List of Free code Message


  • Adinline
    Adds images inline with the message in Adium.
  • ALEXMIMEMessage
    a class to parse & create MIME formatted messages , including multipart.
  • ALFullScreenAlert
    This is a full screen alert which is useful to display some messages to the user. It provides the creation of 2 buttons.
  • BDToastAlert
    Non obstructive alert message label (kind of like Growl or Toast in Android).
  • blanket
    Secure, trusted, identity free mobile messaging.
  • BubbleThingie
    Messages app Text and Image Bubbles on IOS.
  • CanSendText
    Trying to solve the mystery of MFMessageComposeViewControllerText Message AvailabilityDidChangeNotification.
  • CEPubnub
    iOS objective c wrapper for Pubnub real time messaging service.
  • chatta osx
    Chatta is a hybrid OS X Text and Instant Messaging Application.
  • ChattaKit
    ChattaKit is an Objective C library that enables OS X and iOS Apps to send and receive text and instant messages.
  • CNBaseView
    CNBaseView is a subclass of NSView that can show an icon and/or a text message if it has no subviews. Both, the icon and the message text are optional. If you keep it empty CNBaseView acts as a normal NSView.
  • cocoa crypto
    Simple wrapper for crypto primitives like Message Digest and HMAC.
  • CocoaOSC
    An Objective C library for sending and receiving Open Sound Control (OSC) messages over TCP and UDP.
  • Concurrent Fractal Desktop App
    Add an asynchronous, concurrent drawing operation to DesktopAppNetworkRecieve Message.
  • countdown
    A Cocoa+QuartzComposer app to display full screen countdown and message.
  • DEComposeViewController
    A generic message view controller using the style of iOS compose view controllers.
  • diffly
    Diffly is a tool for exploring Subversion working copies. It shows all files with changes and, clicking on a file, shows a highlighted view of the changes for that file. When you are ready to commit Diffly makes it easy to select the files you want to check in and assemble a useful commit message.
  • Ed Message
    Email Framework for Cocoa.
  • F53OSC
    A nice little Objective C library for sending, receiving, and parsing OSC messages.
  • FCYAsserts
    Collection of assert macros that logs useful messages.
  • FDKeychain
    Save, load and delete items from the iOS keychain with a single Objective C message.
  • FLStatusBarPopUp
    Status Bar Messages for iOS like Mailbox App.
  • footprint
    Location based social messaging app for mobile devices.
  • fpcc
    Example code for the remoting/ messaging presentation.
  • GeckoReporter
    A Framework for managing crash reports, bug reports, and messages.
  • HUD
    Beautiful alert message / progress hud component for iOS Objective C.
  • i Message Style Receding Keyboard
    A demo application for showing how to drag the keyboard down with your finger.
  • Immutable SLComposeViewController
    to the text at the beginning of the message but not to the link added to the end. If you would like to modify the project to prevent modification of any of the text within the message see
  • iOS 6 i Messages Headers
    Headers from the i Messages app on ios 6.0, generated using class dump z.
  • iOS SysLogViewer
    An iOS application to view incoming syslog UDP messages.
  • irssihelper
    display growl messages when 'hilight'ed or messaged , but no more than every 10 seconds, and only if iTerm is not in foreground.
  • JBBContinuations
    Provide automatic wrapping of continuations around Objective C message sends.
  • JUEmptyView
    A NSView subclass which displays a message when empty.
  • keyboard dragging
    i Messages keyboard behavior reimplementation for iOS 4 and up.
  • MBMvc
    An iOS Message Based MVC framework.
  • MBProgressHUD
    The class displays a simple HUD window containing a UIActivityIndicatorView and two optional labels for short messages.
  • MCFlash Message View
    A flash view for show message in iOS.
  • MCMMessaging ios
    Application to demonstrate asynchronous messaging through MCM on iOS devices.
  • Message BarManager
    An iOS manager for presenting system wide notifications via a dropdown message bar.
  • Message Demo
    Magical Record Message Demo App.
  • Message Editor
    ios app for editing messages.
  • messages source
    Mohu Event dispatch framework.
  • Messaging
    The Realtime Cloud Messaging examples.
  • messenger ios
    Tent group messaging on iOS.
  • METoast
    METoast is a view to show toast message.
  • MGCryptorTutorial
    MGCryptorTutorial is an RNCryptor demo app ready to use the the encryption/decryption of messages.
  • msgpack objc
    Pure Objective C Message Pack library. Don't expect much, just for my studying.
  • Munenori
    An ADN Direct Message Client for the Mac.
  • MYNetwork
    Mooseyard Networking library: Cocoa utilities, including a generic TCP server/client, plus the reference implementation of the message oriented BLIP protocol. (This is a mirror of the Mercurial repository at
  • neemware ios sdk
    Neemware's iOS SDK for In App Messaging and Marketing.
  • NSLog
    Aborted project for an iOS app displaying the device log messages (ASL). Never published No longer developed nor maintained.
  • NullSafe
    NullSafe is a simple category on NSNull that returns nil for any unrecognised messages instead of throwing an exception.
  • nv ios digest
    Simple wrapper interfaces to compute message digests using Common Crypto. MD5, SHA1,..., SHA512 are supported.
  • objc logger
    Set of classes used to log messages for a specific system or application component.
  • Pledge Wall
    A widget for an iOS app that lets users give money to the developer and post a message , using Apple In App Purchases.
  • Plurkism
    a Growl application for pushing plurk messages realtime.
  • PonyExpress
    Simple Foundation framework to send and receive OSC messages and bundles.
  • PopUpView
    A popup message with a label usually used to show while making some request to a server.
  • Responding
    A solution for responding to long messages.
  • richchat
    A view controller like WeChat. You can send txt, voice, image,video,emotion.etc messages.
  • RTToast Message
    Yet another toast messages presenter for iOS.
  • SDDelegateProxy
    An objective C proxy for delegates which don't require respondsToSelector: checking before messaging.
  • Secure Message
    Test App for public key encryption on iOS.
  • sending message from ios
    Sending a message pro iOS device.
  • SmsgateDelivery
    SMSGate, message delivery component.
  • Socket Message
    Sample code illustrating sockets functionality for CIDUG March 2011 presentation.
  • SpriteKitMessageWindow
    Simple gaming message presentation.
  • Test SDK
    Test SDK of iOS ( Mail, Message, Map, Social,... ).
  • TiGrowingTextField
    An Appcelerator Titanium module for iOS that let's you create a text field which grows or shinks depending on the the content the user types, like i Message , WhatsApp, etc.
  • TITokenField
    An iOS version of the NSTokenField (See To: field in Mail and Messages ).
  • UDPSender
    Basic iOS utility to send custom UDP messages to a single IP.
  • voicemessage
    A simple voice message application for iOS with GAE/Python backend.
  • WToast
    Info messages for iOS inspired by Android Toast object.
  • xmake
    A simple GUI to add TextMate open links to file:line messages in make output.

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