objective C for Mac. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
  • CFShareCircle
    CFShareCircle is a user interface component for iOS that can be integrated into an app as a sharing mechanism for any kind of content.
  • Cocoa Share
    File sharing made easy.
  • CocoaPalaceServer
    A Cocoa based Palace Server I started a long time ago, wanted to share it in case someone wants to play with it.
  • coding together assignment
    For sharing the code of assignment in Coding Together's Course.
  • ColorPicker
    A color picker for the iPhone based on the Sketch Share Colour Picker.
  • ComicMaster
    a comic making and sharing app on iOS.
  • Common Share Demo
    Common Share Test Work together.
  • Count
    A document based OS X app for stress testing screen sharing applications.
  • CS345 HarlemshaeCalculator
    Harlem Shake of CS345 shared Calculator.
  • CSUAHack
    iOS app using the Bump API to share events between users.
  • Cube2Cube
    App for SARPs to share experience.
  • Cubes
    Given two parallel cubes (not rotated in any way) calculate if they intersect, and if so, what the volume of the shared space is.
  • Data Logger for iPhone
    Data Logger for iPhone can be used for storing and sharing various types of data with
  • delve cocoa
    Delve automatically searches the internet for computers that share any drives via Apple File Sharing (AFP) or Windows File Sharing (SMB).
  • desiccant
    Shared library code for iPhone projects.
  • Diffiss
    DFS share browser for Mac OS X.
  • DigitalPlate
    Its a Meal Dish sharing Mobile Project.
  • Documents
    Just some documents i wanted to share with me and maybe others...
  • DumpsterDrive
    Dumpster Drive is a file sharing application that recycles digital files.
  • dz ios helpers
    Shared helpers in some of my iOS Project.
  • EasyToMore
    Share.ipa to others easily.
  • ePic iOS
    iOS version for ePic sharing application.
  • examples
    Some examples and things I use in tutorials that I want to share.
  • Expense Share
    CS465 Expense Share Application.
  • fancymenu
    A popup menu that similar to the share menu in Summly App.
  • FBShareTests
    Test integration of Share Dialog.
  • flok it
    a collection of cocoa code that is shared among my projects.
  • foodie
    Foodie Sharing food and recipes.
  • Free Bunch of code
    One not paid code under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
  • ftp server
    Application containing both an FTP and HTTP server that share an atomic in memory virtual file system.
  • GetSlide
    slide sharing ios app client.
  • Gif of the Magi
    iOS Constant gif feed that lets you share gifs with friends!.
  • Glue
    Glue is a tweak that allows you to share a note with Pastie directly from within
  • GroupWeight Share
    Record your weight and share anonymously worldwide.
  • HJCache
    iOS asynchronous download, sharing, and caching library for images and more.
  • Homeostasis
    This is an application for fascilitating doctor patient communication and information sharing.
  • IconActionSheet
    Creates a modal view similar to uiactivityviewcontroller that is seen in the sharing features of ios 6. This can be used as an easy to customize icon based action sheet using blocks.
  • IFBKSharedComponents
    Shared classes and things between "Marshmallows.".
  • IgniteTools
    An iOS app for sharing info about Ignite speakers, video and events.
  • IGSignature
    Objective C client of signature gem. Sign API call with shared secret and timestamp using SHA256 HMAC.
  • image Share App
    App to share albums and pictures across your iOS devices.
  • Image SharingTest
    A test of system sharing services on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
  • ImageSharing
    The iOS app for Image Share.
  • imPulse
    imPulse share a tune.
  • ios
    iOS travel app to share your location and find a friendly face nearby.
  • iOS Skill Share Code
    Example app from my iOS Skill Share Course.
  • ios6ShareDemo
    This is a demo project for the iOS6 SocialFramework. Share image and text very easily.
  • iOSImage Share
    Makes sharing images between iOS apps easy.
  • IOSYoutubePlayer
    Shared with public. Contains sample codes.
  • iota Shared
    shared components for the other projects.
  • ipickuapp
    Car Pool sharing Bay Area Together is faster.
  • iSwyp
    "The swyp app." An iOS version of swyp to make sharing various content types a breeze.
  • JTMapFeedsWall
    Everyone can share their maps with friends.
  • KLExpandingSelect
    A selection control based on Summly's sharing control.
  • laphonica
    Laphonica is built on Modentica, it's for the iPhone and released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.
  • Let s Share
    Let's Share iPhone App.
  • LineKit
    Share to NAVER LINE from your apps.
  • LinkedIn Share
    Sample project to share on LinkedIn which uses GTMOauth library.
  • LittleNote
    LittleNote is a way for two people to share messages with each other.
  • Live Share
    Live broadcast from iphone.
  • LockOnDisconnect
    Executable that will start screensaver upon screen sharing disconnect.
  • Master Share SDK
    This is a simple open source project to make interfacing with social APIs easier.
  • MediaSwapKit
    Simple framework for sharing images between applications using UIPasteboard.
  • metadrop
    An application that lets you share files through Metabox just by dropping files down to the applications dock icon.
  • microHam
    ?H Router is a MacOS X application that allows multiple applications to simultaneously share a microHAM keyer device. For example, one application can be using a keyer to control the CAT port of a radio while another application can be using the same keyer to control the PTT line.
  • MIS Linkedin Share
    Make it Simple series is a bunch of code to make your life simple! In this episode, I introduce the Linkedin Share simple way of life!.
  • montecristo
    ios app to simply share expenses during holiday.
  • Moody
    iOS social mood sharing.
  • Movis
    Movis is a mobile video sharing application.
  • Music Share
    Share the music with your friends.
  • Music Share for iOS
    An open source iOS App to share music info.
  • OJEX iOS
    Ride Sharing iPhone Application.
  • ovation osx key manager
    Ovation Shared Key Manager for OS X.
  • overshare kit
    A soup to nuts sharing library for iOS.
  • PachubeMon
    PachubeMon is an iPhone app that allows you to view real time sensor data shared by Pachube users and gathered from objects, devices, buildings and environments around the world.
  • Pants Framework
    iPhone framework for some common tasks shared by Apps In Your Pants applications.
  • Pearl
    Library of components and shared code for applications targetted toward the iPhone OS.
  • people client ios
    The ios client for the people information sharing software.
  • piccolo
    A simple iOS file sharing application, backed by S3.
  • Pinterest Share buttons
    Animated share buttons found in the Pinterest iOS app.
  • PivotalCoreKit
    Shared library and test code for iOS projects.
  • Pixer
    The application allows to share images.The images can altered by a set of predefined filters.
  • Reston iOS Study Group
    A shared repository for the Reston, VA iOS Study Group.
  • RitEvents
    Event feed parser and organizer for students and visitors to the RIT campus. Allows discovery and sharing of events and their locations. Authors: Thom Mahoney, Andrew Church.
  • RMSharedPreferences
    RMSharedUserDefaults is an NSUserDefaults subclass that supports shared user defaults because multiple sandboxed applications in the same application group.
  • SecretsTo Share
    simple little secret keeper.
  • Share Framework
    Share Framework helps you to share content with others apps in iOS.
  • share it
    includes options for messaging, mail and social posting.
  • Share Joy
    an iPhone app practice.
  • Share KitARC
    Share Kit ARC Support.
  • Share KitTest
    this is a Share Kit 2.0 test project.
  • Share Location
    an app where users can see their locations.
  • Share On
    The mint for Sharing Economy.
  • Share PointServices
    experimental sharepoint client framework.
  • Share SDK iOS
    An git mirror of Share SDK iOS libs from
  • Share SDKCredentialTransferSample for iOS
    Imported from a third party SDK authorized information sample.
  • Share SDKCustomActionSheetSample for iOS
    adjust the sharing platform display and location in the share menu.
  • Share SDKIntegrationSample for iOS
    Share SDK Integration Sample.
  • Share SDKWeChatIntegrationSample
    Sample for WeChat sharing function integration with Share SDK.
  • shared
    Shared files for some of the openCV iOS projects.
  • SharedCacheTest
    a shared pager cache test on iOS.
  • SharedData
    An example of how you might make your controllers have access to shared data while also being testable.
  • SharedInstanceTesting
    Fundamental iOS design patterns: Shared Instance (Singleton in Objective C).
  • SharedLocation
    Share location with friends via SMS.
  • shareme
    share some points of me. just a demo.
  • sharesdk lib ios
    Share SDK Library for iOS.
  • ShareSDKCustomizedShare PlatformSample for iOS
    add a custom menu item to share menu.
  • Simple Share
    A simple social media sharing library for iOS.
  • Sizmio
    Awesome social geo sound sharing !.
  • SKPShared
    Shared code which the Handshake App depends on.
  • SKTUtils
    Shared utility functions for Sprite Kit by Tutorials. Keep simple & clean.
  • slideapp
    An item sharing application for iPhone with a twist.
  • SNSHub
    Share to sns platform.
  • Social
    a simple demo for share content with ACCounts.framework and Social.framework.
  • socialize sdk ios
    Socialize SDK for iOS devices. An iOS social sharing SDK for native apps.
  • SocialSharing
    Share information just like in iOS' Safari app.
  • sogo
    SOGo is a very fast and scalable modern collaboration suite (groupware). It offers calendaring, address book management, and a full featured Webmail client along with resource sharing and permission handling. It also makes use of documented standards.
  • songstory
    Music sharing app with stories.
  • soundcloud mac sharing
    Helper App to easily share to SoundCloud on Mac OS X.
  • SPConnector
    An Objective C framework for connecting to Share Point sites.
  • SpiffyKit
    A framework for a drop in view controller that allows users to contact you and share your app.
  • SplitMyBill
    iPhone Bill Sharing Application.
  • SplitNinja
    iPhone Application to share expenses between friends.
  • Spot Me
    Save and share locations with friends. Useful for when you're in a new city and want to meet up with your friend or car.
  • Status Share iOS
    iOS Sample Application showing a social network using Kinvey services.
  • Super Sharer
    The Share SDK for SNS and microblog.
  • SwapKit2
    Easy data sharing between iOS apps and more.
  • Syphon Framework
    Syphon is a Mac OS X technology to allow applications to share video and still images with one another in realtime, instantly.
  • tapebooth
    An iOS App using the public doctape API to down /upload images, manipulate and share them.
  • TaxiSharing iPhone
    iOS application to share taxis with other customers.
  • TimelineApp
    Sharing your experiences in learning, work or social life with your friends, co workers and family.
  • TiPlayground
    Titanium Mobile Playground project for testing and sharing ideas.
  • togetherSDK iOS
    File 'n Share SDK for iOS.
  • Tosmiss iPhone
    The Open Source Mobile Image Sharing Service IOS Client.
  • TPTFan Menu
    A popup menu that animates in a fan like motion. Similar to the share menu in Summly.
  • trainshare mobile
    The mobile app for trainshare which enables people to share a trainride.
  • Twerk
    Pile of hack that lets you create/ share GIF images that I wrote for the iOSDevCamp 2013 Hackathon.
  • TWF APIManager
    Use a Singleton shared instance to setup API calls.
  • twittalot
    Twittalot lets you share a tweet from multiple accounts at the same time.
  • UAShared
    Shared categories, tweaks and shiznits.
  • UoME
    UoME is an iOS application used for keeping track of who owes me money, and for managing finances for shared expenses.
  • UtilityKit
    A library containing utility code to be shared across projects.
  • Wittle Iphone App
    Iphone App to create, view and share memories.
  • ZDS Shared
    Various bits of code that are constantly reused by ZDS and are under a BSD license.

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