List of Free code Objective C Library


  • AAMCommandKit
    Objective C Command Pattern Library.
  • AHEasing
    A library of easing functions for C, C++ and Objective C.
  • appnetkit
    Objective C library for working with
  • ASPinboard
    A modern, fast, and flexible Objective C library for
  • BBBouncePass
    An Objective C library for uploading shots to Dribbble.
  • BLKFunctional
    Functional library for Objective C.
  • Bravo
    Bravo is an Objective C library to simplify the extraction of metadata from JPEG files.
  • BZipCompression
    An Objective C interface to the BZip compression library.
  • CBFeed
    Objective C Feed Parser library.
  • CIAPI.ObjC
    CIAPI client libraries for Objective C.
  • CocoaPort
    An asynchronous, futures based distributed objects library for Objective C.
  • cocoaregex
    Thin Objective C wrapper of ICU regular expression library.
  • Contributed Library Objective C
    A full Bluevia library for Objective C.
  • ConventionalC
    Cocoapod and static library to provide defaults and convenience methods for terser Objective C.
  • DiffMatchPatch ObjC
    Objective C port of the Diff, Match and Patch libraries.
  • DMTemplates
    An Objective C templating engine designed to be easy to use (single class, simple interface) with features enough to handle the cases commonly faced by developers in need of a such a library. The engine sits on top of the advanced key value syntax and parsing done through Apple's NSPredicate and NSExpression classes for conditions and value expressions in templates.
  • DPHue
    Objective C library for interacting with Philips Hue lighting systems.
  • DSBarChart
    A simple Objective C Bar Chart / Histogram library.
  • Edgy
    Objective C library for Delaunay Triangulation/Voronoi Diagram generation and Natural Neighbor Interpolation.
  • EJDBKit
    An Objective C wrapper around the EJDB C library.
  • ePay
    Easy to use Objective C library for the payment gateway ePay.
  • FastElegantDelegation
    Objective C library for delegate multicasting and friendly single delegation.
  • FCAnimationFactory
    An objective c library for generating `CAKeyFrameAnimation` with custom timing functions including cubic, quadratic, or even bouncing functions.
  • Fiddler
    Objective C libraries for calculating sunrise & sunset times.
  • FMSSwizzler
    A block based library for common Objective C Method and Class Swizzling tasks.
  • funcussion
    A library providing modern functional approaches for Objective C collections.
  • GeoHex ObjectiveC
    This is a port of the GeoHex library for encoding locations into Objective C.
  • google diff match patch Objective C
    Objective C port of the Diff, Match and Patch libraries.
  • GSTest
    Objective C Test Utilities Library.
  • HalleyClient
    Objective C client library for halley.
  • HHUnitConverter
    Unit conversion library for Objective C.
  • Homer
    A text classification and comparison Objective C library that uses Wikipedia as a semantic network.
  • iDWR
    Objective C library to call DWR based services.
  • ISO8601DateFormatterValueTransformer
    A small Objective C library that integrates Peter Hosey's ISO8601DateFormatter with RKValueTransformers.
  • IYLoginItem
    Small Objective C library for easily adding/removing bundles from login items.
  • JKBigInteger
    Library for working with big integers in Objective C.
  • libmusic
    A library for music elements in Objective C.
  • libmusicbrainz objc
    Objective C library for MusicBrainz.
  • MAFuture
    Proxying futures library for Objective C.
  • MKUnits
    Unit conversion library for Objective C.
  • motion static sample
    Sample to use RubyMotion static library in a Objective C project.
  • MRBrew
    An Objective C wrapper library for the Homebrew package manager.
  • NuCrypto
    Objective C wrapper around cryptographic functions in OpenSSL and Apple's CommonCrypto library.
  • NYTimes
    NYTimes Objective C Client Library.
  • objc client
    Objective C client library for Fluidinfo.
  • ObjC DesignByContract
    A small library of design by contract macros for Objective C, based on code by Nicolas Roard.
  • objc geohash
    Objective C GeoHash Library.
  • objc mqo
    A library for rendering Metasequoia model written in Objective C.
  • Objective CPP
    C++ compatibility library for Objective C Objective CPP is a library intended to ease software development using Objective C++. It declares categories on Objective C classes, to work with the STL C++ types, such as std::string, std::vector, etc.
  • objective merchant
    Port of Shopify's active_merchant ruby library to Objective C.
  • Objective OpenKeyval
    An Objective C client library for OpenKeyval.
  • ObjectiveBSON
    A BSON serialization library for Objective C.
  • ObjectiveCVerbalExpressions
    VerbalExpressions is an Objective C library that helps to construct difficult regular expressions.
  • OCCurses
    An Objective C wrapper for the ncurses library.
  • OCHamcrest
    Hamcrest library of matchers for building test expressions for Objective C.
  • OCLog
    Easy to use, yet powerful Objective C Logging Library.
  • OCMapper
    Objective C library to easily map NSDictionary to model objects.
  • OCPrayerTimes
    Objective C library for Muslim Prayer Times.
  • OIL
    A tiny Objective C Dependency Injection Library I wrote for my seminar paper.
  • OLCategoryHelper
    A Category Library of Objective C.
  • ORSSerialPort
    Easy to use Objective C serial port library for Mac OS X.
  • OSLibrary
    Objective C utility library.
  • Pantomime
    Ludovic Marcotte's Objective C mail client library.
  • parallax
    Objective C library for implementation of CoreMotion controlled parallax distortion.
  • PNLib
    Objective C library , useful bits & pieces.
  • PropSetter
    Objective C library for writing selectors that alter your object's properties at runtime.
  • QTree objc
    Library for location based clustering of data using Quadtree written in Objective C.
  • Redland ObjC
    Objective C wrapper for the Redland RDF libraries.
  • SCKit
    A simple, unfocused Objective C library.
  • semver
    Semantic Versioning library for Objective C.
  • SGAlertStudio
    An Objective C library that contains an alert suite (e.g. A ticker bar, Growl Notifications).
  • shinobi tweener
    Tweening Library for Objective C, based on Robert Penners easing equations.
  • soc
    Simpler Objective C/Standard Objective C Library.
  • Specify
    An Objective C behaviour driven development library.
  • StateMachine
    State machine library for Objective C.
  • SubjectiveKit
    A Common libraries to support Functional Programming in Objective C.
  • TBMath
    Objective C math library written on top of accelerate.
  • TransitionKit
    An Objective C library for elegantly implementing state machines.
  • TrReadWriteLock
    Simple Objective C read write lock library written using mutexs and semaphores.
  • TSLibraryImport
    Objective C class + sample code for importing files from user's iPod Library in iOS4.
  • Value Tween Library for Objective C
    Simple Tween and Easing Library for Objective C.
  • VVActors
    Lightweight Objective C Actors library.
  • Wiggly
    Objective C routing library.
  • XivelyObjectiveC
    Objective C library for interacting with Xively?.

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