List of Free code Utility


  • .NET Code Library
    A utility library containing boilerplate code, extension methods, new classes, and/or improvements to existing classes.
  • AOTwinker
    Small utility to help twink characters in the MMORPG Anarchy Online.
  • Archivist
    Archivist provides standard archiving and compression utilities for use within .NET environments.
  • C# WinSCP Interface
    I did a lot of search for a nice C# interface for the WinSCP COM utility but to no avail.. So I'm doing what every good code-monkey does and making my own!
  • C4F - MEF Utility Runner
    A hosting environment for writing interactive system utilities. Source available in C# and VB. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)
  • Clipboard Editor
    How many times have you pasted something in Notepad and then copied the plain text again? We do it all the time to strip formatting from the clipboard. This utility lets you pick which format from the clipboard to keep.
  • Cloud Backup Scheduler
    Desktop utility to auto schedule online backups with popular cloud services.
  • D3 Loot Tracker
    A Diablo 3 item drop tracking utility.
  • DotCommon - .NET Utilities Library
    Note: I'm not maintaining this project any longer.
  • Download SVN (and GIT)
    Simple utility which enables downloading Subversion (SVN) & GIT repositories. The utility is useful if you don't have SVN/GIT client, but you still want to download code from SVN & GIT repositories such as SourceForge, Google code or Simple stand-alone EXE utility
  • DriveManager
    This is a common utility to provide an interface for all cloud based drive providers like google drive, dropbox, MS Sky Drive.
  • DSLFactory Utilities
    DSLFactory.Utilities is a library providing a set of utilities to be used with Domain Specific Languages created with the Microsoft DSL Tools Among other features you will find new common contextual commands, help for supporting reverse engineering from class view, incremental...
  • Dynamics AX Admin Utilities
    Dynamics AX Admin Utilities provide the utilities missing for Dynamics AX 2012: silent install, client and server configuration, AOS and Model Store management.
  • Edit PATH Variable
    A simple system utility that allows editing, importing, exporting and merging of the system path variable.
  • Expression Blend Samples
    A collection of samples and utilities for use in Expression Blend written by members of the Expression Blend team.
  • FAH SMP Affinity Changer
    Utility for dynamical distribution of FAH SMP client processes to cpu cores.
  • Fardis
    Fardis is a utility for Persian/Arabs that want know more about Unicode information of characters they use in their daily usage of computers and Internet.
  • FetchAIP
    FetchAIP is a utility to download the various sections of the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) for New Zealand.
  • Finance Library
    A bundle of financial math utilities
  • FindUninstallString
    Uninstall String Finder is a utility program that searches through the Registry and displays a list of programs that have an uninstall command. Written in C# us
  • Fluent Strings
    Powerful set of utilities for any kind of string transformations with fluent interface
  • GSMock
    GSMock is a mocking utility for the Google Search Appliance. It enables search responses to be mocked for search requests.
  • Hamcast for multi station coordination
    Amateur Radio multiple station operation tends to have loggers and operators striving to get particular information from each other, like what IP address and so forth, so I write this small multicast utility to help them. Supports N1MM and other popular loggers.
  • HP iLO Management Utility
    A small utility to provide a nice interface for managing multiple servers over the iLO interface.
  • JSL FxCop
    Utility code to help build FxCop custom rules.
  • MAD Documentation Power Tools
    Super-small utilities to make it easier everyday for you to work, train and learn with your Madcap Flare/Blaze/Lingo/Capture projects. Finish your best online help, knowledge base or documentation projects faster. Its developed in C#.
  • NDiagnostics
    NDiagnostics is designed to allow for the quick and simple creation of an application diagnostics utility that can be ran by an end user or by technical support personnel to determine whether a user's machine is configured correctly for a given application. NDiagnostics is bui...
  • Netduino Utilities
    Netduino classes I use with various odds of hardware I have. Hope it's useful ;-)
  • NTextCat
    NTextCat is text classification utility. Primary target is language identification. So it helps you to recognize (identify) the language of text (or binary) snippet. Pure .net application (C#).
  • Opalis Utilities
    An integration pack for Opalis. Extending Opalis to provide some addition Utilities
  • Overlay Message Box
    Overlay Message Box is a tiny utility that shows a message box or task dialog on a dimmed desktop. This ensures the attention of the user and makes it a great app for any script that needs to inform a user. All options (Title, Text, Icons etc.) can be set using command line pa...
  • Perfect Storm
    Perfect Storm started life as a code generation utility. It now includes Model Components, Rule Engine details and a class loader. It requires .NET 4.0 to be installed.
  • PlusOne: A .NET Extension and Utility Library
    PlusOne is a library of extension and utility methods for C#.
  • powersaver
    A simple utility, which will turn off your monitor when you lock your work station.
  • PublicDomain
    Completely open source (Public Domain) collection of useful .NET classes and utilities.
  • Q Library
    Q Library, .NET Utilities
  • RegexTester
    A small utility to help evaluate regular expressions against input strings.
  • ScreenShot
    A simple utility that enhances the experience of taking screenshots and annotating them. And all of it happens with the screenshot key that you are most used to. PrintScreen. Give it a try. You will forget the traditional tedious screenshot mechanism.
  • SCSI Interface for Multimedia and Block Devices
    This C#-based library allows you to communicate directly with devices that follow the SCSI standard from user-mode, such as CD/DVD drives and hard disks. You can use this library to create your own CD burning program, just as the sample utility does.
  • SharpCopy
    SharpCopy is simple, keyboard controlled utility tool, it helps to store 10 copied texts at the same time, and restore then to the clipboard when needed.
  • SoundTouch.NET
    The SoundTouch Library is originally written by Olli Parviainen in C++. Although a .NET wrapper library is available, this library aims to be a complete rewrite in C#. This project includes the C# version of the example utility "SoundStretch".
  • SpCop
    The aim of this project is to offer a utility similar to fxcop but for wsp packages. At the end it should contain enough rules to ensure good practices and allow automated audits or checks at build time for example.
  • Speed Shot
    Speed Shot is yet another screen capture utility, made to accompany Speed Test as part of a suite of testing tools. Screen capture, done the way I wanted it.
  • Startup.NET
    It's utility for simple code generation. You describe classes of domain layer and construct an interface - program generate xaml and cs code. There is an alpha
  • T4UtilityBelt
    T4 utility belt is used to generate cross platform mobile apps.
  • TFS 2012 Community Tfs Team Tools
    Community TFS Team Tools is a community project based on the example code from ALM Rangers - Quick Response Sample Command line utility to manage TFS Teams
  • TFS Working On
    TFS Working On is a simple time tracker system tray utility that makes it easier to record your time spent working on TFS Work Items. This enables accurate data capture that can be used for schedule reporting and time sheeting.
  • The Edge Extensions Project - .NET Extensions and Utilities
    Contains a collection of several .NET extensions and utilities.
  • ThinkPad Dock Helper
    ThinkPad Dock Helper (TPDH) is a simple utility that makes it easier to use ThinkPad laptops with the USB 3.0 dock.
  • Version Updater
    Version Updater is a command-line software development utility designed to automatically update version numbers during the build or release process.
  • VSShell Assist - A visual toolset of utilities to create VS Shell applications.
    VSShell Assist - A visual toolset of utilities to create VSShell Isolated applications.
  • Wechat Dot Net
    .NET based utility for Wechat platform
  • WeK - Wake on LAN utility
    WeK is a utility to provide a quick, user-friendly means of remotely waking single or multiple computers that support AMD Magic Packet technology.
  • WpfKlip
    WpfKlip is a light clipboard utility similar to Klipper form KDE.

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