List of Free code Application


    Code Gener is a tool to help programmers and system builders in building applications.
  • ABC Tools
    ABC Tools is a tool for visual modeling when writing applications for Activity-Based Computing(ABC).
  • AMA_IndERP
    AMA is a Open Source Attendance Management Application
  • Application usage statistics
    This application generates statistics on the usage of keyboard and mouse.
  • AutoLoL
    AutoLoL is an application that allows League of Legends players to automate certain actions in League of Legends. The main feature is the ability to easily create and save mastery sets, which can then automagically be inserted into League of Legends. But can it can also ...
  • AutoShutdown.NET
    Automatically Shutdown, Hibernate, Lock, Standby or Logoff your computer with an full featured, easy to use application
  • Bible
    This project aims to deliver an awesome Bible application for as many platforms as possible.
  • Blend Assets Manager (Blasm)
    Blend Assets Manager (Blasm) is a simple application to allow users of Expression Blend adding custom and third-party controls to Blend Assets tab.
  • Citrix HDX MediaStream for Flash System Verifier
    An application that verifies the proper installation of the Citrix HDX MediaStream for Flash system.
  • CodeDDD
    CodeDDD is a set of lightweight Application Blocks with the goal of help on the development of Nlayered DDD Applications
  • ConsoleHoster
    ConsoleHoster is an application aimed to easy the work with console-based applications.
  • CustomTemplating - Template Text Transformations with custom T4 host
    CustomTemplating allows the usage of the Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) from custom applications, without VS IDE as Host. It simplifies the start of the text transformation process and allow to pass arguments from the application to the template transformation process.
  • DNT.Extensions
    Another library include extension methods focused on Persian dot net applications.
  • Dungeons and Dragons 4e Campaign Manager
    The purpose of this application is to help the DM manage all of the aspects of a campaign that must usually be tracked manually. This includes: PC stats, NPCs, Monsters, Campaign Plans, Encounters, Items, Powers, etc, etc, etc...
  • E-Services of the New Bulgarian University's library
    An enterprise modular application for providing e-services to the users of the New Bulgarian's University's library.
  • EFS Certificate Configuration Updater
    One of the most critical outstanding issues with the use of EFS in the enterprise is that the EFS component 'driver' does not automatically start using "better" EFS certificates when they are enrolled. This command-line application wlil help an organization migrate EFS-encryp...
  • EGRemote Studio
    EGRemote Studio is a gateway application that enables communication between Eventghost and Google's push messaging service.
  • EIB Suite
    This project is a complete EIB (European Installation Bus) integration suite. The Applications within the project allow to connect, monitor and control devices in a Smart Home enviroment using various external interfaces. The project was developed in C++ and C#.
  • Extendable Command Line Handler
    An easy to use and flexible command line argument handler, which helps to keep the inner structure of your console application clean. If you?ve been struggled with other solutions caused by lack of support for dependency injection or expandability, this project is for you.
  • Fabrikam Fiber
    This project provides download and support to anyone (i.e. trainers) who want to access the Fabrikam Fiber sample application, setup scripts, notes, etc.
  • Family Lines
    Family Lines is a free, open-source professional level genealogy application that allows you to easily track, organize, and share your family history.
  • Figlut Suite
    Figlut Suite is a suite of applications that aim to provide an out-of-the-box data capturing solution.
  • FolderSize
    FolderSize is intended to be a simple application to determine what folders takes up place on your machine and to present it to you graphically.
  • Gadgeteer interface
    Project aimed at creating common wrappers and interfaces for common components. This would allow for building applications based on the interfaces, this should
  • HomeOS
    HomeOS is an experimental system that aims to simplify application development over networked devices. The code is now available at
  • iBackup Explorer
    The goal of this application is to provide a quick way to explore any iOS backup (IPhone, Ipad..)
  • iCPU
    A application that can provide detailed information about computer hardware.
  • Install Partner
    Install Partner provides a simple and intuitive user interface for installing one or more applications.
  • Inventory Management
    Inventory management is an application to help small shops with inventory management. Inventory management also support purchase sales.
  • iPower
    Data Acquisition application to capture Power Meter data over Modbus RTU. Features include Realtime trending and data logging for Historic graphs.
  • iSteam
    iSteam is an open source product being developed focusing on the Steamworks platform, to advertise and centralize everything about steam in one application.
  • iTunes Lyrics Adder
    A small application that search for lyrics from different repositories and add to your iTunes library.
  • IVR applications based on Voicent Gateway (C# Sample Interface)
    In telephony, interactive voice response, or IVR, is a phone technology that allows a computer to detect voice and touch tones using a normal phone call. The IVR system can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct callers on how to proceed. IV...
  • j9Script
    j9Script is a recursive descent interpreter written in C#. The interpreter executes scripts using the j9Script language which is a simplified, case-insensitive, strongly typed ECMAScript-like language. Object libraries can easily be added to integrate with your application.
  • jas
    Project to make an application for Jeugdondernemingen Aartselaar Service...
  • karhu
    This is a basic business-oriented application which catalogues products and divides them into categories.
  • KerbalEdit - Take control of your KSP data!
    Reference application powered by KerbalData. It is built as both an example for developers of KerbalData and as a complete KSP data manager app for end users.
  • KidPaint
    KidPaint - simple painting application for kids.
  • Kinect Paint
    Kinect Paint is a skeleton tracking application that allows you to become the paint brush!
  • Kinect Touch Device
    A simple "WPF4 Touch Device" using Kinect with OpenNI & NITE (written in C#). This project makes it easy to transform your WPF4 touch application in "touch less" with the Kinect with little change : replace "Window" base class by "KinectWindow". Currently the Touch Down ...
  • LegSec
    LegSec is an small command line application for collating licence information based on that provided in Nuget packages.
  • Litware HR - A Multitenant sample application
    Litware HR is a fictitious HR application providing recruitment management software delivered as a service (SaaS). The main objective of this application is to provide architecture and developer guidance in building SaaS applications. By participating in this project or lookin...
  • LogJoint - Log Viewer
    LogJoint is a log viewer tool. It makes it easier to analyze the work of multicomponent multithreaded applications by joining multiple logs into single view.
  • Managistics
    Management Logistics Application (including: Warehouse, Sale, Purchase, ...)
  • MangaRipper
    MangaRipper is a small and very easy to use application that is able to automatically download your favorites manga series from some 'read manga online' websites.
  • Mapsui - Library for mapping
    Mapsui (map-su-wii) is a library for mapping applications. It is uses BruTile and SharpMap. It is designed to be fast and response. It is currently work in progress. So use it at your own risk.
  • Markdown Explorer
    Simple WPF4 Markdown document preview application.
  • MAVI
    mobile application for the visually impaired: bill recognition & tag and recognize objects based on a specific sticker
  • Mayhem
    Mayhem is an open source application with a near-zero learning curve. Mayhem provides a collection of triggers events and reactions, allowing non-programmers to use their computers to automate? anything! What sort of things? Chase your cat off the couch automatically. Receive...
  • MDCTool
    MDCTool is a Motorola MDC-1200 decoder and encoder, comprising of a front end application and a ported copy of Matthew Kaufman's MDC-1200 libraries.
  • Memory Inspector
    It?s a tool for analyzing memory usage and allocations made by an application and its dependent modules. It also allows to collect information about the memory use at a given time, thus facilitating baseline and comparison between execution environments.
  • MetroBackUp
    MetroBackUp is an application for synchronization of directories. Thereby several pairs of directories, that shall be synchronized, can be grouped in jobs and updated together.
  • Microsoft Word 2010 Ribbon
    Primary target of this project is to help developers create stunning application like Microsoft Word 2010.
  • Mizaniya
    Mizaniya have designed home budget planners to help educate you on the proper steps needed to make your personal budgeting easier, more practical and cost effective. A key feature of the application allows the user to keep track of money borrowed by his friends and associates, wh
  • Model View ViewModel with Controller
    Build applications based on the Model-View-ViewModel philosophy!
  • Monkey Fuzz Testing
    Monkey Fuzz stress tests an applications User Interface. It pretends to be a "monkey" on the keyboard, sending random button press and mouse events to a program. It is developed in C#
  • moogle
    Moogle is an android application developed using Mono as part of a project for a communications class at IIT. The class, COM 380, dealt with the topic of "Humanizing Technology". The application pseudo (but working) app for managing prescription information. In this way, it...
  • Mosaic Project
    Mosaic makes life easier for all technology enthusiasts and all users that love the MetroUI. Trough Mosaic you no longer have to seek trough dozens of applications to find your information as it displays all your info at one glance. Mosaic is developed in C#
  • Move Mouse
    Move Mouse is a simple application that generates mouse activity. You can either move the mouse pointer, click the left mouse button, send a keystroke, or any combination of the three.
  • MultiCOMM
    This is a multiport serial application designed to be able to open multiple communication ports from within this application.
  • NASA Be A Martian
    Drawing on observations from NASA?s Mars missions, the "Be a Martian" application enables the public to participate as citizen scientists to assist Mars science teams studying data about the Red Planet, as well as learn about planet Mars in general.
  • nBayes - Bayesian Filtering in C#
    nBayes (based on Paul Graham's spam filter) makes it easy to introduce statistics based decision making into your application. Whether it's spam filtering, or something else like artificial intelligence learning ... this tool can do it. The project is written in C#
  • Nino Seisei Code Generator
    This application is a template based code snippet generator for data access applications.
  • NuGet Package Explorer
    NuGet Package Explorer is a ClickOnce application which allows creating and exploring NuGet packages easily.
  • OOP Project Team Rapunzel
    Design and implement an object-oriented application by choice. You are absolutely free to choose the topic of your work.
  • openFLE
    Open source application to determine the type and location of faults recorded in event records which can be either PQDIF or COMTRADE format.
  • patterns & practices - Unity
    The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight extensible dependency injection container with support for constructor, property, and method call injection. Unity addresses the issues faced by developers engaged in component-based software engineering. Modern business ap...
  • patterns & practices ? Enterprise Library
    The Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable software components (application blocks) designed to assist software developers with common enterprise development challenges.
  • PaypayesInventory
    A simple inventory application for costumes of a dancing association.
  • PcwTextEditor - Gtk Text Editor with AddIn capabilities
    PcwTextEditor is a core text editor application which allows add-ins to be easily coupled and extend its functionality. Additionally it presents a VIEW concept for add more complex views besides text view.
  • Performance Counter Helper
    Performance Counter Helper makes it easier for developers to develop applications that use Performance Counter to monitor the health of the application. You will no longer have think how to log into Perfmon. It's developed in C#.
  • Persian Crystal Report Viewer
    This component enables crystal report viewer to see and interact with Crystal Reports reports. The best part of it is it's ability to open a report as an stand-alone application. It's developed in C# programming language, but VB version will come soon.
  • Personal Activity Monitor - increas your productivity by eliminating timewasters
    simple, personal activity monitor. See how much time do you spend using different applications. Localize your time wasters and minimize them and be happy with more time for your productivity
  • Personal Oganization Management Project
    A personal organization management project. This alpha test project is an attempt to develop a C# based application to be used to help a person stay organized.
  • phone book
    phone book application for maintain contact, address, and phone number
  • Picasa Downloader
    This application lets you download multiple Picasa webalbums of a selected picasa user with only a few clicks and without Picasa being installed.
  • PingyThingy
    PingyThingy is a basic application that will allow you to ping multiple hosts.
  • PomTray
    PomTray is a very simple C# application to provide a Pomodoro timer in the system tray.
  • Prism MVVMP Stub and Sample
    This project contains a sample application demonstrating the Model View ViewModel Presenter (MVVMP) Pattern using Unity, MEF and Prism It also contains a stub that can be used to rapidly build an MVVMP based application using Prism.
  • Prism Splash Screen Module
    This project is intended to demonstrade a neat way for developers to add splash screen to their Prism based applications. The main features are: 1. The splash screen is encapsulated in a Prism module, which can be loaded explicitly by bootstraper code or implicitly loaded fro...
  • Programmers Calculator
    Programmers calculator is a simple win form application for programmers.The main feature of the application are as below.
  • Quick Apply
    This project is for anyone who is a job seeker. What it does is automates the job application process. This project is open to anyone: coders, users, ideas.
  • Quick Launch
    Quick Launch - a New Lightweight and Fast Way to Manage and Launch Thousands of Tools and Applications
  • QuicksandCRUD
    QuicksandCRUD is a C# library that allows for quick and dirty CRUD operations and "in memory repositories" to be added to most C# applications. Save (create or update), get by id, get all and Delete are the only supported operations.
  • RazorQuiz
    The application to display Web site with a number of multi-choice questions ("multiple choice questions"). You can ask the questions that appeared in the first stage of the competition. 2. The application to enable rapid registration for participation in the quiz 3. Each...
  • RedHorn
    This will help you with you're c# applications to fix a lot of things
  • Renewal Projects
    A personal collection of written applications and libraries to make life a little easier and to be taken across projects without having to rewrite them over and over again.
  • Robin Hood
    Hood News project is the work of Robin Hood team whose members are trained in Telerik. Is an application for reading and posts the news.
  • Salamanca
    Salamanca is a Business Applications Software Factory. It is aimed at building more reliable business applications through a set of dedicated libraries, patterns, languages, tools and good practices.
  • SampleDotNetApplication
    This project is developed in C#. It is for software developers. Best practices and solutions in one place. -------------------------------------- A few words about this project. This project is a sample business applications which showes some practices in one place. I'...
  • SCCM 2012 Application Importer
    Application Importer for System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 is ment to automate and simplify the process of creating applications in SCCM.
  • Screen prototyping application - UIPrototyper
    The need to specify, the most accurately possible a software to be developed, one should take care with the requisite specification. For that we have use case and textual documentation to describe the best way possible the system requisites. The textual form is not, necessaril...
  • ScrutR - Monitor entities and notifiy when changes
    ScrutR monitors entities of an application and sends notification when the conditions are matched
  • Service Monitors - A services health monitoring tool
    The idea behind this project is simple, I want to know when a service related to my application is not available. Our first intent to get a tool to generete the necessary data to be compliant with the Availability SLA of our systems.
  • Sign Language Aloud
    This application was developed to help the deaf people to give a certain speech, there is support for the sign language as far as the fingers and the body.
  • SimConnect Config Tool
    This little tool allows Flight Simulator X users to easily edit and setup their SimConnect configuration, e.g. in order to enable or disable remote applications such as FSXGET to connect to Flight Simulator X.
  • Skype Auto Recorder
    Application that provides convenient way to record Skype calls in automatic and manual modes. Supports flexible configuration and produces high-quality records.
  • SmartLauncher - Application Updater and Launcher
    SmartLauncher is a non intrusive application updater and launcher. It can update the desired application or the entire local application repository from a remote application repository. It is designed to work without having to integrate it during the development process. It is...
  • Smooth Streaming Performance Testing Tool
    The Smooth Streaming Performance Testing Tool is a C# application that makes it easier for Smooth Streaming infrastructure builders to measure how fast their systems are seeking and delivering chunks.
  • SpiderSync
    Command line application for providing one-way real-time synchronization between two folders.
  • strong.config
    strong.config provides a strongly-typed fa?ade for accessing application configuration settings.
  • Surface Tourist Office
    A sample of an application for a tourist office with surface
  • SVNXF - Freeze SVN Externals
    svnxf makes it easier for subversion users to automatically freeze externals given a path. You'll no longer have to manually set externals when creating a tag. the console application is C#.
  • SWPictureComments (MOSS 2010)
    SWPictureComments enables you to write comments to pictures within an picturelibary. The feature adds an custom action, a list and application page to accomplish that. It's developed in C#, Visual Studion 2010.
  • Synchrophasor Analytics
    Synchrophasor Analytics is a front end data processing and conditioning for downstream phasor based applications and an extension for development and analysis.
  • Task Management Application
    The Eisenhower Matrix with Backlog
  • Task Planner
    The main benefit of this application is that it helps to adjust estimated task time, task due date and similar things.
  • TEviewer
    The Transient Event Viewer is an application designed for visualization and analysis of transient events.
  • Throttled Processing
    A base class that can be used for throttled processing applications.
  • Trailmap Manager
    Syncronization application for Trailmap.
  • Translit Hebrew to Russian
    Application, which can translit Hebrew text into Russian.
  • Trebuchet
    Trebuchet is a lightweight application launcher
  • uTorrent Remote Control
    uTorrentRemote makes it easier for uTorrent user to control this application remotely. You'll no longer have to start downloading torrents from your home. Just send a link to your mailbox and uTorrent will automatically download it.
  • Vanity Remover
    This application removes all sub-folders (and the folder itself) where vanity is found. In other words: Recursivly checks for and deletes empty folders. Simple as that.
  • VecDraw
    VecDraw is a small lightweight vector based drawing application.
  • Velsto, application for Stochastic time depth conversion.
    Velsto determines Average depth and Standard deviation depth of time horizons using gaussian (Monte Carlo) simulation in a layer cake model.
  • VisualStock
    VisualStock is stock data visualization, analysis application build on the Micorsoft Composite Application Library.
  • Walkme HealthVault Application
    Walking application for HealthVault.
  • wallstreet
    This is a stock app that displays the current price of a list of stocks that you provide. You can drill down to get more information, graphs and company news. The application also gives you an overview over the development on the worlds largest stock indexes and stock market news
  • Wii Hub
    WiiHub allows multiple applications to share the Wiimote as input. In addition, WiiHub allows one computer to connect to the Wiimote and send the data to applications on other computers.
  • Work Item Creator
    Standalone application that enable you to create Work Items and organize them in a hierarchical way. This software also includes: - WINetwork, an Alert that is aware of Work Item changes, and update related ones using custom schemas. - Merge Branches driven by Work Items.
  • xFunc
    xFunc is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to build mathematical and logical expressions. It's written on C#.
  • XZ WebShop
    Simple webshop application for use with medium sized websites.
  • ymproject
    cocos & tools & editor & applications
  • YS Utils
    The library contains set of useful classes which may solve common tasks for different applications.
  • Zove
    Zove is aimed to be a full fledged computing and modelling platform for computational challenges. Domains to apply 1. Application prototyping 2. Simulation 3. Optimization Features it supplies 1. Modelling 2. Programming 3. Visualizing

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