List of Free code Library


  • AFURLRequest
    Small Library for making requests.
  • apple remote
    Ruby DSL for the Apple Remote Obj C library of the same name.
  • AsyncDispatcher
    Library for asynchronous operations, for managing dependencies.
  • basicsound.go
    Sound library for Go for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • BSWebTracker
    Application usage analytics library for Mac OS X.
  • BWObjectRouter
    Small library that generate route with static or dynamic data.
  • CargoManagerExample
    Example App for the CargoManager library.
  • CelestialUtil
    ObjC library to calculate declination/azimuth of the Sun and Moon using location and time.
  • chartee
    a charting library for mobile platforms.
  • CinderIPod
    Cinder Block for iPod Library Access.
  • ClassMapper
    A simple obj c library for converting classes which follow Key Value Coding (KVC) conventions to other objects.
  • CocoaPodsExample Library
    A Simple Example Library for Cocoapods Best Practices.
  • ConstraintFormatter
    ConstraintFormatter is a library to unify visual constraints and constraints based on attributes for Auto Layout.
  • CoreChess
    Bitboard based library for handling chess boards.
  • CppSparse
    A C++ sparse matrix library with Python bindings.
  • CTPerformanceMeasurement
    Small library to measure performance by counting time that operations take.
  • Data Library Creator
    creates static libraries out of binary files so that the data can be used inside the application.
  • dd publishing
    Goortom DD Publishing Library.
  • deferred
    Async library inspired by CommonJS Promises/A spec.
  • DSUnixTask
    DSUnixTask is a library for Mac OS X which allows to launch and interact with awesome looking UNIX tasks.
  • DynamicCompass
    Dynamic compass using core location, gps, magnetometer, QuartzCore that navigates you to your nearest "___" (fill in venue type in the nsurlrequest code, ie, pizza, bowling alley, library , etc.).
  • EBRequest
    An ASIHTTPRequest like library.
  • echonest sample
    With script for compiling library for arm7 and i386.
  • ESLocale
    This library contains helper classes to produce correctly formed NSLocale, NSDateFormatter and NSCalendar objects.
  • ESOmniture
    This is a custom opensource library for the Omniture protocol.
  • FBEncryptor
    Easy Encryption library (CCCrypt wrapper), AES 256bit support.
  • FERRYDockeriOS
    Library to import and recreate interfaces from PSD files exported by FERRYScript.
  • FileTransfer
    Developer library to support Android Java transfer of files between AllJoyn peers.
  • FlexibleFormatter
    A content driven string formatting library.
  • iAdPlus
    Simple library to make adding iAds to your app simple.
  • inform6lib
    Inform6 interactive fiction library.
  • iOSPortsExample
    Example use of iOSPorts and iOSPorts Library.
  • iPrompt
    iPrompt is a library to help you schedule in app notifications or user prompts based on installed time and usage of your app.
  • IRFEmojiCheatSheet
    Tiny library which offers programmatic access to emojis as organized in the emoji cheat website.
  • ISSHO TexaGPS Sample
    TexaGPS sample code and library.
  • KAStatusBar
    An ultra light status bar status bar notification/alert library.
  • KeePassLib
    Library to parse KeePass files.
  • kissxml
    An experimental build of the KissXML library for use with Nu.
  • kotonoko
    EB Library Interface for Mac OS X.
  • KSAUGraph
    A multi channel periodic sound player library runs on iOS4 or later SDK.
  • KVMapper
    A Library to map NSDictionary to an NSObject that can transform BOTH keys and values with a single map.
  • KVNAsync
    Lightweight library for asynchronous tasks and eventual values.
  • libopener
    Developer library for overriding link destinations.
  • libtiming
    A library to make it really easy to time multiple implementations against each other, in parallel.
  • Maguro
    A contact us library for UserVoice.
  • Mathematica Texas Holdem
    A Poker Simulation Library in Mathematica.
  • MGBenchmark
    Library to measure code execution times easily.
  • MGCommand
    This library provides a lightweight way for executing commands. They can be executed sequentially or concurrently. This is done by command groups which in itself are commands as well.
  • MGCommandConfig
    This library allows file based configuration of commands provided by MGCommand lib.
  • MinimalGoogleToolbox
    A library for a minimal selection from Google Toolbox for Mac. Critically the HTMLEscaping code although that may change.
  • MTDates
    A thread safe date calculation library with all the date functions you'll ever need.
  • mthread
    Arduino Compatible Multi Threading Library.
  • MYSRuntime
    Obj C Library that makes runtime self inspection and class modification dead easy.
  • NSString TimeAgoInWords
    Static Library utility to convert timestamps into relative word entities.
  • nufound
    A newfound treasure; a lightweight Foundation library for Linux.
  • objxmpp
    [Official Mirror] An XMPP library for ObjFW.
  • OperationPromise
    NSOperation(NSOperationQueue) dependency manager library.
  • ParallaxView
    Library to create parallax movements.
  • PeerGroupManager
    Developer Library to simplify learning curve to make AllJoyn apps.
  • Playground
    Library for modifying layout properties in a live app.
  • RedGreen
    RedGreen is an extension library for SenTestKit that makes the test output easier to parse by humans.
  • REDlib
    RBL Expert Debugging Library.
  • RestKitStatic Library Test
    A test app which is a static library that uses RestKit.
  • SanboxInterposed
    Bypassing Mac App Sandbox using DYLD_INSERT_ LIBRARIES (LD_PRELOAD).
  • sandbox
    Source code, examples, libraries and other useful things.
  • sc listener sample
    Sample application for SC_Listener Library.
  • SDReachability
    Easy to use and to embed Reachability library.
  • SimpleUserDefaults
    Simple NSUserDefaults manager library Access NSUserDefaults key using property.
  • SJOPaperboy
    An easy to use library that lets you implement background updates in your app that run whenever the user enters or exits a specified location.
  • Sofia
    A personal book library cataloguing application for Mac OS X.
  • Sofie HDF Format
    A Python library to convert between many formats to HDF5(Pytables). It forms part of the SOFIE project at the University of Twente.
  • SteamPP
    C++ library to interoperate with Steam servers.
  • StorageRoomKit Obsolete Version
    Obsolete Version of the StorageRoomKit library.
  • TiSDSegmentedControl
    This is a titanium module for Olivier Poitrey's SDSegmentedControl library.
  • TJFunctionalAdditions
    Library simplifying the use of collection iterations through functional constructs like map, select, reject, etc.
  • TTPickerTextFieldDemo
    Demonstrates the ability use a TTPickerTextField from the Three20 library , outside the TTMesageController.
  • Unofficial Official XBMC Remote
    Full featured remote control for XBMC Media Center. It features library browsing, now playing informations and a direct remote control.
  • Variant
    Easy to use multivariate testing library.
  • Vendor
    Block based In App Purchase (StoreKit) library that uses blocks to make dealing with purchases easier.
  • VLBFoundation
    A library of classes used throughout the codebase of
  • Voices
    Voice changing demonstration using FMOD and DIRAC libraries.
  • vsr
    Versor 0.1 C++ library for conformal geometric algebra draw routines.
  • WeatherComparator
    This is a sample project using cocoapods. It will be used in conjunction with 2 other repos/projects to demonstrate using private libraries with cocoapods.
  • WTExtension
    Some useful categories used in other public libraries.
  • YahooWeatherService
    This is a sample project using cocoapods. It will be used in conjunction with 2 other repos/projects to demonstrate using private libraries with cocoapods.
  • YITimeTracker
    A simple time tracking tool which can easily integrate with other libraries e.g. SVProgressHUD, MTStatusBarOverlay.

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