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Fabric3 JDK Proxy Service.

Fabric3 JDK Proxy Service..


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Depends on

The fabric3-jdk-proxy-0.6.5 has 2 dependencies.The most popular ones are listed in the following table along with their categories and number of artifacts depending on them.

CategoryArtifactDepended By Count
Securityfabric3-pojo 0.6.5
Fabric3 Support Module for Implementations based on POJOs.


The following plugins are used in the fabric3-jdk-proxy-0.6.5.jar

  1. fabric3-contribution-plugin


The following packages are defined in the fabric3-jdk-proxy-0.6.5.jar


POM File Source

Here is the content of the POM file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 Copyright ? 2008 Metaform Systems Limited

 This proprietary software may be used only connection with the Fabric3 license
 (the ?License??), a copy of which is included in the software or may be
 obtained at:

 Software distributed under the License is distributed on an ?as is?? basis,
 without warranties or conditions of any kind.  See the License for the
 specific language governing permissions and limitations of use of the software.
 This software is distributed in conjunction with other software licensed under
 different terms.  See the separate licenses for those programs included in the
 distribution for the permitted and restricted uses of such software.

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
    <name>Fabric3 JDK Proxy Service</name>
    <description>Fabric3 JDK Proxy Service.</description>


            <!-- use version 1.0 as it is the version bundled in JDK 6 -->