List of Free code Menu


  • 4quare Menu
    4quaremenu is as menu controller for IOS.
  • AbstractFactory
    This is an example of using an Abstract Factory for menus.
  • AccessibleAwesome Menu
    Awesome Menu , but accessible.
  • ACKSliding Menu
    Sliding Overlay menu for iOS.
  • ACPScroll Menu
    Scrollable menu easy to integrate and fully customizable.
  • ALRadial
    a clone of the path radial button menu control.
  • antisleep
    A menu bar alarm clock for Mac OS X.
  • APGCustom Menu ItemView
    Example of creating a Custom NSView for NSMenuItems with a tracking rect so the view will highlight as a user would expect.
  • appfrost
    A simple menu bar extra that lets you freeze processes.
  • AppPie
    Pie Menu for mac apps.
  • ARNavBar
    Custom Navigation View and Drop Down menu developed in Veespo Framework.
  • asana menu
    Asana Mac OSX client, minimized.
  • ASScrollable Menu Bar
    a simple iOS control as scrollable menu bar.
  • Awesome Menu
    Path 2.0 menu using CoreAnimation :).
  • Backboard Menu
    A menu for iOS applications.
  • BigPond Usage Meter
    Menu bar item and Widget for Mac OS X that monitors your BigPond internet usage.
  • BinarClock
    Simple menu bar binary clock.
  • BitcoinStatus
    Bitcoin infos in the Mac OSX global menu.
  • BitMiner
    An OS X menu bar application that tracks Bitcoin mining pool statistics using login details or API keys provided by the user, very old code and probably in need of refactoring.
  • BNArc Menu
    A customizable animated arc menu control for iOS 5.0.
  • Bounce Menu Controller
    A tab bar controller esque navigation solution for iOS inspired by Creativedash.
  • BuildBot Menulet
    Buildbot status in the Mac OS X menu bar.
  • C3T Status
    A menu bar item to indicate the current status of the Chaos Computer Club Trier room.
  • CCChained Menu
    Just to learn CAAnimation.
  • ccmenu
    Displays CruiseControl status in the Mac OS X menu bar. Works with all recent versions of CruiseControl, CruiseControl.NET, and CruiseControl.rb.
  • CCSlider Menu
    This is the class to make CCSlider to the menu , when you slide thumb, you can get message.
  • Clockificate
    Clockificate is an open source colorizeable binary/digital clock for the OS X System Menu written in Objective C. It usually weighs in at 6.8MB of RAM and should use <1% of the processor unless you're on something ancient.
  • cos
    Show Mac OS X system stats on menu bar, like iStats Menu.
  • Creative Menu
    An iOS Menu Demo.
  • CWAnimated Menu
    Create a menu likes "Path" app.
  • DAFGU Migration Status
    Menu bar status icon.
  • DelayScreenSaver
    This is an OS X menu app that is designed to delay your screensaver.
  • DeliciousBar
    OS X menu bar app to access your Delicious bookmarks.
  • Desaturate
    OS X menu bar app for toggling the grayscale display.
  • DiabloServerStatus
    A tiny OS X system menu app that checks the Diablo 3 server's availability.
  • DictationSwitcher
    A OS X menu bar utility that lets the user quickly switch dictation languages or turn the service off.
  • DisplayBrightness
    Control your Macbook display brightness from the menu bar.
  • DIYMenu
    A lightweight, nicely animated modal menu intended to drop below a titlebar of some sort.
  • DNTSlidingPanes
    An Objective C iOS view controller subclass to provide a simple sliding menu interface.
  • dock killer
    OS X app for killing the dock via the menu bar.
  • Drag Menu
    A drag to reveal menu included a League of Legends radial ping menu example, also suitable for making a virtual D Pad.
  • Dragon Rouge Status Menu
    Status Bar menu item to perform common task on our Macs.
  • Drop Down Demo iOS
    Drop Down Menu in iOS.
  • dropub
    DroPub ? drop and publish. Simple OS X Menu Item managing secure transfer of files in the background.
  • DTBook Menu Controller
    Slide out menu from any viewComtroller.
  • ejectlet
    Mac Menulet to Replace Apple's Eject Menu.
  • EPDrawer Menu NavigationController
    A navigation controller that has a slide out menu which persists throughout.
  • FeedbinNotifier
    A menu bar application that shows your Feedbin unread count.
  • FileCheck
    Menu bar app reference project for Dan.
  • Finder Menu
    Adding items to Finder's contextual menu.
  • FM Help Service
    FM Help Service is a (very) small application that places an item in the Mac OS X services menu to find the currently selected text in the FileMaker Pro Help.
  • FocusApp
    Simple Mac Menu Bar extension that helps you focus on one thing at a time.
  • FoldViewController
    FoldViewController is folding menu view controller for the iOS platform based on the excellent ECSlidingViewController and XYOrigami projects.
  • fusion menu
    Mirror of the official fusion menu repository at
  • FuzzyClock
    Displays a fuzzy clock in the OS X menu bar.
  • G Clock
    A menu app that can display the time in math equations (under dev), hexidecimary, binary, decimal and binary ASCII, or just in plain old decimary.
  • ganesh
    protonet cocoa client remover of obstacles ( menu bar item + code for the iphone app).
  • Gif Menu Slide
    Menu part of Giff app.
  • GPGServices
    OSX Service Menu for OS X.
  • Grinnell Menu iOS
    Grinnell College Dinning Menu (G licious) for iOS.
  • Hidden Menu
    Hidden menu revealed by panning from the screen's edge.
  • Hideaway Menu
    Hideaway menu implementation in iOS.
  • HKRadial Menu
    A view controller with a radial menu that recognizes touch events.
  • HMLabel
    Finder like color label control, label select field and label menu item.
  • HMSide Menu
    HMSide Menu allows you to display a menu of items that show from the left, right, top or bottom of a view controller with a delightful animation.
  • HostfileManager OSX GUI
    A Menu Bar wrapper for 'hostfiles'.
  • ilocation
    A Menu Bar app to change your network location in OS X.
  • ILScopebar
    A cocoa scope bar that uses an overflow menu.
  • Image ButtonDemo
    Image Popupbutton Menu Demo.
  • imgurBar
    Mac OS X menu application for imgur.
  • IOrder Menu Client
    Client for fetching Menu and Ordering from robotic servicing (intendet for RACE restaurant szenario).
  • ios KRDragView
    KRDragiew drags the current view with touch move and swipe slide it to show the background menu.
  • iOS Popover Menu Notification
    This is simple class to make popover menu and notification.
  • ios radial menu
    Circular Menu for iOS 5 iPhone.
  • iOSTimedSlide Menu
    iOSTimedSlide Menu turns a View into a tab on the side of the screen that users can drag causing it to fully expand. The menu is displayed for a length of time while a progress indicator retracts back toward the side of the screen, when the progress indicator fully retracts, the menu returns to its original tab state.
  • IPArc Menu
    Drop In Menu Class for iOS.
  • IPChecker
    Program that sits in menu bar and tells your public IP address.
  • iphone pie menu
    A pie menu implementation specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch.
  • IPMenuBar
    shows external IP in menu bar.
  • iTrafficIndicator
    Shows an iPhone like spinning wheel in the menu bar to indicate network activy. A click on the icon reveals lots of additional info.
  • JCGrid Menu
    JCGrid Menu is a menu that works like a grid (rows and columns).
  • JCSliding Menu
    Just another sliding menu implementation.
  • jdic macos tray
    A low level JNI MacOS menu bar integration for Java.
  • jenkins menu
    Simple menu item for Mac OS X which shows the status of a Jenkins CI server.
  • JobTracker
    Hadoop JobTracker OS X Menu Bar App.
  • JSGame Menu
    Simple non intrusive pause menu for SpriteKit games.
  • JZMenu
    A cool menu interface design with a slide to select feature.
  • KangarooDinerAlpha
    This iPhone app retrieves Austin College cafeteria's scheduled menu items.
  • Keychain Switcher
    Solve a code signing conflict with iOS Enterprise Developer Program accounts and iOS Company Developer Program accounts using a menu bar toggle.
  • KKAnimationg Menu
    This is a menus about animation.
  • KSPopoverView extend
    IOS, object c, pop up menu.
  • kxmenu
    Kx Menu is a vertical popup menu for using in iOS applications.
  • languagemenu
    Language Menu is a little menu bar application for OS X that let's the user change the current system language.
  • liferay nativity
    Liferay Nativity is a cross platform library for adding icon overlays and context menus to file browsers.
  • Light Menu Bar
    Light weight Menu Bar for iOS App.
  • LKPopup Menu
    Popup menu for iOS.
  • lvi slide menu controller
    Yet another slide menu for iOS.
  • Mac Menu App
    Mac Menu App Skeleton.
  • Main Menu Weather
    Weather on the Main menu.
  • mclock
    Menu Clock Additional clock on your mac menu bar.
  • MDSlick Menu
    A slick menu with support for different animation types.
  • Menu BarApplicationTemplate
    A common template for kick starting your menu bar mac application.
  • Menu BarFilter
    No longer maintained, I'd recommend you use this fork instead:.
  • Menu BarTimer
    A Gnome Timer Applet Like Timer in Mac OS X.
  • Menu Digg
    A simple menu bar app to show stories from Digg.
  • Menu ExtraCrash
    Code demonstrating how to crash when a menu item is updated with the menu open.
  • Menu Focus
    Menubar utility for OmniFocus. Quick access to your next actions.
  • menu games
    The Menu Bar, that's where it's at.
  • Menu Helper
    iOS test app for long press gestures.
  • Menu Meters
    unofficial fork Menu Meters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for Mac OS X.
  • Menu Order
    Menu Order System, you can use it supply service to the custom.
  • Menu Screen
    This is sample project just to demonstrate how you can create a layer of menu ( when u click pause button ).
  • Menu System
    Menu system with tables and navigation controllers.
  • Menu Timer
    Simplest Timer for OS X that sits in your Menu Bar.
  • menubar ticker
    A simple Mac OS X menu bar item that displays the currently playing song.
  • menudump
    Dumps the menu entries for an OS/X application.
  • MenuletTicket
    Basic menu bar based application on Mac.
  • Minimum Menu
    This application has shortest menu , so it shows menubar items more.
  • MiniSchedule
    Mac OS X menu bar application for quick access to upcoming events.
  • MLB Menu
    Status Bar menu for MLB games.
  • MLPPopup Menu
    Small popup menu for iOS.
  • MSMenuView
    Create coustom menu in ios.
  • muni bar
    MUNI Bar polls the MUNI API for departure times and puts it in your OS X menu bar.
  • Muni Menu Bar
    Status Bar For MUNI.
  • Mute
    A tiny app for Mac OS X (starting with 10.6 I think) that lets you toggle your Microphone from the Menu Bar with a single click.
  • MVYSide Menu
    iOS Ribbon Menu based on Google+ iPhone app.
  • myclock
    Displays the current time in Sweden in the menu bar.
  • mynu
    mynu A simple DSL to create a systembar menu with macruby on OSX.
  • NAHidden Menu
    Hidden sidebar menu for iOS.
  • NAMenu
    a dead simple SpringBoard like grid menu for iOS with landscape support.
  • Navigation Menu
    Objective C component that adds menu to the navigation bar.
  • NCC Ambience
    A menu bar app that creates the ambience of a Galaxy Class Starship.
  • NCRemover
    A little SIMBL tweak for hiding the OSX notification center icon from the menu bar.
  • NFL Menu
    OSX Status bar menu for NFL games.
  • NIDropDown
    NiDropDown gives a proper animated drop down menu like effect.
  • NPSide Menu
    Very primitive and simple class for working with side menus on iOS 5+.
  • NTArc Menu
    Reactive menu puts buttons under the arc of your thumb.
  • NVSlide Menu Controller
    A slide menu done right for iOS.
  • OLImperial Menu
    a menu controller for iOS.
  • orangered
    Mac menu bar message notifier for reddit.
  • OWANotifier
    Mac menu bar app for Outlook Web Mail.
  • Panteist
    Flickable menu used in Anadolu University Mobile App.
  • PaperFold Menu Controller
    A navigation menu on the left of the screen using on PaperFold.
  • Path Menu Example
    An example of Path 2.0' iPhone App menu.
  • pathfinder open in bbedit macvim
    Adds a menu item to the commands menu to open a file / folder in BBEdit (Cmd Ctrl B) or MacVim (Cmd Ctrl M).
  • Picker
    Color picker that lives in the menu bar in OS X.
  • Ping Menu
    Show the current latency of your connection in your Mac OS X menu bar.
  • po Circ Menu
    Path inspired modular and expandable circular menu.
  • Proxy Menu
    Switch OS X system proxy settings in menubar.
  • QBPopupMenu
    A popup menu for iOS without using image files.
  • QuickDict
    A cocoa menu app which you can search system dictionary immediately.
  • QuickHue
    OS X menu bar utility for controlling the Philips Hue lighting system.
  • QuickSmileText
    status bar menu which puts smile texts into clipboard quickly.
  • RCHBackboard
    Backboard menus , hamburger style.
  • ReadLaterAction
    Submit articles to Instapaper via Action Menu.
  • REMenu
    Dropdown menu inspired by Vine.
  • Restaurantify
    An iOS app that interfaces to your Shopify shop and uses the products as Menu Items.
  • RHStatusItemView
    An NSStatusItem hosted view that supports handling both left and right click actions, menus and showing an image / alternate Image pair.
  • RNGrid Menu
    A grid menu with elastic layout, depth of field, and realistic animation.
  • RossClock
    Menu Extra showing the amount of time left in the current period at school.
  • RSMenuController
    yet another menu tray controller like sparrow and path.
  • RSMenuView
    a menu can be configured from plist.
  • SABnzbdDropTarget
    An OS X menu bar drop target to add.nzb links to SABnzbd+.
  • SAMenuDropDown
    A Drop Down Menu for iOS.
  • Scalarium Menu
    Easily deploy your Scalarium apps from your OSX menubar.
  • Scroll Menu for iOS
    HorizontalScrollable Menu for iOS.
  • Service Monitor
    Status menu utility to monitor service with shortcuts to commands e.g start, stop etc.
  • SGPScroll Menu
    Just a simple bar with scroll function. It can be used as menu or something.
  • shiver
    Be in the know when your favorite streamers go live on Twitch, right in your menu bar.
  • Shroud
    An overlay window that doesn?t activate when you click on it. Also (optionally) obscures your menu bar until you mouse over it.
  • SHStripe Menu
    A leftside menu that shows up either by tapping the stripes or swiping stripes to right. It can be used as an alternative to bottom tabs in the iOS application to gain maximum space.
  • shuttle
    A simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X.
  • side Menu
    Simple example of iOS ViewControllerContainer used for a side menu.
  • Side Menus
    Project with experimental code for playing with menus around the edge of the device.
  • Slide Menu
    iOS slide menu sample.
  • Slide Menu Controller
    iOS(iPhone) slide side menu controller.
  • Slide Menu Controller2
    iOS slide menu controller.
  • SMB Menu Extra
    A utility for connecting to SMB servers on Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9.
  • Smutefy
    Smutefy is a small menu bar application that automatically detects and mute Spotify ads.
  • SpaceReporter
    SpaceReporter is a small utility that sits on your menu bar and tells you how empty (or full) your hard drives are.
  • spany
    A Mac OS X menu item to use with Spic.
  • Sporker
    App that starts and stops Spork from menu bar.
  • Spring Menu
    iOS drop down menu with spring effect.
  • SqueezeSlave Menu
    An OSX menu bar app for controlling SqueezeSlave.
  • Stack Menu
    Stack Menu looks like OS X.
  • stackoverflowx
    A menu bar application for OS X to monitor the Stack Overflow reputation of a given account.
  • StatusItemTester
    Status Item Tester is a little Cocoa app that allows you to easily preview status item designs in the OS X menu bar.
  • SvpplyTable
    Expandable and collapsable Menu , like Svpply.
  • TeaTimer
    Status Menu Application To Time Tea Brewing.
  • THGrid Menu
    A fluid grid menu layout system that adjusts item width with device rotation.
    Menubar app that shows your Things to do in the "Today" project. Also features a random one as the text Menu title every 5 minutes.
  • Three Panels SplitViewController
    This project shows how to implement a SplitViewController with three panels ( Menu , stream and main view).
  • Three20 TTTableViewController Show Menu Example
    An example showing the use of TTTableViewController show Menu :forCell: method for creating an animated menu cell view using swipe gesture, touch on the cell, and touch on a button on a cell.
  • TimeTrack
    Minimalist time tracking app for Mac OS X which lives in your menu bar.
  • TINavigation Menu View
    Vertical breadcrumb navigation menu with clear app menu animation.
  • TJLBarButton Menu
    A simple 3 button menu with a nice presentation and dismissal animation that is meant to be launched from a bar button item.
  • Twenu
    A menu bar application that lets you tweet.
  • UFText
    Mac OS X application that allows you to easily unformat and reformat text on the Pasteboard. A menu item is placed in the system status bar. For those who don't want to contort their hand just to paste something without f*cking formatting.
  • UIMenuHelper
    sliding up menu , square and circle.
  • UsageExtra
    Simple CPU Usage Menu Extra.
  • UTCMenuClock
    Simple Objective C based Menu Clock for Mac OS X. Displays the UTC time in the menubar and nothing more.
  • uwweather
    University of Waterloo Weather Station to Mac OS X Menu Bar.
  • UzysDrag Menu
    Drag Menu you can easily open and close using drag gesture.
  • VBox Menu
    VirtualBox menulet for OSX.
  • VCSlide Menu
    Slide menu for iOS.
  • VertexTray
    A very outdated Menu Bar app to keep track of the wear level of OCZ Vertex SSDs (1st gen only). Very old code, it may or may not work but I don't have a device to test it with anymore.
  • VIDropDown Menu
    VIDropDown Menu is an example of a basic drop down menu implementation.
  • VISlide Menu
    An implementation of a slide menu.
  • WakeServer
    OS X menu item to wake up a fileserver using WOL.
  • Wave Menu
    Mac OS X menu item displaying unread items for Google Wave.
  • Wheel Menu
    Wheel Menu Components for iOS.
  • Wheel of Fortune
    Circular Menu for iPhone.
  • XFDebug Menu
    A debug menu for iOS Applications.
  • YZMenu
    Dropdown menu inspired by REMenu & 500px.
  • ZCScroll Menu
    a menu that can scroll its items.

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